Aries Annual Forecast 2022 :
Aries Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 17, 2021
Gemini Annual Forecast 2022
Gemini Annual Forecast 2022
November 17, 2021
Taurus Annual Forecast 2022 :
Taurus Annual Forecast 2022 :
This is the best year in terms of achievements. Till April , there can be a few problems in health because of the effect of Rahu on your zodiac. There can be seasonal stomach , in dominance. In the beginning of year, There is a Lahalaxmi conjunction in the seventh place, which is making best conjunctions. Opponents and enemies will be active this year but won’t be able to harm you. You will be stronger financially. You will get your stuck money back. Gods’ guru Jupiter is strengthening the work area. You will do new experiments in works and livelihood. Saturn is in the ninth place in own planetary position, making your destiny stronger and mightier. New opportunities in the job are waiting for you.But after April Rahu moving into the twelfth place will make you have extra expenses. You should control your expenses, especially on extravagant things. There will be expenses on children’s education, career and weddings.
This year Saturn will transit in the ninth place till 29 April. For students, this year will be of favourable situation. If you are in a job , there are chances of promotions. Your boss and seniors will be blissful towards you. So, you will be getting an important position at work. Scientific views and best approach will help you in moving ahead. In between April to July, Saturn in the tenth place will slow down any activity in trade and business. Keep an alert eye on workers and partner’s every activity. Don’t trust anybody for money matters. There will be possibilities of deceit. There are possibilities of success in property disputes, division, court cases. People trying for a job will receive good news. You should not cross the line in love affairs. Extramarital affairs and illegal affairs could be a cause of tension. The planning for house, land will be take shape. Time will be spent merrily with relatives and friends. Socially you will be active in this period. This year you will have support of your life partner. Couples will have a sweet relationship .Some elderly person’s health will deteriorate between April to July. There may be frequent visits to the hospital. Control your anger and speech, otherwise people will become your enemies.
Health and Physical Wellbeing :
There are no favourable indications in terms of physical appearance and health in the beginning of the year. Also there is Rahu’s effect on your zodiac. Regularies and control your diet. Stay away from bad habits e.g. alcohol, gutka, cigarette etc. otherwise you will have serious health problems. There will be cases of blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, or gynaecological problems . There might be possibilities of a surgery in mid-November in the retrogression of Venus.
Trade,Business and Wealth :
This year is full of business success, opportunities. For new business this is the perfect year. The time has come for the new changes in business which you wanted to do for so long.Business expansion plans will be taking shape. This year God’s guru Jupiter is travelling in the tenth and eleventh place, making this period quite suitable. You should take benefit of the situation. The people dealing in the share market,NCDMS, low and high trading, should take extra care. You will achieve your target. Your full focus will be on the marketing and selling. You should take special attention, read carefully before signing any papers. There will be problems in works and business between 4th June to 23rd October . There can be some issues with government offices, but you will solve them cleverly and wisely.
There can be betrayal with you because of excessively trusting someone . Stay away from dealing with unknown people and strangers. You will grow your production by using new techniques and skills in business and work. Do not compromise in quality.
Family, Children and Relatives :
This year though you will be busy in your work, but your priorities will be your family. Couples will behave accordingly and understand each other’s feelings. A big amount of your income will be spent on your children. There can be big expenses on children’s careers, educations, job, wedding etc. This year you will have blessings of the family’s elders. There will be situations of confusion and indecisiveness related to choosing children’s college, subjects, wedding etc. Do not expect the support of your relatives and friends. They can criticize and humiliate you. You will have the guidance of some elderly person.
Education, Study and Career :
This year Jupiter will be in transit in the tenth and eleventh place. So students will take their studies seriously. There will be pressure to achieve the target. You will achieve all your targets gradually by your own hard work .
There will be much pressure of studies between July to November . Your co-workers will be happy with you and will be supporting in every step. You will be successful in interviews, group discussion etc . Keep a safe distance in love affairs. Chant “Gayatri mantra” for the better results in education.
Romance and Friends :
There is a need to stay away from love affairs, otherwise it will directly affect your career and studies. You will get the love messages. There is need to be cautious from limitless love affairs, extramarital affairs, otherwise they will become the cause of your friend for help, you will feel much more mentakky peaceful. You will have special feelings for your friends.
Vehicle, expenses and auspicious Occasions :
This year new vehicle purchase is a possibility. The cause of vehicles, Mars is in its own in the seventh place in your zodiac. You will spend a big amount of income on vehicle, land, building. There are possibilities to purchase property also. Don’t take decisions in haste.Check papers and all the documents before buying the property.
Losses, Loans and mishappenings :
This year over trusting anybody can cause you big harm.Keep watch on every activity of your partner and co-workers.
Drive your vehicle very carefully. Get your vehicle repaired and maintain regularly. You could be taking a loan for business expansion or machinery, which would be repaid gradually. There can be separation from your friend or relatives.
Travels :
This year there will be short business travels. Though it will be useless to expect any profits from these travels .During travel take care of your diet. There can be travel plans with family between April to June.
Remedial Measures :
To increase the growth in the beginning of the year wear a pendant “Shukra Yantra “ made of American diamond . On Friday visit the Devi temple. Put raw milk in your bathing water on Friday and use fragrant liquids and perfumes.

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