Gemini Annual Forecast 2022
Gemini Annual Forecast 2022
November 17, 2021
Leo Annual forecast 2022 :
Leo Annual forecast 2022 :
November 17, 2021
Cancer Annual Forecast 2022 :
Cancer Annual Forecast 2022 :
This year will be full of challenges. For the persons in cancer zodiac. Saturn will be moving in the eighth place between April to July, the time that the effect of Saturn’s two and half year (dhaiyya) will be on your zodiac. So, you need to be very careful in your health matters. If already you have any disease, it might be recurring frequently. There is a possibility of seasonal diseases. From April, Saturn will be be moving in eighth place. There can be situations of diseases below the waistline, in the legs etc. The conjunction of Moon + Mars in the fifth house is strengthening the money flow in the beginning of the year. But money flowing in will be in equal proportion of expenses. There is a hurdle in money saving. You will have expenses before your income comes in. In the beginning of the year, the moon is in a debilitating situation. Due to this you will have negative and depressed feelings many times. The whole year’s situation will be putting more labour and getting less results.
Though there are situations of removal of debilitating Moon and creating Raj yoga ,for the people in government jobs this year will bring opportunities. They will get the desired success in their career.
This year till April Rahu will be active in the profit place. Rahu is the cause of confusion so in your heart you will have indecision and confusions regarding many things.
Whoever you are trusting in money matters will betray you.There is a conjunction of Sun + Venus in the sixth house, so there is need to be alert from enemies and their conspiracies. There can be a few arguments with the boss and coworkers. Control your anger and speech, there will be best opportunities in job. There will be a lack of compatibility in the family. There can be little petty issues between couples occasionally. There is compulsory need to stay alert from enemies and their secret conspiracies. Students’ concentration can be distracted from studies. This year you will be getting more love angles situations but there is danger also of love affairs exposure. You will have to face the resistance of your family and society in your love affairs. Get your vehicle regularly maintained and serviced otherwise it might give you trouble at the very last moment.
You will take some important strong decisions for the betterment of your business, livelihood trade, which will have very long-lasting results. Control on anger and speech, and self-control for your benefits. You have to push more for the works which you are planning to do for a long time. You will have many creative thoughts in your mind. There is very dim hope for the relatives’ support. You will face all the problems and troubles strongly and daringly. There will be some official problems which will be solved with the help of some influential person.
Health and physical Wellbeing :
In the beginning of the year the Moon of lagnesh is debilitating, so there will be ups and downs in the health for the whole year. There is danger of contagious diseases. There is fear and possibility of serious and fatal disease. There will be mild sickness. In the mid of November, Jupiter will be in retrogression situation.
So there is fear or possibility of some accident and enemies will also trouble you. Do not be careless in the chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes etc. Take your medication on time . Your immunity power will be stronger, so there will be no threat from any such disease.
Trade, Business and Wealth :
This year there is the partial effect of Saturn’s two and half year (dhaiyya) on the Cancer zodiac. So you will have to work more & harder than earlier in business and trade. Challenges are waiting for you on every step. You will try very hard to expand your business. But there will be doubts in work getting done for some reasons. In case of financial matters, money will flow interruptedly. Business rivals and competitors are sharply watching your every action.
Money will flow in fast and flow out faster. This year, between July to November a big amount of money can stuck somewhere due to retrogression of Jupiter. The disputes related to property division will be solved through mutual compromise. In this period of time your contacts with important people will be developed. You can invest big in business. In question of career and job, bosses and senior officers will be happy with your work. Due to this you will be getting opportunities to move ahead. There will be hurdles and blockages in matters related to income tax, sales tax, GST ,municipal corporations, and other offices. But you will be solving every problem with your cleverness and wisdom. Give attention to your works with full concentration. Carelessness in the work can result in financial losses.
Family, Children and Relatives :
This year you will be moving in coordination with your family and relatives. You are of Cancer zodiac, the persons of this zodiac are emotional and full of creativity.
People can take advantage of your emotions. Sometimes there can be petty arguments in marital relationships. Children’s better placement, education, choice of subjects, college admissions, etc things can trouble and make you stressful. You will feel that your family will stand behind you in every situation. You will balance and coordinate between work and business. This year bachelors can get marriage proposals. Do not put pressure on children for studies and career otherwise they could be depressed. You will have blessings of seniors.
Education, Study and Career :
Jupiter, the teacher of Gods, is in the eighth place in the beginning of the year. So there can be lacking of study power. There is need of more hard work in competitive exams and departmental exams. The students trying for professional courses will get partial success. From 13th April, Jupiter will move in Pisces, making good chances of studies. You will be getting success in interviews and competitions etc after April. Students hoping for higher education and foreign studies can have documents problems. You will achieve the targets in jobs and work, so there will be chances of promotion and increments. Chant daily “Om Vidya Nighaye Namah” mantra.
Romance and Friends :
The Moon is debilitating in the fifth place. Do not care about love affairs otherwise it will directly affect your family life, business life and studies. Your love affairs and secrets can be exposed through love letters, e-mail, Facebook etc. This year you will extend your helping hand for your needy friends. You will feel relaxed by remembering old days with your friends. Your friends’ testimony in court cases will work in your favour.
Vehicle, expenses and auspicious Occasions :
This year, after April, Jupiter will be in self-planetary position in the ninth plane.
There will be new work’s outlines. In the second half of the year, there can be auspicious event organised. This year there will be expenses on vehicle. There can be big expenses on children’s education, studies, marriage. Control your expenses. Get your vehicle repairs, maintenance on time. Do not let your children drive.
Losses, Loans and mishappenings :
To keep your business running you might have to take a loan. In terms of losses after April any big contracts or order can be canceled. After April dhaiyya of Shani (Saturn) I will be very harmful for you. There can be some health issues. This year some elderly or senior member of family’s health can be a concern. There can be any mishap with your relative.
Travels :
This year the debilitating Moon in the fifth place will cause you harm from the travels. There will be more travels. Take care of your diets during travels.
Remedial Measures :
Wear “Chandrakanta Mani” in silver. Put raw milk in your bathing water on Mondays. Chant “Om Namah Shivay” 108 times. Water the white flower plant .

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