Libra Annual Forecast 2022 :
Libra Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 18, 2021
Sagittarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
Sagittarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 19, 2021
Scorpio Annual Forecast 2022 :
Scorpio Annual Forecast 2022 :
This year will be successful year for Scorpio . In the beginning of the yaer, Mars is in its own position. Mars is the owner of Scorpio. So, in this year you will have the benefit of good health, also in terms of achievements you will be on top. Health will be improved in this year. Old chronic diseases will also give some relief. Long term diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure will not bother you. There can be some problems of seasonal sickness. In business new experiments will help you to touch new achievements. There is possibilities of promotion or upgrade in your job.
This year Saturn will be transitioning in the third and fourth house. The effect of two and half year of Saturn ( Shani ki dhaiyya ) will be partially on your sun sign. Stay alert between 29th April to 12th July. There is a possibility of damage from vehicle. Drive carefully and stay away from drink and drive. Do not use your mobile in driving.
This year in business, new techniques, and many new experiments, new talents can shine your luck and business both. In your job, the work atmosphere will be suitable to you. Boss and senior officers will be happy with your work. You will get the chance to move ahead. From 12th April Rahu will be transitioning in the sixth house. Secret enemies and secret conspiracies will be active. You should be alert on every step.
Do not trust anyone for financial matters. The pending project of work expansion for long time will be completed. In the beginning of the year Jupiter is in the fourth house of Scorpio. There is a clear possibility of increase in movable and immovable property. There can be purchase of new land, housing, vehicle etc. This year you will have money. But as soon as it flows in, it will be spent to cover your expenses.
This year court cases matters, or other official works will be stuck in the beginning, but finally they will be in your favour. Property related matters or division matters will be solved finally. This there can be some rifting with-in-laws. Children will obey you. There can be some final settlement for the things related to children e.g., any auspicious event like an engagement or wedding. You will get success in job’s promotion related exam, interviews, department exams. If you move deciding your target in one direction, you will be successful. Your colleagues and subordinates will be back biting about you with the boss, but they won’t be able to do any damages. After July, Jupiter will be in the fifth house of its own zodiac. Students will be more serious than before for their studies. Students of technology, law, science, research and finance will be successful. There will be the effect of Saturn’s two and half years ( dhaiyya ) on your sun sign. Do not lend your money. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover it. Keep alertness in partnerships. This year between 28th July to 23rd November Jupiter’s retrogression will make you commit some mistakes that you will regret later.
Health and physical Wellbeing :
This year will be good for physical health. There is no possibility or danger of any serious and fatal disease in this year, there will be relief in old long-term diseases. In the beginning of the year, Mars is in its own planetary position, indicating the best health.
But this year there is a partial effect of Saturn’s dhaiyya, so don’t neglect your health. Take care of your diet in travels, take care to do yoga, exercises and your medicine. From 4th June to 23rd October Saturn in retrograde could cause some seasonal sickness, stomach related diseases, digesting problems. You might have to visit hospital frequently due to deteriorating health of senior member.
Trade, Business and Wealth :
There will be new achievements in business. You will be working very hard. Last year whatever losses situations were there, you will be thinking to cover it. This year Saturn is in the third house of self-planetary position. You will meet some influential powerful person who will give you new direction in your work. You will be dedicated towards your work with total energy and enthusiasm. Success can be seen after hard work and labour. New techniques, new talents, new experiments that will take your works to the top. Your colleagues and subordinates will be dedicated to you. Though it’s important to keep an alert eye on your partner and workers’ activities. This year in the beginning Mars is in its own sun sign. So, more labour and hard work will be there. The money which was stuck in the last year will be recovered in the end of this year. It is very important to keep cautions and alertness before investing. At the job your dominance and prestige will be there. Colleagues and subordinates will be impressed with your work style. There are chances of promotions and upgrading . Your sources of income will increase. You will put a big target for your business rivals and opponents. There will be a big expenditure on the maintenance of property and wealth. Financially you will be stronger.
Family , Children and Relatives :
You are the person of Scorpio. Scorpio persons are not emotional. This year situations in the family can be turbulent.
There will be sweetness in marital relations. On the other hand, there will be tensions related to children and elderly persons. Your main points of tensions will be children’s marriage, career, education. Couples will behave accordingly after sensing each other’s emotions. Children’s marriage, career, etc tensions will be over after 13th April due to Jupiter of Pisces. You will make outlines of some auspicious event at home. Between July to November because of retrogressive Jupiter there can be health problems of some elderly person at home. For this you have to go hospital very frequently. You will extend your helping hand towards your relatives. Relatives will also help you as possible.
Education, Study and Career :
This year after 13th April there are good chances made for studies. Jupiter will transit in the fifth house. So, there will be concentration and seriousness in studies. You will study with full concentration. There will be success in exams. Persons trying for a job are required to do more hard work. There will be success in interviews, department exams, competitions and job-related exams. In your job you will do very hard work to show your better performance. You will set your target and achieve it. Colleagues, even though rivals and opponents will praise your work. Sometimes you will be frustrated and pessimistic between July to November due to retrogressive Jupiter. Students should stay away from Facebook, WhatsApp and other such social media.
Romance and Friends :
Scorpion people are stingly people in making friends. You have few friends but they are real and good. This year your friends circle will expand. In terms of love affairs, after 13th April there will be an intensity in love affairs. There will be new love proposals. Some love affairs can be the cause of infamy. You will not be able to keep the affairs secret. Due to this there can be tensions in the family.
You will extend help to some troubled, weak and helpless friend financially, physically or in business.
Vehicle, expenses and auspicious Occasions :
This year in the beginning Jupiter is in the fourth house. So, there is a chance of a new vehicle. There will be expenditures on old vehicle. In year’s beginning Mars is situated in Scorpio. So, there will be more expenses. There is need to control your extravagance. There will be situations of some auspicious event. There will be some auspicious event’s occasion at home. Drive your vehicle carefully. Stay away from addiction and gambling. Do not drink and drive, don’t use mobile while driving. There is retrogressive Saturn between 4th June to 23rd October, so you should be taking special caution.
Losses, Loans and mishappenings :
This year to trust naybody in money matters will be cause of money loss. In business keep distance from the possibility of taking loan. Between 4th June to 23rd October, there can be huge money loss in the retrogressive time of Saturn. Keep safe distance from shares, lottery, gambling, betting. Postpone your illegal works for the time being. You could be taking loans for vehicle, house repairs or purchasing new house. In paying back the loan you might be sweating. There can be some unpleasant event with any relative.
Travels :
This year travel chances are weak. There can be small travels related to family and household activity. There will be physical tiredness and suffering in travels.
Remedial Measures :
To increase the year’s auspiciousness visit Lord Hanuman’s temple every Tuesday. Put on a “Tamda gem” in your ring finger. On Tuesday light the lamp of Jasmine (chameli) oil in front of Lord Hanuman idol and chant “Sankatmochan Strota”.

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