Scorpio Annual Forecast 2022 :
Scorpio Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 18, 2021
Capricorn Annual Forecast 2022 :
Capricorn Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 19, 2021
Sagittarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
Sagittarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
There will be Saturn’s “Saadhe saati” effect on Sagittarius. Till April Saturn will transit in the second house and will create problems for you. Financially there will be more problems. In the beginning of the year there will be health problems but gradually situation will improve. Saturn is in the second house. There will be headache, migraine and hypertension diseases. Also, there will be stomach related diseases. Enemies and rivals will be dominating but won’t be able to harm you. There will be more sources for money flow. The work you were waiting to complete up, will be completed. You will increase the profits in business by using new techniques and new skill. In the beginning of the work there will be problems, but gradually they will be ended. In your job you will do your work with total dedication, honesty and sincerely, which will produce good results . Financially you will be in a stronger and capable position. There is a conjunction of Mars + Moon in the twelfth house. So, there will be more expenses. You might have to bribe some officers. But you should be careful otherwise you will lose money also and work will not be done.
Saturn is transitioning in the second house till April 2022. So, you should avoid all the illegal works. The time movement is not in your favour.
Jupiter is in the third house, so there could be false charges or counter charges against you. You will not care a bit about criticism and blaming. You will not be very happy with your praise. The persons in business will get the suitable results by doing hard work. You will get your work done with the help of some influential person by using your wisdom and efficiency. Mars is in its own house, which is the twelfth house. Jupiter is in Saturn’s sun sign. You will take a loan to fulfil some big order. Staying away from court cases and legal complexity will be beneficial for you. Though from 13th April Jupiter being in the fourth house of Pisces can bring benefits to the businessmen. Students will be dedicated and concentrate on their studies. While appearing in interviews you will have high self-confidence. The results of competitive exams, departmental exams, will be in your favour.
This year Saturn’s “Saadhe Saati” effect will be getting slow between 29th April to 12th July.
During this time period you will be buying new things for your home. There are chances of purchasing vehicle, land, plot etc. Check all the documents before purchasing any vehicle, land, housing etc. This year there could be some unauspicious news about some relative or friend. Don’t sign any paper without reading.
Health and Physical Wellbeing :
Regarding health there will be lots of ups and downs situation in the whole year. Due to the effect of “Saadhe Saati”, mental depression, blood pressure, diabetes, seasonal sickness or digestive disease will be pain-giving in this year. Females could be having any problem of female diseases. Between 29th July to 23rd October Saturn will be retrogressive in the second house. In this time period stay alert speciaaly for your health. Take special care for medicine also, along with the doctor’s timely advice. Chant “Mahamritunjay Mantra” to the disease free. Put “Maha Mrityunjay Yantra” at your pooja place.
Trade, Business and Wealth :
Sagittarians are very clever in target hitting. This year in business you will have to face many challenges and difficulties. You will face every challenge and difficulty bravely. This is the year for ups and downs , and challenges in business. Your work efficiency and capabilities will increase. In this period your contacts will be with influential people, who will be beneficial in future. Before making new investments check everything thoroughly. The boss and senior officers will be kind to you. You can be given new responsibilities. You will implement new plans for increasing your income. There could be some problem relating to tax arising. Money will come in an interrupted manner. Besides this, there will be more expenses. Property matters will be solved. Business expansion plans will be workable. Take decisions with your wisdom and not with your heart in business. There will be promotions and better opportunities easily available in the job. Among your boss, colleagues and officers your image will be of a daring, honest and dutiful person. This quality will help you to move forward. Don’t trust anybody in money matters. Avoid dealing with unknown people and strangers. The persons dealing in shares, ncdx, betting, trading should take care not to put long and big money into one sector only, otherwise that could be harmful. Keep a watchful eye on workers.
Family, Children and Relatives :
This year relatives will be avoiding you; family members will be with you always. Between July to November your Sun sign’s owner Jupiter will be in retrogressive transition, so there could be some misunderstanding in marital relations because of a third person. The property disputes with brothers will get messy, though later it will be resolved. Bachelors will get marriage proposals. You can take some important decisions related to children’s studies, before 13th April.
Till 28th July Jupiter’s transition will be auspicious. You will be praised for your kindness, sweet speech and flexible attitude. From 28th July to November, some elderly family member’s health could be upset.
Education, Study and Career :
This year will be best for students. One the one hand Jupiter will be in its own position after 13th April, and on the other hand Saturn’s “Saadhe Saati” effect will be ended after 29th April. You will get involved seriously in your studies and achieving goals. Staying away from love affairs, social media, and other entertainment. You should concentrate on studies. The students of technology, law, management, and business will be successful. Competition exams, departmental exams, promotions exam’s results will be favourable. In your job your colleagues or rivals can create some secret plans or conspiracy.
Romance and Friends :
You will be rich in terms of friends. The number of friends will increase. Though you can be cheated in love affairs. The effect of your love affairs will be negative. Mars is in its own twelfth house. Your secret could be exposed through love letters, Facebook, email, WhatsApp, chat etc. You will extend your helping hand for a friend in distress.
Vehicle, expenses and auspicious Occasions :
This year there is a possibility of some auspicious work related to children. By the year end there could be some auspicious event arranged. In this year the breaking down of a vehicle frequently will cause trouble. Drive the vehicle carefully, and get the vehicle serviced on time. There will be expenditure situations. There will be more investment in business also. Control on your extravagant expenses is needed. There will be more expenditures on house or property maintenance.
Losses , Loans and mishappenings :
There could be some mishap with some relatives, friend or kins. You can take loans on land, housing, vehicle etc. In case of loss, the whole year you will be dealing with losses situation. From July to November, in business or in your job you can get a big jolt. Stay away from shares, lottery, gambling, betting etc. Don’t give loans in business, otherwise you will have a hard time getting it back. You can be separated from some friend, relative or closed ones. Don’t take anything to your heart and don’t think too much about the past.
Travels :
There are no specific travels. Getting fed up with the daily routine and hectic running around, you will have thoughts to leave everything and go away to some religious place. But it will never happen. There will be some short business travels.
Remedial Measures :
To increase the suitability of the year, chant “Vishnu Sahastra Naam Strota”. Pour water on the Peepal tree daily expect on Sunday and Tuesday. Put “Guru Yantra” with Sunella in silver around your neck. Feed the cow. Feed roti with jiggery to the cow every day.

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