घर से निकलते वक्त अगर दिख जायें ऐसी महिलाएं तो समझ लीजिये आपका दिन बहुत अच्छा :
घर से निकलते वक्त अगर दिख जायें ऐसी महिलाएं तो समझ लीजिये आपका दिन बहुत अच्छा :
November 15, 2021
Taurus Annual Forecast 2022 :
Taurus Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 17, 2021
Aries Annual Forecast 2022 :
Aries Annual Forecast 2022 :
This year will be full of achievements for Aries. You will be getting success continually.Your zodiac ruler Mars is in its own position in the eighth house.So, this will be a year of achievement. The tenth placed Saturn in his own place will also help to activate your work extension. Money will flow in but expense will be more. Health issues may fluctuate and this will be affecting your work. You can have troubles of cold,cough,stomach related diseases.There is no possibility of fatal serious diseases. Be alert of heart disease,diabetes, keep your diet and daily routine in check. Aries person are hard-working people.You will achieve your desires with your hard work. Whatever you have wished for, you will get. This year Mars is in the eighth house, Moon and Ketu are in conjunction in the eighth house. Keep an laert watch on your enemies’ activities. Your planetary position is such that you won’t be getting success in the beginning but you will do your work slowly and achieve that. In the work place there might be some misunderstanding with your boss due to your opponent. Students should have some flexibility for their goals. Couples will have great compatibility. Don’t invest in lottery, share, gambling etc. Sentiments can be fatal for you. Saturn is in tenth place so you will be experimenting in business. You will win in the legal matters of official works. You will win in the legal matters of official works. You will have family support this year, your family will be standing with you always. Your colleagues can complain against you. Aries people are over enthusiastic and impatient. Don’t take wrong decisions in haste and over enthusiasm. Your business opponent and enemies can conspire against you.This year in the beginning,Rahu is in money will not stay with you. This year keep distances from love affairs and relationships. Otherwise, it can affect your studies.
Health and Physical Wellbeing :
There will be minor health problem, may create painful situation. But you have to be careful of serious fatal disease. Seasonal disease will affect you, causing low immunity .You should find some time for yourself out of your busy schedule. You should focus on your diet, exercise and include these in your daily life. Mother or any other member’s health will cause worry. Control the obesity.Obesity is the root cause of all the diseases. Saturn will be in transition in the tenth place this year. So, father’s health will need attention. This year Rahu will be active from 12th April causing health worries.
Trade, Business and Wealth :
In the beginning of the year the ruler of the zodiac is in eighth place. So, the planetary positions are indicating success in adverse situations. Situations at the workplace and business will be challenging.But you will face all the challenges and negativity well. You will have to try your best to establish the business. Saturn will increase the expenses by moving in the twelfth place. After 13 April , your self-confidence and strong determination will be marvellous and on the basis of that you will finish major works in a jiffy. Aries people do not get distracted in any adverse situation .They face any situation very bravely.
Your partners will admire your business wisdom and thinking, even so, you should keep an eye on their every activity. Over trusting can cause betrayal. You will increase your profits by using your ability and knowledge. The people doing business in land, cloth, property, education and oil will produce huge profits this year. And I will advise you not to trust to anyone regarding money matters. You should think about all the aspects before taking any decisions about investments. There will be work on livelihood and work expansions as Saturn is moving. The 10th placed Saturn will be in profit place between 29 April to 12 July. During this time, you should take every minute detail of the business very seriously. When the question is of money, this will be flow in freely but you will be spending more than that. Money will not be saved. There will be more expenses on the property maintenance.
Family,Children and Relatives :
The long running misunderstandings between couples will be over. The compatibility will be at the best. Jupiter is in favourable place in the beginning of the year.Bachelors will get the marriage proposal. The worries about children’s education, studies, job, career will be over this year. There will be spouse’s mood swings. You will have arguments with your brother or uncle. Relatives will envy you because of your success.
Your growing prestige will not be digested by your relations. The health of any elder will cause worry.Some unpleasant news about some relation may be there.
Education, Study and Career :
This year students will be distracted from studies. Jupiter will slow down the studies as it will move in 12th place in April. You should focus on your studies with full attention instead of deviating in useless things. Stay away from social networking . You will have to work really very hard to achieve the targets in the jobs. If you are in a government job, you should be extra cautious .Seniors will not be happy with your work. Colleagues will have sympathy for you. You will take your work seriously.
Romance and Friends :
This year Panchmesh is with Sun + Venus, so good year for romance. You may get love offer but you should not let down your morals and extra-marital affair should be avoided, otherwise it will defame you. After October, your affair may get exposed due to Vakri Mars. You will have good friends and they will help you.
Vehicle, expenses and auspicious Occasions :
You will be troubled by regular vehicle breakdowns. Get your vehicle repair & service will in time.You should control your expenses otherwise you will be in debt. One important suggestion is to stay away from online phising. Keep your vehicle in good conditions. There will be hurdles in auspicious events. You can participate in some relations wedding or nay other auspicious events.
Losses, loans and mishappenings :
Do not trust anyone in money matters. Some big order can be cancelled. Control you expenses or you will have to be in debt. You may have to take loan for land, building, vehicle etc. Drive carefully to avoid any untoward incidents.
Travels :
This year due to having Saturn in its own house in 4th place, the people of its zodiac will do lots of travels. In the beginning of year, due to the position of Mars & ketu in eighth house, nothing special is going to be achieved in travels but in future lots of benefits would be there. Take care of your health during travels.
Remedial Measures :
Place a copper ring in your third finger. Wear a “Sidhh Mangal Yantra “ around your neck .Keep water in a copper pot overnight and drink it in the morning. Chant Hanuman Chalisha regularly.


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