सर्बकार्य सिद्धि हेतु :
सर्बकार्य सिद्धि हेतु :
October 21, 2022
Virgo Horoscope for 2023 :
Virgo Horoscope for 2023 :
October 22, 2022
Leo Horoscope for 2023 :

Leo Horoscope for 2023 :

Basically a happy and successful year ahead, Leo. Enjoy.
Important, long-term planets are changing signs this year. This signals new long-term trends in your life. Pluto is beginning a two year process of moving from Capricorn into Aquarius. This year and next year you will see the start of this, but in 2025 he will move into Aquarius for the long term. Now, he hovers between your 6th and 7th houses –impacting on both the love life and health needs. More on this later.

Saturn’s major move from Aquarius to Pisces on March 8 improves the overall health and energy. More importantly, the love life is improved. Again, there’s more on this later.

With Saturn in your 8th house of regeneration for the next two and a half years, Leo, you will have to be more careful in sexual matters. There is a need to focus more on quality rather than quantity. Less but better quality sex is preferred over more sex of lesser quality. You need to be more choosy, more discerning. Saturn is your health planet, so this discernment is important in health matters. More details later.

Jupiter will be in your 9th house until May 17. This shows more fun in life. There will be more foreign travel. It is a wonderful transit for college level students and for those applying to colleges. There is good fortune here. It is also a period that brings religious and theological insights and breakthroughs, changing the way that you live your life very important.

On May 17 Jupiter will cross your Mid-heaven and enter your 10th house of career. You enter a major period of career success, which goes on until the end of the year. There is good fortune here. This transit will also be great for love. More on this later.

Venus spends over four months in your own sign this year, which is highly unusual- her usual transit is a month. So, she is hanging out with you and this increases your physical beauty and appearance. You become more gracious and charming. It also shows happy career opportunities coming to you.

Solar eclipses are always unusually strong on you since the Sun rules your Horoscope. This year we have two –the usual number. These will bring redefinitions of the image and personality. It would be a good thing to reduce your schedule over those periods. These solar eclipses happen on April 20 and October 14, and we will discuss them more fully in the monthly reports.

Your most important interests this year are health and work (up until March 24 and from June 12 to the end of the year); love and romance (until March 8 and from Mar 24 to Jun 12); sex, occult studies, personal reinvention and transformation, religion, theology, foreign travel and higher education (until May 17) and career.

Your paths of greatest fulfillment are religion, theology, foreign travel and higher education (from January 1 to May 17) and career.

Health :
As we mentioned above, health and energy are much improved this year. Saturn, your health planet, will move away from his stressful aspect to you on March 8. Pluto will put some slight stress on you from March 24 to June 12 –but this will only impact those of you born early in Leo (July 22- 24). Most of you won’t feel it this year.
The big news is that your health planet Saturn changes signs. This will change your health needs and attitudes. Your health regime will change. Good thought your health is, you can make it better. Give more attention ..

Your health planet’s move into Pisces also shows the importance of spiritual therapies. You respond will to them and many of you will explore deeper into the spiritual dimensions of health and healing. You should read all you can on these things. If you feel under the weather, a spiritual healer can be of help.

Saturn’s move into your 8th house shows that you respond well to detox regimes. Good health for you is not just about adding things to the body but about getting rid of things that don’t belong there.

Sometimes with this kind of transit, surgery is recommended as a solution to a health problem. You do have a tendency to this, but detox regimes should be tried first. Often a detox has the same result though it takes longer.

Your health planet’s move into a Water sign on March 8 indicates a strong connection to the healing powers of the Water element. It would be a good idea to spend more time near water –near oceans, rivers, lakes etc. Swimming, sailing and water sports are good healthwise. Good to soak in the tub for an hour or so if you feel under the weather.

Home and family :
There are changes brewing here as your family planet, Pluto, is in the process of changing signs. This, as we mentioned, will be a two year process. So, some of you are planning moves, although they are not likely to happen this year. Much more likely next year.

For many years, with your family planet in your 6th house, you’ve been making the home more like a health spa and or office. You’ve been installing gym equipment, home offices and perhaps even running a home based business. This process is almost over with. This year Pluto will briefly occupy your 7th house of love, from March 24 to June 12. This signals more socializing at home and with the family and family members. It also tends to show a desire to beautify the home. This beautification will not happen overnight but as a process. The physical appearance of the home will become ever more important. In the coming years the home will be a social centre as much as a home.

The home will also become more ‘high tech’ in coming years. If you’re planning renovations or major repairs to the home, October 12 to November 24 would be good. Beautifying the home, or buying objects of beauty for the home, will go well from March 24 to June 12 and from December 4-29.

A parent or parent figure is likely to move this year, and it looks happy. The other parent or parent figure also seems ready to move but this can happen next year. Siblings and sibling figures in your life are probably planning changes in the home, but a move is not likely this year. Children and children figures probably moved last year. The year tends to the status quo for them, although they are having a fun kind of year. If the children are female, they are very fertile. Grandchildren, or those who play that role in your life, seem happy and successful. They prosper this year. A move is not likely, although there is nothing against it.

Finance and Career :
The year ahead is very strong career and love year, Leo, but finances seem quiet. Your money house is basically empty this year. Only short-term planets will move through there –and their effects are also short term.

‘Quiet’ can be read as a good thing. You’re more or less satisfied with earnings as they are and have no need to make dramatic changes. You don’t need to pay too much attention here. However, if financial problems do occur, this could be the root cause- a lack of attention. If a problem does happen you may have to force yourself to pay more attention.

Mercury is your financial planet. He is the fastest moving of the planets and in any given year he will move through all the signs and houses of your horoscope. Thus, there are many short-term trends in finance that depend on where Mercury is and the kinds of aspects that he receives. These trends are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Keep in mind, too, that Mercury’s movements tend to be erratic. Sometimes he moves very fast. Sometimes he moves slowly. Sometimes he stands still and sometimes he moves backwards. All these movements impact on your finances. Mercury will have his solstice twice this year. Once from March 20-21 and again from October 7-8. These indicate pauses in your financial affairs and a change of direction.

Generally, Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. This year it happens four times – from January 1-17; April 21 to May 14; August 23 to Sept 14 and Dec 13 -31. These are times to avoid major purchases or important investments. Instead, they are times to gain mental clarity on your finances.

The real headline this year is the career. Career has been prominent for many years now as Uranus has been in your 10th house. Thus, you’re experimental in career matters. You like change and excitement. You favour the freelance lifestyle over the corporate one. You need a lot of freedom and variety in the career. This year, on May 17 benevolent Jupiter moves into your 10th house and stays there for the remainder of the year. This is a classic indicator of success –of promotion and elevation. Very happy and prestigious career opportunities open up to you. This transit favours the entertainment and music industries – Leo’s natural love. You can be more involved in these industries or people from these industries can be important in your career. Children and children figures seem very successful too and they are helping the career. Next year will also be very successful.

Jupiter is your planet of fun and creativity. Thus, you seem to be enjoying your career path now. Your personal creativity is important in your success. Leos are very creative types of people, and this year your creativity gets more respect.

Usually, career success translates to financial success. But this year it will not happen right away. This is a year where you will choose prestige over money. If you have the prestige and elevation, the money will come eventually.

Love and Social Life :
The love life is definitely improving this year. Saturn is leaving your 7th house on March 8. This has been the sore spot for two years now. Not only was he in your 7th house but he was making stressful aspects to your love planet, Uranus. Now, after March 8, he will be making good aspects to your love planet.

Jupiter’s move into Taurus on May 17 is also excellent for love. He begins to travel with your love planet. The aspect isn’t exact this year , but you’re feeling the influence. The social circle is expanding. New friends are coming into the picture and they seem like powerful and prestigious kinds of people. You have been attracted to these sorts of people for many years now- and now there are more of them.

With your love planet sitting in your career house for many years, a good deal of your socializing has been career related or with people involved in your career. This tendency is even stronger this year. You have been attracted to people or power – people above you in status –for some years now, and this year the tendency is even stronger. There are romantic opportunities with these kinds of people. The problem here is that you could be tempted to a relationship of convenience rather than true love.

Jupiter travelling with the love planet often indicates a marriage. However, this is more likely to happen next year. This year it is more probably a love affair.

Pluto’s brief move into your 7th house of love from March 24 to June 12 is really more a flirtation –an announcement of things to come in the future. In the years to come you will be giving birth to your ideal love and social life. Your ideal relationship. This will be a long-term process that will go on for more than twenty years.

His flirtation does signal more socialzing at home and with the family members, however. Family and family connections can be important in love. Sometimes an old flame comes back into the picture. There is a re-kinding of the passion.

Self- improvement :
Spiritual Neptune has been in your 8th house of regeneration for many years now. Thus, as we have noted in previous years, the sex life is being raised in vibration. It is becoming spiritualized. It is being raised from pure animal lust into an act of worship. This trend continues in the year ahead. It is doubtful that sex just for the sake of sex is satisfying to you these days. There has to be more to it. As in past years there is a need to study the spiritual teaching on sex- karezza, kundalini, tantra and hermetic science. Done correctly the sexual act can bring healing, the manifestation of desires and even illumination. There’s a lot more to it than the ‘how to’ books say.

Saturn’s move into the 8th house on March 8 will reinforce this. Saturn will have the effect of limiting sexual activity –of making you focus more on quality rather than quantity. Also, since Saturn is your health planet, you will explore more deeply the use of sex for healing.

The Moon is your spiritual planet. Where the other fast-moving planets take a year to move through your chart, the Moon does so every month. So, there are many short-term spiritual trends that depend on where the Moon is and the kinds of aspects she receives at any given time. In general, the New and Full Moons- regardless of where they occur –will be strong spiritual days for you. These are great days for meditation and spiritual practice. Your ESP abilities are always stronger on the New or Full Moon. The dream life will tend to be more active and revelatory as well. So be alert for spiritual insights on those days.

The Moon will be eclipsed twice this year. Once on May 5 and again on October 28. The eclipses will bring spiritual changes- changes in practice, teachings and attitudes. Often these changes are quite normal, the result of spiritual growth. A practice that was good at one time needs changing when new revelation comes. The dream life and intuition that happen over these periods are not to be taken too seriously, though. Most of it will be psychic debris stirred up by the eclipses.

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