Capricorn Annual Forecast 2022 :
Capricorn Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 19, 2021
Pisces Annual Forecast 2022 :
Pisces Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 20, 2021
Aquarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
Aquarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
This year the house owner of the Sun sign-Saturn is situated in twelfth house. So, this year there will be more expenses. Saturn’s seven and half year (Saadhe Saati) is on. Though Saturn is your house owner, the troubles will be there but you will overcome them with your self-confidence and win over every trouble and problem.
For health this year is problematic. There will be digestive problems. There is a possibility of the danger of any serious and fatal disease. Take special care of your diet. Leave the bad habits like gitka, tobacco, alcohol etc. Focus on yoga, exercise, meditation etc. Carelessness in blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes can be fatal. Due to your hard work and labour, there will be physical tiredness and weakness. This year you will work hard. The results will also favourable. But you should be careful of your rivals and opponents.
You are an Aquarian, who doesn’t get attracted by praise, respect and doesn’t get distracted by criticism and infamy. They stay on their duty. This quality will give you more respect in people’s eyes. You will extend your helping hand towards a friend in distress. You won’t remember your kindness. Jupiter will be transitioning in your Sun sign in the beginning of the year.
So you will have kindness, charity and social services in your heart. This year in the beginning of the year, Saturn is in twelfth house, so there will be lots of mental tension. There will be “Less earning, more spending” situations. You will have to control your expenses at some point, otherwise you will be compelled to take loans. You will feel that your family is standing with you in any situation. Family members will move with supporting and helpful feelings. You might have to go hospital frequently for the elder’s health issues. Court cases and property matters will be pending, you could be challenged by your business competitors and opponents. You should stay away from immoral behavior in the excitement of over ambitions. You should focus on quality rather than increasing production. Your bosses and senior officials will be satisfied with your work. Though fear of transfer will be there, you should behave very cautiously in government job. Control your anger and speech, otherwise unnecessarily you will be in problems. Whatever experiments you will do in business, its results will be very slow. There will be pressure to achieve your targets in private jobs. This year because of of Saadhe Saati of Saturn there are chances of surgery. You will extend your friendly hand towards someone. Be careful while helping anybody financially. You will make efforts to remove the rifts in family relationships.
Health and Physical Wellbeing :
This year is of physical pains for Aquarius people. Old chronic diseases will again trouble you and it would be painful. Seasonal diseases will attack also. Do not drink and drive. The whole year around Saturn will be in the twelfth house and in your Sun sign in transition.
Though you will get rid of old chronic diseases of a long time, taking it seriously, with surgery before April.
Trade, Business and Wealth :
Financially this year will be full of many ups and downs. You will face new challenges in your job. You may have to take loan for the expansion of business. Don’t trust on your business partner and workers blindly. Rather keen an eye watch on their activities. Don’t sign any document without going through it, as someone may bluff you. Your contacts will expand. You will show good results in your job or business. Be conscious to trust on your friends or relatives, they may cheat you. Whatever you are planning for your business expansion that may get delayed. There will be Tax related problem between June to midnight of October during Saturn’s Vakri. Your all decisions will prove wrong if taken in haste. I advice you not to take any financial risk, this year. Due to machinery breakdown, it will hamper your business. In job , there will be much effort and running around. Will have extra work pressure. Adverse results expected in Share market, or any finance related investment. You will focus on your marketing using latest technology, internet or email etc.
Family, Children and Relatives :
In this adverse time family members will be with you. Misunderstanding and differences of opinions will be ended between couples. There will be compatibility. There will be a cordial atmosphere in home and family. Health of parents and elderly relatives could be upset, needs attention .Between June to October, Saturn is retrogressive, causing misunderstandings in couples because of a third person. The children’s behavior will be a cause of concern. There will be marriage proposals for children, but it will get delayed for no known reasons. Don’t expect any support from relatives. They will envy you for your fame and prestige. Property disputes between brothers will be solved but with much efforts.
Education, Study and Career :
This year is good for students of medicine, pharma, nursing and computers. On the other hand, it will not be a good year for technical and management students. There will be lack of studying capabilities. The desire to study abroad will be much more in the students trying to go abroad for higher studies. There will be a fear of instability in private jobs. You will need to work more than earlier in jobs. There will be pressure of studies on you. In your job you should also try for another one different from the present one. Your colleague can go to the boss against you.
Romance and Friends :
Your patience, duty, friend and wife should be tested in emergency or distress time. So, the time has come to test your friends. In this distressful time you will know about your true friends. In this year your love affairs will cause tensions not only in marital life but disturb other family members also. You won’t be able to keep your love affair secret. Because of this, there will be an uncomfortable atmosphere at home. You should stay away from illegal and extra marital affairs, otherwise some legal complexity will arise. Your circle of friends will expand. You will make some new friends.
Vehicle, expenses and auspicious Occasions :
You will be fed up of recurring expenses on your vehicle. In spite of that, problem will be there. There are chances of accidents or damages from vehicle is also there. So, drive very carefully. Don’t drink and drive ever. There will be unnecessary expenses. Be alert as income will be low. Control your extravagant expenses. Though there will be unexpected and sudden expenses facing you. Auspicious events will be very few this year.
Losses, Loans and mishappenings :
This year there are chances of money losses in business. Your money will be stuck for a long time, so you will be tight financially. You will be compelled to take loans for routine expenses. There could be some mishap with any relative. Don’t trust any strangers and unknown person for money matters. If you are in a government job, you can be trapped. There can be some secret plans or conspiracy against you. Some big order or business deal can slip out of your hand.
Travels :
You will do travel for your works though they will not yield any output. They will not be positive. Time and money will be wasted.
Remedial Measures :
Put on an iron ring made of black horse shoe in your middle finger. Chant “Om Pram Preem Proum Sah Shaneshcharaye namah”. Water the Kaudi Nagra plant. Feed the ants. Offer sesame oil in the Shani temple on Saturday.

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