Aquarius 2023 May monthly Horoscope :
Aquarius 2023 May monthly Horoscope :
September 29, 2022
Aquarius 2023 July monthly Horoscope :
Aquarius 2023 July monthly Horoscope :
September 29, 2022
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Aquarius 2023 June monthly Horoscope :

Best Days Overall :7,8,16,17,26,27
Most Stressful Days Overall :1,2,14,15,16,21,22,28,29
Best Days for Love :2,7,8,11,17,18,21,22,28
Best Days for Money :5,6,9,10,14,15,23,24,25
Best Days for Career :1,2,6,7,15,25,28,29

Now that the excitement generated by the eclipses is over, you’re in a happy, fun kind of period. On May 21 you entered a yearly personal pleasure peak and this continues until the 21st of this month. A time for fun and recreation. A time to explore the rapture side of life.

Health is much improved this month. There are two long-term planets in stressful aspect to you, but the short-term planets are either in harmony with you or leaving you alone. Pluto moving back out of your sign on the 12th is another positive for health.

Last month on the 17th, Jupiter moved into your 4th house, and he will be there for the rest of the year ahead. So, a move can happen or a renovation. Women of childbearing age are unusually fertile. There is much happiness at home now.

Love is happy this month –kind of happy go-lucky. Love is not serious but is about having fun –entertainment. Singles are attracted to those who can show them a good time. This kind of attitude is not conducive to serious relationships and love affairs are more likely. After the 21st, the love planet moves into your 6th house of health and work and you become more serious about love (and life in general). There is more socializing at home and with the family. There is a need for emotional bonding and sharing with potential parents. Singles will find themselves attracted to co-workers or health professionals.

In general, there is a greater focus on health after the 21st –especially on emotional health.

The New moon of the 18th occurs in your 5th house and is a fun kind of day. A nice day for romance, but not the serious kind. Issues involving your personal creativity and the children or children figures in your life will be clarified as the weeks progress.

Financial intuition needs more verification from the 17th onwards, but earnings should be good after the 21st. Your financial planet Neptune starts to travel backwards on the 30th and will be retrograde for many months to come –so try to finalize important purchases or investments before then.

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