Taurus Annual Forecast 2022 :
Taurus Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 17, 2021
Cancer Annual Forecast 2022 :
Cancer Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 17, 2021
Gemini Annual Forecast 2022
Gemini Annual Forecast 2022
This year ,Guru Jupiter will travel from your zodiac to the tenth place.So,this year health will be immensely improved. You will have a new energy in your body. You will have inspiration in your heart to do some special work. This year , in business and at the workplace you will be successful as well as show progress. You will have contacts and relationships with high officials and politically connected persons. This year saturn’s dhaiyya ( two and half years ) will affect your zodiac. So, there might be ups and downs in your health till 29th April. Carelessness in the chronic diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, stomach problems , or heart disease could be fatal. Get routine check-ups done regularly.
This year because Guru Jupiter’s position is in the ninth and tenth place, so you will be honoured with some award. In the view of family happiness and prosperity this year will be good. Family members will have love and willingness to cooperate with each other. This year you will be quite busy. Saturn will travel in your 8th & 9th place from your Zodiac. So you will suffer some problems due to your opponents and conspiracks. Hasty decisions in business will prove to be wrong. Trusting unknown people and strangers can be a cause of losses. If you are in a government job, you should take every step very cautiously. Gemini persons are wise. You will finish any sort of work within no time with your cleverness, wisdom and gift of gap. Couples may often have differences of opinion. Children’s education and career will be a cause of worry. But you will be always blessed with your elders of your family.
This year Rahu will be situated in eleventh and twelfth place of your Zodiac house, which shows the financial struggles. Money will flow out more than money flowing in .Expenses will be on higher side. Control the extravagant expenses, otherwise you would be compelled to be in debt. Keep a watch on your children’s activities, their friend circle etc. Bhagyesh Saturn can disrupt your progress by becoming transitional retrograde between 4th June to 23rd October 2022. During this time , you must control your anger and talks or your works will be spoiled. Keep an eye on your partner or worker as they might also cause your works to suffer. Check out if your business secrets are leaking. If you are a victim of any bad habits or other addiction, try to get rid of it. After 12th July Saturn will return in eighth place and will cause trouble at the workplace. You should solve your property matters with conversation and compromise. You should stay away from legal complexities. Don’t put pressure on children for studies. Your relatives will support you will their interests are fulfilled, after that they will leave you.
Health and Physical Wellbeing :
This year there is need to take care of chronic diseases. From July to November, because of Jupiter’s retrograde position you will be suffering from stomach problems, indigestion, and other digestive problems. Your stomach can be upset by eating spicy meal and outside food.
Saturn will be in transit retrograde between June to October. During this time , there are chances of surgery. Despite your busy schedule, you will take out time for daily yoga, pranayama, physical exercise, walking, meditation . There might be an accident because of Saturn’s retrogressive period. So be careful.
Trade, Business and Wealth :
This year you will try your best to normalize business from its pitiful condition. You will toil day and night but results will be low. This year you may lose some big contracts or projects. Whatever you are planning for your business expansion, now is the time to activate these plans. At the workplace your boss and senior officers will put pressure an you. There will be full pressure to fulfil the target. There is need to take some tough and important decisions in business. Keep an alert eye on every action of business competitors and opponents. Do not make the mistake of doing business on loan money. Though you will take your work and business very seriously, this year there will be expenditures on maintenance. Do not trust much on your workers. There will be a situation of less earning and more expenses . There might be arguments with your boss and officers. You will have unnecessary arguments with your officials. This year market situations are very unpredictable and full of uncertainty, so don’t take financial risks. Check thoroughly and wisely before investing your money.
Family, Children and Relatives :
This year you will recognize your true friends and foes. Though you will have your life partner’s love and support, but your relations will avoid you. Children’s career may cause you tension. You will get opportunity to serve your parents and other elders at home. Ketu will transit in fifth place from April , so there might be differences among family members.
Disputes on property and its division matters with brothers will be serious. The dispute will get solved mutually with the mediating of some senior, family member. You might be visiting hospital often because of your parents’ health.
Education, Study and Career :
This year Gemini persons will concentrate on their studies. You will focus on career and your future. There are chances of success in job related interviews and exams, but you have to work hard. Take care of your friend circle. Stay away of bad people and bad habits.Don’t be busy in love affairs. Surrender and concentration towards your goal will take you miles ahead. You will achieve your goals in work and job very easily, though the support of co-workers and boss is not expected, but you will work hard. You will turn adverse situation in your favour. Chant the Gayatri Mantra. Meditation will also help in concentration.
Romance and Friends :
Panchmesh Venus is in the first place in the beginning of the year, So you may be getting into love offers. But this year till April there is Saturn’s dhaiyya ( two and half years ), so your love affair may becoming public. Gemini people are shy people, so in love affairs also there may be a situation of shyness. In terms of friends , their number will be many, as you are a very friendly person . But the true friends will be few. Anyway you will meet old friends and renew your memories and will be cheerful.
Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Occassions :
This year you might have problems with your vehicle.Mars is situated in the sixth place in the beginning of the year .And Mercury being chaturthesh is situated in the eighth place. So, your vehicle will frequently break down. It may trouble you whole year. This year expenditures will increase . There might be a situation that you will have to take a loan to organize your expenditures, but very soon you will be able to repay it.
Losses, Loans and Mishappenings :
This year there is a possibility of money loss because of Saturn dhaiyya ( two years and half ). People can take advantage of your emotions. If you are in a government job, you should take extra precautions at every step. You can be a victim of any conspiracy or fraud. You can be trapped. Mars in sixth place is showing accidental loss. So drive your vehicle very carefually. There will be situation of taking loans but slowly you will come out of it.
Travels :
This year no important travel possibilities are seen , but short journeys will be there year around. Though these will not yield any big benefit. There might bea program to travel or visit to a religious place .
Remedial Measures :
To increase the auspicious effect of the year chant “ Sankat Nashan Ganesh Strota”. Wear siddh Mercury yantra in your neck. Take care of the Tulsi plant and water it every day. Keep a green coloured perfumed handkerchief with you.

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