सिद्ध अघोर गायत्री मंत्र :
सिद्ध अघोर गायत्री मंत्र :
January 15, 2022
Taurus April 2022 Monthly Forecast :
Taurus April 2022 Monthly Forecast :
January 16, 2022
Aries April 2022 monthly Forecast :
Planetary position : In the beginning of the month, Rahu in the lagna of Aries , Ketu in the 7th house of Libra, Mars+Saturn in the 10th house of Capricorn, Venus+Jupiter in 11th house of Aquarius and Sun + Moon + Mercury in the 12th house of Pisces are in transit .
1st to 7th April : On 1st and 2nd afternoon time will not be spent nicely. There will be trouble . You will not be able to finish work on time. You will take wrong decision being emotional, which you will repent later. From the evening of the 2nd to the afternoon of the 4th will be a period of work completion due to the facing moon .You will do work as per your experience and work will be done .You will have unprecedented success. Children’s desired results will bring happiness . You will feel mental peace on 5th , 6th and 7th . You will spend your time happily . Your hard work will be fruitful. You will have quality time with your family. You will have full self-confidence. You will plan new work projects consulting your family . You will enjoy the hospitality somewhere.
8th to 15th April : The 8th and 9th will be days of money gain . You will get your stuck money back. You will feel yourself safe. You will do community charity work . You will be inclined towards religion and spirituality. Family will be on priority for you. The 10th , 11th , 12th will be problematic . You will have to do some work unwillingly. Because of it you will be scared and have troubled feelings. Unnecessary expenditure can cause trouble. The 13th and 14th will be knowledge gaining days . You will be busy in reading spiritual literature. Family life, domestic things will be your top priority, as these things make life prominent . You will be getting good news on the 15th .
16th to 23rd April : You will get some property on the 16th . You will be fulfilling your hobbies .There will be some rudeness and harshness in your nature. Matters relating property will be completed. The 17th and 18th will be peaceful as the Moon will be in the seventh place. You will feel some improvement in yourself . You will be meeting new people, making friends and fulfilling your wishes .The 19th and 20th will be painful. This is the time to do work. You will be doing multitasking . You will have lots of enthusiasm. The time will be cheerful but you will have the pressure to finish the work on time. Some important thing can be lost by you .The 21st and 22nd will be winsome days. There will be a happy atmosphere at home. There may be guest arrival on 23rd . You will be doing many things at a time and be successful.
24th to 30th April : You will do some daring work on the 24th . You will meet old friends. You will be investing your money in new things. You will be cheerful. This is the time for prestige growth .Time will be profitable on the 25th , 26th and 27th . You will have your loved one’s company. There will be possibilities to get the new work projects. You will be moving forward faster. The twelfth placed moon will be fatal on the 28th and 29th .There will be some rifts in relations. Your financial position will be stronger. You might be getting insulted. Stay away from ego .Expenditures will be more. You will have to face more problems. Time will be suitable on the 30th . You will do your work in the right way. You will be very busy. You will spend time in entertainment along with work.

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