Sagittarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
Sagittarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 19, 2021
Aquarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
Aquarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 20, 2021
Capricorn Annual Forecast 2022 :
Capricorn Annual Forecast 2022 :
This year there is Saturn’s “Saadhe Saati” affecting Capricorn. In this year till 29th April Saturn will be in transitioning in your zodiac. This transitioning will fluctuate your health condition, but there are indications of success in business and works. In this year you will have to work harder than before. You will be doing your work with full concentration. This year will be full of challenges. Problems will keep on coming. You will solve your every problem with hard work, wisdom, cleverness and smartness. You will have to do harder works, harder efforts and harder labour to bring the business and works back on track. In these struggling phases there will be lots of riches. But you will have to be very alert and cautions in some cases. Don’t trust blindly on your partner and keep in touch directly with your clients. This year there is strong possibility of money gains. In the beginning of the year the conjunction of Mars + Moon in the eleventh house will be a money giver, but this year there is strong possibility of extra expenses also. There will be flow of money but it will not stay.
This year Saturn will transit in your zodiac and the second house (Aquarius) for the whole year. So, the project of business expansion plans which were pending for long time, will start now. In the beginning of the year Mercury is with Saturn . So, you will solve every problem with wisdom and morals.
This year will be full of achievements. From 4th June to 23rd October, Saturn will be in retrogressive transition, so in this period sometimes you will have negative and depressed thoughts. In the business and workplaces some important message or business knowledge can be leaked out. To keep a sharp eye on your partner’s and workers’ each action can save you from a big danger. Enemies and opponents will be dominating. There will be expenditures on maintenance. During the retrogressive Saturn between 4th June to 23rd October health position will fluctuate. Stomach related problems, joint pains, life long diseases like diabetes and heart disease could be troubling you. New contracts in business can be done after the month of June. I will advise you not to sign any documents without reading or going through it. The problem in the job will be over. The results of any departmental enquiry and other enquiries of the job will be in your favour. Competition exams, interviews results will be in your favour. Friends will support you. Whatever work you will take in your hands, you will not rest till it ends. This year there are chances of transfer, promotion and salary increment. Don’t be careless in work. You make take loans for business expansion. There will be effect of the Saadhe Saati. So, drive carefully. Keep alert while dealing with strangers. You will be dedicated to your studies. You will have astonishing self-confidence and willpower. In the retrogressive transitioning of Saturn between June to October you will get some unpleasant news about relatives. In the end of the year there could be some plannings related to any auspicious occasions in your home.
Health and Physical Wellbeing :
For the Capricorns this year will be bad for you from the point of view of health. This year Saadhe Saati effect will be there, so there will be the danger of some fatal diseases. Leave the bad habits of consuming alcohol, gutka, tobacco.
Take care of your diet. This year you have to visit the hospital frequently for some family member’s poor health. There will be suffering due to seasonal sickness. You will solve your health problems doing regular yoga, exercise, pranayama and nutritious diets etc.
Trade, Business and Wealth :
The view of business and trade this year , 2022, will be full of challenges. Business expansion plans which were stuck for so long, now will be completed with your little efforts. Your focus will be on production and marketing. This year between 29th April to 12th July you can get a contract which will bring your business on track. But you should read the terms and conditions of the contracts minutely. The results of the contract will be far reaching. There will be money flowing in but you should control your expenses before the money comes. Till 13th April Jupiter in the second house will be an obstacle in money saving. Control your extravagant expenses. You may take wrong decisions in business between 4th June to 23rd October. You will invest in wrong place. In this period there could be a betrayal or cheating with you. Avoid giving loans if you are in a job as there could be some conspiracy or secret plans made against you. Business competitors or rivals can also plan some secret conspiracy. Do not trust anybody for financial matters. Over confidence will cause you harm. Before purchasing land, housing, vehicle etc, check the documents thoroughly. Keep an alert eye on your partner’s workers’ activities.
Family , Children and Relatives :
This year the atmosphere of home and family will be pleasurable. There can be, once in a while, a little tension or misunderstanding in marital relations, but slowly it will be resolved. You will feel that your family is standing with you in every situation. Though between June to October, due to the retrogression of Saturn , some elderly person’s poor health can upset you.
For this you will be visiting hospital very frequently. After 13th April , because of Jupiter in the third house, you will get good news about children’s studies, career and job. There should not be any expectations from relatives for support. The tension about children’s education, and subject choice, college admissions, marriage etc will be resolved.
Education, study and Career :
On the 13th April Guru Jupiter will enter in the third house. So, there will be total concentration in studies. Students will get their desired results. In all exams, career and job-related exams, in departmental exams success will be after 13th April. Keep distance from love affairs, useless works and social media. Between July to November Jupiter will be retrogressive . So, in this period there could be complaints against you in job. Your senior officers will be displeased with your work style. In your job avoid the dealings with strangers and unknown people. Though the students of law, engineering, medical studies will be successful. There will be lack of self confidence in job interviews. In studies there will be a lack of concentration.
Romance and Friends :
This year will be good in view of love affairs. Lovers will meet each other. Though between 4th June to 23rd October in retrogressive Jupiter there is danger of the exposure of love affairs. Be alert about its negative effect on family life. Capricorn people are emotional . Emotionally you can take wrong decisions. You will extend your helping hand to your needy friend.
Vehicle, expenses and auspicious Occasions :
In this year you could have problems with your vehicle. Saturn is in your zodiac in the beginning of the year. Because of the “Saadhe Saati” your vehicle will create problem frequently, and you will be troubled by the regular expenses on the repairs.
Do not drink and drive. While driving stay away from mobiles, otherwise there could be accidents. Control useless and extravagant expenses or you will be forced to take loan. In terms of auspicious events, there will be expenses on children’s career, education . It should be called auspicious expenses as the future’s strong and powerful building will be built on this. There could be some auspicious event in the end of the year.
Losses, Loans and mishappenings :
This year, because of Saturn’s “Saadhe Saati” and retrogressive Saturn between 4th June to 23rd October there will be losses in business. Stay away from share market, lottery, gambling etc. Don’t trust anyone in financial matters. There can be loan situations for business expansion, land, housing, vehicle. There could be some mishappening between 4th June to 23rd October because of the retrogressive Saturn. There could be some unpredictable events with some family member.
Travels :
This year’s travels will not be successful. Though there will be many small journeys. Travel with family can be planned between April to June.
Remedial Measures :
To get the maximum benefit of the year “Shani Yantra” with Katella around your neck . Chant one round of beads “Om pram preem proum Shaneshcharaye Namah” daily. On Saturday take one fist of black lentils (Urad) and move it around your head and feed the birds. On Saturday offer sesame oil to the Shani idol in the temple. Keep a perfumed purple coloured handkerchief with you.

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