October 13, 2022
October 17, 2022


The cosmic chess board gets rearranged this year. Many of you are already feeling the coming changes. Three major planets – long-term planets will change signs this year, which is highly unusual. This signifies many changes in the world at large and for your personally, Gemini.

Pluto’s flirtation with the sign of Aquarius this year –its first change in the over twenty years –is basically happy for you. It will bring improvements in health and energy and, slowly but surely, as the years go by, completely transform your religious and theological beliefs. Your world view is about to be transformed. Thus, you will live your life in a different way.

Saturn moves into your 10th house of career on March 8. This puts stress on your health and energy but, more importantly, impacts the career. Now success must be earned. You’ve just had two years of career expansion. You’ve been elevated professionally. Now you must earn your success. More on this later.

Jupiter, your love planet, will be in your 11th house of friendship until May 17. So the year ahead is both social and romantic. The lines between friendship and romance get blurred. One merges into the other. Your insights into astrology, astronomy, science and technology will grow. New friends are coming into the picture. More details later.

On May 17 Jupiter will enter your spiritual 12th house, putting the focus for the year ahead on the spiritual. This is a year for making spiritual progress, Gemini –details below.

Your most important interests this year are occult studies, personal reinvention and sex (from January 1 to March 24 and from June 12 onwards); religion, theology, higher education and foreign travel (from March 24 to June 12); career; friends, groups and group activities (from January 1 to May 17) and spirituality (from May 17 onwards).
Your paths of greatest fulfillment will be friendships, groups activities, involvement with organizations and online activities (from January 1 to May 17 and from July 18 onwards); and spirituality.

Health :
Health should be reasonable this year, albeit with a few caveats. Saturn’s move on March 8 from Aquarius to Pisces will be stressful to you, and this stress will go on for the next two and a half years. So, your normal energy is not there. It is less than usual. This is not anything serious, as the other long-term planets are either making nice aspects or are leaving you alone. But don’t be alarmed if you can’t jog or cycle your usual amount. Nor should this be forced.

The other change we see is Pluto’s move from Capricorn into Aquarius from March 24 to June 12. This is the beginning of a major shift for Pluto. He will hover between Capricorn and Aquarius next year too and will finally enter Aquarius for the long term in 2025.

There he will stay for at least twenty years. Since Pluto is your health planet, this major move has great ramifications for your health and the therapies that work for you. You’re beginning now to change your health regime.

Pluto’s move into Aquarius will make you more experimental in health matters. For the past twenty –odd years you have been very conservative about your health. You went ‘by the book’ and tended to conventional medicine. But now you’re becoming attracted to new therapies, and you’re more open to alternative medicine. Even if you stay with conventional medicine, you’re intrigued by the new cutting-edge technologies within it. More importantly, you’re on the verge of doing what everyone should be doing: learning how you, personally, function. The rule books get thrown out and you learn by trial, error and experiment.

Home and family :
Your 4th house of home and family is not prominent this year- it is not a house of power. Your 10th house of career is much more powerful. So, this would tend to the status quo. Home and domestic life will more or less continue as it has been. Your seem basically content with the status quo, Gemini, and have no need to make major changes.

Home and family –and your emotional wellness –is always important to you. The ruler of your Horoscope, Mercury is also your family planet, so it is an area close to your heart. But this year it is less important than usual. You will probably spend more time on the career than on the home.

A parent or parent figure seems less strict, softer, more spiritual this year. He or she could be having surgery or near death kinds of experiences. However, he or she seems supportive of your career- perhaps even actively involved.

There are many short-term trends with the family. Mercury is a fast-moving planet, as our regular readers know, and will move through all the signs and houses of your chart in the coming year. So much depends on where Mercury is at any given time and the kinds of aspects he receives. This is best covered in the monthly reports.

Mars will be in your 4th house from July 11 to August 28. This can bring high passions in the family circle –perhaps conflicts. Do your best to minimize these things. However, this is a good period for undertaking renovations or major repairs in the home. October 9 to November 8 will be a good time for redecorating, beautifying the home or buying objects of beauty for the home.

Siblings and sibling figures in your life will have their marriages testes in the coming years. However, love looks very happy this year –especially after May 17. They are probably contemplating a move, but it is more likely to happen in the coming years than now.

Parents or parent figures might move after May 17, but it could happen next year too. Children and children figures are also contemplating a move, but this seems a complicated process and with many delays. If they are married the marriage is being tested. If they are single and of an appropriate age, marriage is not advisable this year. Their social life could be happier. Grandchildren, or those who play that role in your life, have been moving around a lot of late. Another move could happen after May 17. This seems happy.

Finance and Career :
Though this is a strong career year, Gemini, finance seems less important. Your money house is not prominent and not a house of power. This can be seen as a good thing. You’re basically satisfied with the status quo and have no need to make dramatic changes or give undue focus here. However, if problems arise, this lack of focus could be a root cause. You’ll have to start paying more attention.

There will be times when finances are stronger or weaker than at other times. This comes from the transits of the short-term planets. When they are kind, earnings increase and come with greater ease. When they are unkind, there is more challenge involved. In addition, your financial planet is the Moon, the fastest moving of all the planets. She traverses your whole Horoscope in any given month, unlike the other fast-moving planets that take a year to move through your chart. So, there are many short-term financial trends that depend on where the Moon is and the kinds of aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

In general, we can say that the times of New Moon and full Moon are always strong financial days. The period from the New Moon to the Full Moon, as the Moon waxes, will tend to be better financially than when she wanes and grows smaller, from the Full Moon to the New Moon. You have more enthusiasm and energy for finance when the Moon is waxing.

When the Moon is growing it is good to spend on things that will increase your income. They are good periods for buying a house or making an investment. When the Moon is waning it is better to pay down debt or sell things –you’re getting rid of things. The sale of a house or taking profits from an investment are better done under a waning Moon.

June 21 to July 23 will be an excellent financial period. There will be strong focus here and this is 90 percent of success. You will be in a yearly financial peak then.

The real headline this year is the career. Saturn will move into your 10th house of career on March 8 and stays there for the next two and a half years, joining Neptune in this house. Neptune has been in your career house for many years now. Saturn and Neptune are opposite kinds of forces. Saturn is down to earth and practical.

Neptune is otherworldly. Saturn likes order, right form, good management. Neptune likes the free-flowing intuitive approach. So, in career matters you’re of two minds now. There is the idealistic, Neptune side of you and the down-to-earth, worldly, Saturn side of you. And somehow you must reconcile them. This is the main career challenge for the next couple of years. Do you opt for total idealism and ignore the world, or do you take a more worldly perspective ?Probably you’ll do a little bit of both. Your idealistic ventures –whether they are charities, non-profit organizations or spiritual ventures- will need more order and organization. Your worldly activities will need to be spiced with some idealism.

Perhaps you will be involved in charities or altruistic ventures on the side as you pursue your worldly career.

Saturn in the 10th house signals a need to earn success through sheer merit. In the past year you caught many lucky career breaks. Now you have to demonstrate your worth. So, much work is involved in your career this year, and if you put in the work there is much success in store –long –lasting success. Often this work is manifested in demanding bosses who push you to your limits. My astrological advice is to give them even more than they ask for.

Love and Social Life :
The love life is very interesting this year. Like last year, your love planet, Jupiter, spends approximately five months in one sign and seven months in another –taurus. This indicates changes in the attitudes and needs in love. They are not fixed or static.

Until May 17 Jupiter is in Aries, your 11th house. The love planet in Aries shows an aggressiveness in love. You show your feelings immediately. You’re a ‘love at first sight’ kind of person and have a tendency to jump into romantic relationships quickly –perhaps too quickly. You have a fearlessness in love. Yes, your quickness to jump into relationships can lead to mistakes. There can be pain. But you get up, dust yourself down and jump back into the fray. Jupiter in the 11th house is very positive for love. It shows that fondest romantic hopes and wishes come to pass. The 11th house is a beneficient house. Love, overall, seems happy this period.

On May 17 Jupiter moves into your 12th house- the sign of Taurus and the love needs change. Now, you become more conservative in love. You’re slower to enter into relationships. The spiritual component becomes important. You need a parent with whom there is spiritual compatibility. You don’t need to agree on every point but to at least support each other’s spiritual practice and path. You find yourself attracted to spiritual types of people- yogis, spiritual channels, psychics, tarot readers, musicians, dancers, poets. Where previously love opportunities came from the online world, through friends or through involvement with groups, now they come at more spiritual type venues –the yoga studio, the spiritual lecture or seminar, the prayer meeting, poetry reading or charity event.

Jupiter will be travelling near Uranus this year. The aspect won’t be exact but you’ll feel the influence. This adds much excitement to the love life. Romance can happen at any time or in any place. You never know when it will strike. But love becomes more unstable as well. It is the durability of these relationships that is in question.

Instability is the price we pay for excitement. Marriage would not be advisable this year. (But next year it can certainly happen.) Enjoy love for what it is, but hold off on marriage.

Self- improvement :
Spirituality has been important to you for many years. Uranus has been in your 12th spiritual house for a long time. Thus, you’ve been experimental in this area. You’ve been like the ancient holy wanderer searching the world for wisdom, now visiting one holy man, now another. The eternal seeker. You’ve been going from one teaching to another. From one book to another, from one teacher to another. Perhaps you haven’t literally wandered the world, but mentally you have done so. This is an important stage in the spiritual process, but it doesn’t last for ever. This year you’re likely to settle into a teaching and practice that suits you.

There are two interesting developments in your spiritual life this year, and both reinforce each other. Uranus is ruler of your 9th house of religion. Jupiter, the generic ruler of religion, moves into your 12th house on May 17 and stays there for the rest of the year.

The transit of these planets points to a need to go deeper –to explore the mystical side of your native religion. It’s not about exploring alien traditions, though you’ve probably been doing this. It’s about penetrating the essence of your own religion. You’ve rejected it because you haven’t delved deep enough. Underneath all the rules and regulations- the outer forms- lies a kernel of truth. This is what you must find.

There is more here. Jupiter is your love planet. His position in the 12th house shows that the path of love brings you closer to the Divine. You feel most ‘connected’ when you’re in love. You will experience this in the year ahead. But there’s still more here. You’ll discover that the Divine is very interested in your love life. Guidance on love –wheather you’re single or married –will come. It can be in dreams, vision or through psychics, mediums, astrologers or spiritual channels. There is a destiny here and the Divine wants to further it.

You have the kind of aspects where one surrenders the love life to the Divine. One ‘casts the burden’ of it and allows the Divine to handle things. This will straighten out love problems pretty quickly –provided that your surrender is sincere and from the heart, not just from the lips.

And, there’s still more. In many cases the Divine is leading you to the Ultimate Love. Love between humans is always hedged with limitations. Some humans can love more than others. But even so, it can’t be perfect. Only one power can love you perfectly –the Divine. When this is contacted, all the needs in love will be satisfied- whether you’re in a relationship or not. That becomes irrelevant. You always feel as if you’re on your honeymoon.

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