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Pisces 2023 August Monthly Horoscope :
October 1, 2022
Pisces 2023 October Monthly Horoscope :
Pisces 2023 October Monthly Horoscope :
October 1, 2022
Pisces 2023 September Monthly Horoscope :

Pisces 2023 September Monthly Horoscope :

Best days Overall : 8,9,10,18,19,27,28
Most Stressful Days Overall : 6,7,13,14,15,21,22
Best Days for Love : 2,3,4,5,11,12,13,14,15,21,22,23,24,30
Best Days for Money : 2,3,4,5,13,14,15,23,24,29,30
Best Days for Career : 4,5,14,15,21,22,23,24

You’re still in the midst of a yearly love and social peak this month, but love remains complicated. Review our discussion of this in August’s report. However, your love planet Mercury starts to move forward on the 15th and so brings some improvements here. There is more clarity. The social confidence and judgement are improved. Mercury has been in your 7th house since July 29, and he will remain here all this month as well.

This would indicate more socializing with the family and from home (remember that Mercury is your family planet too). Family and family connections seem involved in your love life. More clarity in love comes from the New Moon of the 15th, which occurs in your 7th house- an especially good social day. In addition, love and relationship issues will clarify themselves in the coming weeks –until the next New moon. Your questions and doubts will be dealt with.

Mars, your financial planet, began his solstice on August 27 and it goes on until the 2nd. So there has been a pause in your financial life –a healthy pause –and then a change of direction. This pause should not alarm you.

Mars will spend the month in your 8th house of regeneration and this gives many messages. You’re very involved in the prosperity of the spouse, partner or current love. In fact, with the prosperity of others full stop. In a sense you’re like the mutual fund manager who only prospers in so far as his clients prosper. As you focus on the prosperity of others, your own prosperity will happen naturally.

Your financial planet in your 8th house is a good period to use spare cash to pay off debt- however, if you need to borrow, it is good for that too. If you have good business ideas, this is a good month to approach outside investors. On a deeper level, this is a period to purge your finances and possessions of all that doesn’t belong there. Get rid of possessions that you don’t need or use. De- clutter your home or storage units. Get rid of financial waste –redundant accounts or subscriptions or phone plans that you don’t use (obviously, not what’s needed).

Health still needs attention, but you’ll see big improvement after the 23rd. In the meantime, enhance the health with more rest and abdominal massage. Massage of the small intestine reflex will also be good. After the 23rd, hip massage and massage of the kidney reflex will be beneficial. (the reflex points are shown in the yearly report). Safe sex and sexual moderation seem important after the 23rd.

With the Sun, your health planet, in your house of regeneration after the 23rd there is a tendency towards surgery. Perhaps you see it as a ‘quick fix’ to a problem. Perhaps it is recommended to you.

However, detoxes aften achieve the same thing (albeit more slowly) and should be explored.

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