Aquarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
Aquarius Annual Forecast 2022 :
November 20, 2021
2022 annual prediction of Amitabh bachchan (Indian Actor) :
2022 annual prediction of Amitabh bachchan (Indian Actor) :
November 21, 2021
Pisces Annual Forecast 2022 :
Pisces Annual Forecast 2022 :
For Pisces, this year will be very good. There will be minor suffering in the middle of the year, but those sufferings and pains will inspire you to move forward. This year the eleventh housed Saturn is self-planetary. Regarding health, this is a good year. Chronic pains and diseases will be cured. You should take special care of your diet and habits. This year is indicating some ups and downs in business. You will have to do your best efforts to materialize your business expansion plan. You will have money profits. There will be stability in your job, and your boss and senior officers will be kind to you. Colleagues will support you. You will get new ideas and thoughts to earn money.
Between 28th July to 23rd November your zodiac owner Jupiter will be retrogressive. In this period, there is a need to be careful of seasonal sickness. This period will be a little down. In your family also compatibility will be lacking. This year Rahu is in the third house and Jupiter also will be coming in your zodiac on 13th April and destroying the enemies and diseases. Financially there will be positive results. The works which have been held up for a long time, which you gave up hopes to be completed, now will be done by little effort.
There can be some auspicious occasions being planned at home. In the beginning of the year the Moon is debilitating. There will be the tension of children’s education, career, studies, and marriage. In studies, the situations will be medium. There could be some confusion related to an admission problem in the chosen college, wanted subject choice. The confusion will be removed by some specialist’s advice. This year, the tenth housed Jupiter will come in your zodiac after 13th April . So official matters and court cases related matters will be successful. The official works which were pending for long time will be completed by you. In your job you can get promotions or an important workload.
There could be some complaints against you between 26th July to 23rd November. Jupiter will be retrogressive so you could be facing a departmental enquiry. There will be hurdles in the business. Your payment could be stuck somewhere or any important deals may get cancelled. This year Mars will be in retrogressive transition between October to December. There are chances of accidents or mishaps. You could have taken loan for business expansion, land, housing, vehicle etc. Gradually the loan will be repaid. Your capabilities and abilities will be in front of people and they will be convinced about you. The deteriorating health of some family member can be a cause of concern. You will be very busy in this year. You will use every single moment. Do not take the risk of your studies and career for love affairs and other things. Be aware of your enemies.
Health and Physical Wellbeing :
In view of health, this year is full of ups and downs. This year Saturn “Saadhe Saati” is on you.You will be more laborious. So, the immunity power of Pisces is good. Diseases will be there but you won’t have much suffering. Even though between 4th June to 23rd October, because of retrogressive Saturn, there will be problems of blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.
There will be conditions of stomach diseases, urine infection, below the waist line diseases. This year the smallest carelessness could harm you. Carelessness in chronic diseases could be fatal.
Trade, Business and Wealth :
In view of business and trade this year will be a time of hard work and devotion. The persons in a job can get promotions, progress or important posting through the help of some influential person. This year Saturn is in your profit house. Someone’s support in business and trade could change your fortune. You will be doing your work with full enthusiasm and energy. Don’t trust your partner blindly. Deal everything on papers or documents. New techniques and skills will help in your fortune. From 12th April Rahu will be in the second house and will put obstacles in money savings. There won’t be money savings. There will be huge profits to the persons in the field of land, clothing, iron , oil or commission. You will have to learn from your failures. You should think where did you go wrong and correct it. Don’t over trust anybody. You will be in trouble for helping someone. There is need to stay alert in your job. A flexible and liberal attitude is not good in business. Check thoroughly before investing. Don’t take investments decisions in a hurry. Don’t sign any documents without going through it.
Family, Children and Relatives :
This year your priority will be your home and family. You will give more importance to your family than work. Some family member’s health could upset you. There will be sweetness in marital relationships. This year between 28th July to 23rd November, Jupiter will be retrogressive. In this period some elderly person’s health may need attention.
Sisters-in-law, father, son,mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will have minor arguments. There will be sweetness in marital relationships. There will be some misunderstanding here and there but it will be sorted in time. Pisces people are emotional. This emotional attitude can cost you dear. Your relatives will make criticism as their weapon against you enviously.
Education , Study and Career :
You can get a better job offer. Your boss and senior officers will be happy with you, so your prestige and dominance will be there in the office. This will be important for your progress. Between 28th July to 23rd November, Jupiter will be retrogressive, so the carelessness will cause you dear. You will be busy in auspicious events at home. This will have an effect directly on your studies. If you start your studies with full concentration, then a golden future awaits you.
Romance and Friends :
This year you will enjoy the marital life and love affairs. You have to be careful that your love affair could be exposed between 4th June to 23rd October. You will not be able to keep it secret, it will affect your family badly. Domestic peace will be disturbed. There can be misunderstandings in love affairs due to a third person because of the twelfth housed Jupiter before 13th April. Your friend circle will expand. But you will not get true friends. Your friends’ aim will be to take advantage of your dominance and contacts etc.
Vehicle ,expenses and auspicious Occasions :
Between 29th April to 12th July the partial effect of Saturn’s Saadhe Saati will be on your zodiac. So, there will be problems with the vehicle. Frequent vehicle problem and the danger of accidents is also there. So, stay away from drinking and driving. After April Rahu will transit in the second house and will increase your expenses more.
There can be expenses on the repairs of the house, maintenance, painting etc. In the second half of the year there could be planning of some auspicious occasions. You will be getting busy in that.
Losses, Loans and mishappenings :
There can be sudden mishappening with some relative. For you also, carelessness in some matters will cost you heavily. Don’t trust blindly on your partner or colleagues. Between 28th July to 23rd November some big orders can be cancelled. Jupiter will be transitioning retrogressively, so some big business client could be slipped out of your hands. This year you can take loan for land, house, vehicle etc. The twelfth housed Jupiter is also showing loan situations for marriage etc.
Travels :
This year there can be religious travels with family. You can go for some sightseeing travels also. Business travels will be useless with no results.
Remedial Measures :
To increase the auspiciousness of the year, chant one mala daily of “Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaye”. Visit the Sri Krishna temple. Wear “siddh guru yantra” with Sunella. Feed a cow with wheat flour dough mixed with jaggery, chana on Thursdays.

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