October 17, 2022
खोए हुए बच्चे का पता लगाना :
खोए हुए बच्चे का पता लगाना :
October 19, 2022


For many years now the love and social life has been very stormy. Probably there have been divorces, break-ups and friendships that have ended. You’ve been in the process of giving birth to the love and social life of your dreams. This hasn’t been pleasant, but the result will be good. And you’re almost finished now. The two planets involved in your love and social life are changing signs this year. Pluto will move briefly into Aquarius from March 24 to June 12. He basically hovers between your 7th and 8th houses this year. More importantly, your actual love planet, Saturn, changes signs on March 8. He moves into your 9th house on that date and will stay there for the next two and a half years. This too improves the love life. More on this later.

Jupiter spends almost half the year- until May 17 in your 10th house of career. This shows that, like last year, there is great success happening in your career. More details later.

Uranus has been in your 11th house for many years now and he will be there for some more years to come. Thus, your circle of friends is undergoing much change. Some friendships have been terminated. Some of this is not because of you but because of dramas in your erstwhile friends’ personal lives. This trend continues in the year ahead. But this year Jupiter will move through this house- from May 17 onwards –so new friends are coming into the picture to supplant some of the ones that have been lost. These are significant kinds of friendships.

The year ahead should be prosperous, too, Cancer. Venus, your family planet, will spend a lot of time in your 2nd money house –over four months. Thus, earnings should be stronger than usual. More on this later.

Your major interests in the coming year are love and romance; sex, personal transformation and reinvention, and occult studies; religion, theology, higher education and foreign travel; career and friends, groups and group activities, astrology, astronomy and science.

Your paths of greatest fulfillment will be career (until May 17 and from July 18 onwards); and friends, groups, group activities, astrology, astronomy and science.

Health :
Health is good this year. Only two long-term planets are in stressful aspect with you –and those only part of the time. When Jupiter leaves Aries on May 17, health and energy will improve even further.

Good though your health is generally, there will be periods where it is less easy than usual- perhaps even stressful. However, this is not a trend for the year. These periods are caused by the short-term stresses of the short-term planets. When they pass, your normally good health and energy return.

In addition, good emotional health is always important for you. Avoid negative states of mind. Avoid depression like the plague. Meditation will be a big help for this. It is natural to react in a negative way when something negative happens. This is not the issue. But your choice is whether you want to stay in that negative state or to get out of it quickly. The later is the best course from a health perspective.

Home and Family :
Home and family are always important to you, cancer. Deep down you feel that this is what life is all about –family. But for some years now, your 4th house hasn’t been prominent. Nor is it prominent this year. So, your normal family focus is less intense than usual. In addition, with your career house very prominent this year (until May 17) your focus is more on the career than the family. You feel you can serve the family best by being successful in a worldly way.

This empty 4th house –only short-term planets will move through there this year, and then only briefly –can be read as a good thing. The family situation is more or less under control. You’re basically satisfied with the status quo and have no need to pay special attention here. Thus, a move is not likely this year.

On October 14 there will be a solar eclipse in your 4th house. This will shake things up temporarily –we will cover this in the monthly report.

If you’re planning major renovations or repairs around the home, August 28 to October 12 would be a good time. If you’re redecorating in a cosmetic kind of way, November 8 to December 4 would be good. This period is also good for buying art objects or other objects of beauty for the home.

Your family planet, Venus, is a fast moving planet. In any given year she moves through your entire Horoscope. Thus, there are many short-term trends in the home and family life that depend on where Venus is and the kinds of aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

A parent or parent figure is prospering this year and living the good life, but a move is not likely. He or she is travelling more this year. The other parent or parent figure is perhaps thinking of a move, but it probably won’t happen this year. Siblings and sibling figures are having their relationships tested. Perhaps they are thinking of a move too, but it’s unlikely to happen. Children and children figures in your life are more likely to move next year than this year. It can happen suddenly. The same is true for grandchildren or those who play that role in your life. A move is more likely next year than this.

Finance and Career :
Though finances are good this year, 2023 is more of a career year than a financial one.

Venus, as we mentioned, will spend an unusual amount of time in your money house –from June 5 to October 9. This is quadruple the time of her usual transit in a sign, so it is significant. It indicates the financial support of friends, family and family connections. They can give actual material support or bring you financial opportunities. It also shows that you spend more on the home and family over that period. You could also earn money from the home, from residential real estate, online activities, the food and restaurant business, hotels, motels and industries that cater to the homeowner.

The Sun is your financial planet. As our regular readers know, he is a fast moving planet, moving through your entire Horoscope during the year. So, there are many short –term financial trends that depend on where the Sun is and the kinds of aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Twice a year the Sun gets eclipsed. This year this happens on April 20 and on October 14. Though these things tend not to be pleasant, in your case they are good: twice a year you get a chance to make course corrections in your financial thinking and planning. The events of the eclipses will show what changes are necessary. He will cover this more fully in the monthly reports.

As we said above, the career is the main headline this year. Jupiter entered your 10th career house last year on May 11 and stayed there until October 28, five months approximately. Then he moved back into Pisces until December 21. So, major career developments happened last year –which are continued this year.

There are promotions and career elevation happening. Both your professional and social status are elevated. In many cases there are honours and awards, recognition of your work and abilities. The career horizons are broadened. You see vistas and possibilities that were heretofore hidden.

With the Moon’s North Node moving into your 10th house on July 18, there is much satisfaction in your career. It brings happiness.

Your career planet Mars is ‘out of bounds’ this year until May 4. This signals that in career matters you’re outside your normal orbit. In fact, this contributes to your success. You’re willing to think outside the box, to venture into the unknown, to take some risks.

Love and Social Life :
As we have already mentioned, the love life is beginning to improve. It is becoming less stormy. You are, more or less, in the love and social life of your dreams –your personal ideal. But it didn’t happen easily.

The main headline here is your love planet saturn’s move into Pisces on March 8. This changes the love attitudes and needs. For the past two years it was sexual magnetism that was the most important thing, but this changes after March 8. You see now that while sex is important, there is more to a relationship and to love than just that. Your love planet in Pisces makes you more idealistic about love. You search for the ultimate love- the ideal.

Spiritual and philosophical compatibility become important in a possible partner from March 8 onwards. Saturn in your 9th house shows someone who can fall in love with their minister, priest, rabbi, imam or professor. You’re attracted to people you can learn from mentor types. So, love and social opportunities can happen at religious or university functions.

Sex can be great, but if philosophical compatibility is not there the relationship will not last. Philosophical compatibility doesn’t mean that you agree on every point, but that you have the same view of life and the same values.

The love planet in Pisces introduces a spiritual element in love. You find spiritual type people- gurus, psychics, tarot readers, spiritual channels, actors, musicians, poets –alluring. You’ll be meeting these inspired kinds of people in the year ahead. Love and social opportunities will also happen in spiritual venues –at spiritual seminars or lectures, prayer meetings, meditation sessions and charitable functions.

In essence, you’re interested in a deeper kind of love –carnal plus, in general increases. However, this is not so much about romance but more about friendships and group activities. New and significant friends are coming into the picture this year, as was mentioned. You make friends at work, or as you involve yourself in professional or trade organizations related to your job.

Self –improvement :
Love, as we’ve just said, is more spiritual and idealistic this year. You search for the ‘perfect’, ‘ideal’ love. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you could be searching in the wrong places- outside yourself.

Perfect love is rarely given to us on a platter. It is a journey that is travelled. It’s something to strive for. Here on planet Earth, among humans, love is seldom perfect. Some humans can love more than others, but always there are limitations to it. This is the human condition. With your love planet in spiritual Pisces, you know what real love is, and everything else –even good relationships – inevitably falls short. So, there is a subtle feeling of dissatisfaction. However, if you continually improve your relationship, you’re on the road to perfection through still far from the goal. The important thing is to keep improving it.

With the love planet in spiritual Pisces, you will receive guidance in love matters from the spirit- through dreams, intuition and the advice of psychic, tarot readers, astrologers and spiritual channels. You will find that spirit is very interested in your happiness in love and will be actively involved.

The position of Saturn in Pisces suggests a need to surrender the love love life –or a given relationship – to the Divine and let it handle things. If this is done sincerely, you will see many problems straighten out. Try saying: ‘I surrender the burden of this relationship , and I go free in perfect love and romance.’ Repeat this regularly until you feel a change in the energy.

Neptune has been in your 9th house for many years and will be there for many more to come. He is the most mystical of the planets. Thus, you’ve been exploring the mystical –supenatural –side of your native religion. Every religion has this mystical side to it. When you begin to understand this you will find that you need not depart your native religion. It has everything you need. It only needed to be understood better.

Mercury is your spiritual planet. He is, as our regular readers know, the fastest moving of all the planets. His movements also tend to erratic. Sometimes he speeds through the heavens, sometimes he moves slowly. Three times a year he goes backwards. So, this reflects in your spiritual life. Sometimes progress is rapid, sometimes it is slow, sometimes you feel you’re going backwards. Thus, there are many short-term trends in your spiritual life that depend on Mercury’s position, his speed and the aspects he receives, which are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

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