बिपति नाशक ज्वाला माई का मंत्र :
बिपति नाशक ज्वाला माई का मंत्र :
September 2, 2022
Sagittarius 2023 February Monthly Horoscope :
Sagittarius 2023 February Monthly Horoscope :
September 6, 2022
Sagittarius 2023 January Monthly Horoscope :

Sagittarius 2023 January Monthly Horoscope :

Best Days Overall : 8,9,16,17,25,26
Most Stressful Days Overall : 1,2,14,15,21,22,28,29
Best Days for Love :1,2,3,10,11,12,13,18,19,21,22,28,29
Best Days for Money :4,8,10,11,12,13,16,22,23,31
Best Days for Career :1,2,10,11,18,19,28,29

You begin your year in the midst of a yearly financial peak.It began last month on December 22, and it continues until the 20th. Prosperity is strong. (You will also end 2023 in a financial peak.) Finances will be good even after the 20th as your 2nd money house is still strong. Money can come from foreign investments, through social contacts and through good financial intuition (especially from the 17th to the 19th ).

Health should be good this month. The long-term planets are mostly either in harmony with you or leaving you alone, although there is one long-term planet (and one short planet) in stressful alignment with you. You can enhance the health, however,with back and knee massage until the 3rd, with ankle and calf massage from the 3rd to the 27th and with foot massage from the 27th onwards. Spiritual- healing techniques and good emotional health seem important from the 27th .

Love is complicated this month. For a start ,your love planet, Mercury, is retrograde until the 17th .The other planet involved in your love life, Mars, is retrograde until the 12th .So, things start off slow this year, and there are many doubts about your current relationship. However, love will improve after the 18th .

This is not a chart for marriage. Mars, sitting in your 7th house of love, rules your 5th house and so love seems more about fun and games –entertainment –rather than anything serious and committed. Jupiter’s position in your 5th house reinforces this –you’re in a mood for fun, for a happy- go –lucky kind of life.

Mercury spends the month in your money house, which indicates that singles are attracted to wealthy people. Love is about material support and material gifts. Singles can find love opportunities as they pursue their financial goals and with people involved in their finances.

Mars is “out of bounds” this month and will remain so until early May. Children and children figures in your life are outside their normal orbits –and next month they’ll be even further outside their normal orbits. Those of you in the creative arts are also going outside your normal sphere.

The New Moon of the 11th occurs in your money house and increases earnings even further. It would be a good day to pay off debt or to take out a loan, depending on your need. Religious and theological insights will come to you that period. As the weeks go by (until the next New Moon) financial issues will clarify themselves. Doubts will be resolved and questions answered, and all of this will be natural and normal.

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