Cancer Annual Forecast 2022 :
Cancer Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 17, 2021
Virgo Annual Forecast 2022 :
Virgo Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 18, 2021
Leo Annual forecast 2022 :
Leo Annual forecast 2022 :
This year will be fabulous and full of achievements for the persons of Leo zodiac sign. There will be some confusion for some issues. In view of health, this year will be of full achievements. You will get rid of chronic diseases and suffering. There will be continuous achievements in business and trade.
Financially, you will be in a more capable and stronger position. You are of Leo sunsign and whatever you decide once, you will rest only after finishing it. There are chances of gaining movable and immovable property in your horoscope. Because of the conjugation of the Sun + Moon, this year there are chances of purchasing land, housing etc. Saturn situated in the sixth house will destroy your enemies. So, you will be in the pink of health.Jupiter is looking at your zodiac.So, along with health you will also have super-confidence. You will earn good money with your hard work and labour, but because of the debilitating Moon it will be spent accordingly. You should control your expenditure somewhere.
This year guru Jupiter will be in the seventh house which is showing the best family situation. This year you will have the full support of your life partner. Bachelors will get good marriage proposals. Chances of getting married this year. Blessings and the inspiration of elders will be the “Mool mantra” of your progress in life.
Financial situations will be better than before. You will take some important strong steps for the improvement of finance matters. In your job, you will work seriously and rapidly. Everyone will appreciation your work. Your boss and senior officers will be happy with you because of your work style.
This year “Parakramesh” is in the fifth house in the beginning of the year. So, there is a chance of increase in courage. This year minor arguments in between brothers for property matter. Your abilities and capacity will be appreciated by the people. Relatives and friends will think of taking advantage of you some time down the line. Ketu is situated in the 4th house. Social service and public charity will attract you but somewhere it will also be a cause of infamy. Some financial blame can be made on you. Children will obey you. There can be some achievements related to children.
For students there will be continuous successes till April. There will be success in job related exams, competitions and interviews before April. But after April you have to work really hard for success. There will be more travels but they will be proved useless. Saturn is in the sixth house so you should not trust anyone in terms of money. This year , officially important work, long pending works in government offices will be geared up for completion with hard work and devotion.
Health and Physical Wellbeing :
This year is good for health. There will be an improvement in health who are suffering. You should take special care of your food habits. Though after April, because of the eighth housed Jupiter, you may have some health problems. Such as problems of gas, acidity or stomach related diseases. Manage your daily routine. Some elderly person’s health will need attention at home and there will be situations of expenses on their health . In total , this year there is no danger or possibility of any fatal or serious disease.
Trade, Business and Wealth :
I can see the many achievements in business and workplace in this year.Control your anger and arrogance atherwise success will slip out of your hand like sand. You will take the right decisions athe right time in business and works, resulting in the benefits for you. This year expenses would be there for managing and maintaining the property. This year, you will increase your profit four times by using your intelligence and work abilities. Though in this year after April, Jupiter will be in the eighth house, so you should not trust everyone in financial matters. Arguments related to property matters can be entangled. You should work diplomatically. You will put a big target for your business competitors and rivals. Because of the retrograde of Saturn from June to October, some big deals can slip out of your hands. Your boss and senior officers will praise your talent and capability. If you are in a government job, don’t trust anyone in money matter. Don’t invest money in lottery, gambling, betting, ncdx etc. There can be problems related to income tax, custom duty, royalty, VAT etc. Keep your ledgers ready. Do not compromise with quality in greed of profit and production.
Family , Children and Relatives :
This year you will give enough time to your family despite your busy schedule of business. You will be able to have balance between family and business. Bachelors’ marriage discussions will be on but it will not reach anywhere. Husband and wife will understand each other’s behavior. There will be some misunderstanding and dispute between brothers, which will be solved later. You can get good news related children’s career.
There are possibilities of a new arrival at home. After April , the health of a senior member in the family can be upset because of Jupiter being in the eighth house. There will be some differences of opinion between father and son.
Education, Study and Career :
Jupiter is looking at your zodiac till April. There will be good results in studies. Students will study with concentration, dedication and total honesty. After April, Jupiter will transit in the eighth house and it will create adverse situations in the workplace and business. The results of departmental exam and promotions in job will not be right. Make books your friend and success will be yours. Stay away from bad company. Do not waste your time and energy on love affairs and others useless works. A sharp eye on the target will make you move towards success.
Romance and Friends :
In terms of love affairs, this is the best year. Lovers will be united. Both will have wisdom to understand each other. Love within the limits will grow up your personality and character. Love is synonymous with surrender and sacrifice, so in this year you will have to face both the challenges. You will extend your hand for helping your friends this year. Your friend circle will also expand.
Vehicle , expenses and auspicious Occasions :
This year there are chances of problems with your vehicle due to the continuous expenses on vehicle. There are obstacles in money savings. You will not be able to save money despite your best efforts. Money flow will be fast but it will flow out speedily. This year there will be expenses on children’s studies, career etc. In the first half of the year, there will be situations of auspicious events.
Losses, Loans and mishappenings :
Do not trust anyone in terms of money and trading. You can take loan for business, land, housing, vehicle, or children’s education. Though the loan will not be bad. You will take loan for auspicious work . There can be some mishap with some relative in the latter half of the year.
Travels :
There will be religious travels this year. You can plan travel with your family. There will be little sufferings in travels. Business travels will not be highly successful.
Remedial Measures :
Wear a siddh Surya yantra and recite the “Surya Mantra”, chant “Aditya hridayama Strotra”. Keep a red perfumed handkerchief with you. Water the red flower plant. Offer water to the Sun.

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