Virgo Annual Forecast 2022 :
Virgo Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 18, 2021
Scorpio Annual Forecast 2022 :
Scorpio Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 18, 2021
Libra Annual Forecast 2022 :
Libra Annual Forecast 2022 :
For Librans the year 2022 will be full of challenges. Saturn’s two and half years (dhaiyya) will affect your zodiac for a short period. There will be up and downs in health issues in April. Suddenly there will be health problems which will not be detected even after thorough check-ups. There will be seasonal diseases affects. There is less possibility of fatal and serious diseases. There will be a better situation in health after April. If there is any surgery planned then it will be better to do it after April. But if it is needed in emergency then it should be done immediately. There will be much hard work and labour in business and trade .You will have to put more thrust for getting contracts in business. Besides this, you will have to check your contacts and relations. Though you will be getting money but not continually. Expenses will be more. There will be unexpected expenses. On one side, there is transit of Saturn in April, on the other side Rahu’s transit is indicative of good times. Students will have the results that will be according to their expectations. This year you can purchase new items.
This year will give you materialistic achievements. Though there will be problems in jobs. There can be tension related to officers and the boss. Do your work with honesty, dedication, and enthusiasm. Any carelessness can be fatal. In total this year is for success after challenges. Domestically this year will be normal. There can be differences of opinions between father and son, husband and wife. Though you will be blessed by the elderly and seniors. Check the legal documents of the vehicle, land, building before purchasing. There can be damages by vehicle between June to October due to retrogression of Saturn. Drive very carefully. In the beginning of the year there is “Mahalakshmi Yoga” in money matters. Moon + Mars conjunction will help for money profits. Property disputes will be solved through the mediation of some influential persons. There can be administrative problems because of Saturn’s position in fifth place in April. You should be very careful for this. There is indication of problems in income tax, GST, sales tax, municipality, police, etc. There will be some tension related to children. Students will not be able to concentrate on studies. Stay away from Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube and other such social media. Do not trust anyone in money matters. Avoid giving loans in business. There will be more contacts and friends in your circle.
Health and Physical Wellbeing :
There will be continually ups and downs in health the whole year.There is a possibility of surgery. Do not be careless in chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease. Take your medicine on time and be serious in regular check-ups, exercises.
This year till April the Saturn’s dhaiyya is effective, so you might be visiting hospital repeatedly related to your mother or any other senior’s health. Use safety measures like seat belts, helmets while driving.
Trade, Business and Wealth :
Do not trust anyone in money matters. Avoid giving loans in business. There is a danger of betrayal. You will make new contracts to revive your business. This year money will be flowing in but there will be more expenses. Think carefully before investing. Stay away from ncdx, shares, betting etc. Besides I will advise you to close down your illegal works. There can be unexpected damages between June to October because of retrogressive Saturn. There can be cancellations of contracts or deals. If you have manufacturing unit, then focus on quality rather than quantity. Keep an eye on your workers and partner’s activities. Your trade secrets or business secrets can be leaked. There can be online fraud and cheating. Do not tell your OTP or password to anyone and be alert about online theft. Keep a balanced budget in business. You can take loan to active your business expansion plans.
Family, Children and Relatives :
Jupiter is situated in the fifth place in the beginning of the year. So, Children will obey you. Atmosphere at home will be peaceful. There will be expenditures on children’s education and career. Regarding the relationship you will be emotionally attached to your relatives. There will be some bitterness with in-laws. Jupiter will be in sixth place in the second half of april. So, there can be health issues of seniors and elderly persons.
You will take out some time for your family in the middle of the busy schedule of work pressure and business. There can be marriage proposals for bachelors. There can be some planning of auspicious and good events at home.
Education, Study and Career :
There will be much pressure at the work place. You will put much thrust on your hard work to meet the target in private jobs. Rahu will move into the seventh place after April. You can fall victim of some secret planning or conspiracy. You should be careful in trading with unknown people and strangers. Students will focus and concentrate on their studies. You will be successful in competitions and there is hope of promotion after working hard in exams. Students of professional courses will get jobs by placement or recruitment.
Romance and Friends :
Love-relations are the weakness of Librans. So they will get lot of offers also. But be careful, if it will get exposed then you will be in trouble. Regarding friends, the Jupiter of Aquarius and Saturn of Aquarius will keep good friends together. Your time will be fabulous in the company of friends.
Vehicle, expenses and auspicious Occasions :
There will be some situations of auspicious events in this year. There can be auspicious events at home . This year, there can be more expenses on the hospital charges or medications of some family member. Keep off from bad habits and bad company. There will be more expenses on the vehicle.
Losses, Loans and mishappenings :
There can be some mishap before April due to Saturn’s dhaiyya. Be alert about money matters. If you will trust anyone for money, there can be betrayal. There are possibilities of money loss. There is accidental possibility between June to October due to Saturn’s retrogression. Drive carefully. Keep an eye on your enemies and opponents’ activities. You might need to take a loan for business expansion. Do not sign any documents without reading.
Travels :
This year Rahu is in the eighth place in the beginning of the year. So, there will be suffering in travels. Take special care of your diet. There can be some plans for family or religious travel. Travels will not be very fruitful.
Remedial Measures :
Visit the Goddess’ temple on Friday. Chant any goddess’ mantra and strotras. Put on a zircon of 5 and ¼ size in silver on your ring finger. Water the white flower plants. Put raw milk in your bathing water.

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