Leo Horoscope for 2023 :
Leo Horoscope for 2023 :
October 22, 2022
औघड साधना और सिद्धि :
औघड साधना और सिद्धि :
October 30, 2022
Virgo Horoscope for 2023 :

Virgo Horoscope for 2023 :

Last year was a fabulous love year, Virgo. Many of you married or got involved in serious relationships –relationships that were like a marriage. Many of you met your ideal love. Where 2022 signalled an expansion of the social life – you socialized more, met all kinds of new people, expanded your social horizons -2023 is more about pulling in your horns, socially. The focus is about socializing less, but more effectively. It’s about selecting the best quality and weeding out the mediocre. Less socializing, but of higher quality, is better than a lot of poor quality socializing. You’re becoming more choosy, more discerning about these things. More on this later.

Pluto has been in your 5th house for over twenty years now. This year (and next year) he is starting to change signs. This is a major celestial event. Briefly this year he will move into your 6th house, from March 24 to June 12. This indicates the beginnings of major changes in your health regime and perhaps at the job too.

Saturn has been in your 6th house for the past two and half years, but on March 8 he leaves and enters your 7th house. This also signals changes in the health regime.

Jupiter will be in your 8th house until May 17. This indicates an erotic kind of year. In many cases it signals an inheritance or profiting from an estate. The spouse, partner or current love has a super financial year.

On May 17 Jupiter will enter your 9th house and stay there for the rest of the year. This is a happy transit. Jupiter is very comfortable in the 9th house. This indicates good fortune for college –level students –or those applying to college. There will be foreign travel –happy travel this year. There will be religious and theological insights as well.

Your major interests this year will be fun, creativity and children, health and work; love and romance; sex, occult studies, death, personal transformation and reinvention; religion, theology, higher education and foreign travel and spirituality.

Your paths of greatest fulfillment will be sex, death, occult studies, personal transformation and reinvention (from January 1 to May 17 and from July 18 onwards); and religion, theology, foreign travel and higher education.

Health :
Health needs more attention this year, especially when Saturn starts to make an inharmonious aspect to you from March 8 onwards. The good news is that Virgo is always focused on health, and you should be on top of things. You will have it under control.

Pluto’s flirtation with your 6th house of health from March 24 to June 12 indicates a tendency to surgery. But it also shows that you respond well to detox regimes. Unless the situations is life threatening, there’s no rush to have surgery: try detox first.

There are many things you can do to enhance the health and prevent problems from developing. And even if you can’t totally prevent them, you can soften their impact. They need not be devastating.

Saturn in stressful aspect is not enough by himself to cause serious health problems, and the other long-term planets are either in harmonious aspect or leaving you alone. However, don’t be alarmed if you can’t jog or run your usual distance. Or if you can’t perform your normal amounts of exercise. There’s nothing wrong. It is only that energy is not up to its usual standard.

Jupiter’s move into Taurus on May 17 will improve the health. He will make harmonious aspects to you. Also, since he travels near to Uranus, your health planet, over that period, you will get best-case scenarios to any health problems that arise.

Home and Family :
Your 4th house of home and family is not a house of power this year. Not prominent. Normally this tends to the status quo. This year, I’m not so sure about this. Jupiter, your family planet, will change signs on May 17, moving from Aries, your 8th house, into Taurus, your 9th. So, changes are brewing here.

Your family planet in the 8th house of regeneration until may 17 suggests that family members, perhaps a parent or parent figure, are undergoing surgery or having near death kinds of experiences. It would also suggests that major renovations are going on to enlarge the home. It doesn’t show a move per se, but more like an extension of the home. Jupiter’s move into your 9th house also suggests an enlargement of the home and an expansion of the family circle.

Your family planet in aries indicates that you’re buying exercise equipment for the home. The home is as much a gym as a home. Jupiter in your 9th house in the second half of the year suggests that you might be interested in living in foreign countries. Perhaps you acquire a home abroad. Perhaps you have access to a home abroad. Perhaps you stay in a foreign country for a long time.

Family members in general seem interested in religion, theology and higher education. And this interest further intensifies after May 17. Often with this position we see the home being used as a place of worship. Perhaps prayer meetings or religious talks are happening in the home.

Renovations of the home can happen any time this year. But if you have the choice, January 1 to May 17 and November 24 to the end of the year are good times. If you’re merely redecorating –repainting or rearranging the furniture, or buying objects of beauty for the home May 17 to the end of the year is good.

A parent or parent figure might be thinking of moving. Perhaps there is a need for a change –perhaps he or she feels cramped in the home –but this is not a year for that. He or she is better off making better use of the existing space. Siblings and sibling figures have perhaps had multiple moves in recent years. More could happen this year, and they seem happy. Children and children figures in your life are likely to move. If they are women of childbearing age, they are more fertile than usual. Grandchildren, if you have them, or those who play that role in your life, are having an exciting and happy year. They can be living in different places for long periods of time, but a formal move isn’t likely.

Finance and Career :
Your money house is not prominent this year. Of course, there will be periods- but short ones –where finance is more important and better than at other times. But these come from the transits of the short-term planets. They are temporary and not trends for the year.

This, as our regular readers know, tends to the status quo. Finances will pretty much be as they were last year. You seem satisfied with earnings as they are and have no need to make major changes or pay undue attention here. A solar eclipse on October 14 occurs in your money house, which will shake things up temporarily and force some important changes.

Venus, your financial planet, will spend over four months in your 12th house this year. She will also make one of her rare retrogrades, from July 23 to Sep 3. This indicates a need to avoid major financial decisions –major purchases or investments –during that period.

Earnings will come but with more delays and glitches. This is a period for gaining financial clarity rather than for making overt moves.

Your financial planet’s long stay in Leo, from June 5 to Oct 9, favours investments in entertainment, music, electric utilizes, power companies and gold. You will tend to spend more on the children or children figures in your life. It favours investments in companies that cater to the youth market. It also makes you much more speculative than usual. Money will tend to come easily and be spent freely. Though you’re more speculative, avoid this when Venus is retrograde. Venus in your 12th house of spirituality signals good financial intuition. It also shows greater generosity and charitableness. Most importantly, it shows explorations into the spiritual laws of wealth.

Venus is a very fast moving planet, as our regular readers know. She moves through your entire chart in the course of a year, and so there are many short-term trends in finance depending on where Venus is and the kinds of aspects she receives. These trends will be covered in the monthly reports.

As with finance, career is not prominent this year. Your 10th house is basically empty. Only short-term planets will move through there,with short-term effects. However, because Jupiter will move into your 10th house next year, I feel that this year is a kind of preparation period. You’re getting prepared, mentally and emotionally for the major career success that will happen next year.

An empty 10th house shows a stable career year. You seem satisfied with things as they are have no need to make major changes.

Mercury is your career planet. Like Venus, he is fast moving. And, in any given year, he will move through your entire Horoscope. So, there are many short-term career trends that depend on where Mercury is and the kinds of aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

The lack of focus on money and career should not alarm you. The Horoscope aims at a balanced development. It urges focus on different areas in different years.

Love and Social Life :
Your 7th house of love has been prominent for many, many years. It was especially prominent last year. And it is prominent again this year as well, but in a different way. Last year was a banner love and social year. As we mentioned, serious romance happened.

Marriages or relationships that were ‘like’ marriage happened. It was social bliss. Your love ideals were pretty much realized. Now, with Saturn moving into your house of love on March 8, your relationship and friendships get tested.

When things are going well, we don’t know if love is real. We only find out during the tough times. The testing reveals this to us, and this is what is going on this year. Your relationship is getting ‘road tested’ much in the way that a car manufacturer road tests a vehicle.

The manufacturer will put the car through grueling tests to see how well it stands up and to learn where improvements can be made. So it is in love. If the relationship endures through Saturn’s ‘road tests’ you’ll know you have something good.

You will see the same sort of thing in friendships as well. You made many new friends last year. Your social circle expanded tremendously. Now these friendships get tested so that you can see who’s who and what’s what.

As we mentioned earlier, social activity will be less this year, but of higher quality. This is as it should be.

If there are any Virgo who are still single or unattached, this is not a year for marriage. Sure, you will date and meet people –there are two love interests this year –but marriage isn’t in the cards. There’s no need to rush into things. Enjoy love for what it is.

Romantic opportunities occur in spiritual settings –as has been the case for many years. Parties given by spiritual or charitable organizations can lead to romance. You’re attracted to spiritual type people in general, and spiritual compatibility is very important.

Self –improvement :
Neptune, as we mentioned, has been in your 7th house of love for many years. So, the love and social life is being elevated and refined. It is being spiritualized. This process will go on for some more years to come but will result –in some cases –in the discovery of the Love Divine; the only perfect love there is. Not everyone will attain this, but all of you will make progress towards it. This is the spiritual agenda for you.

Your intuition is being trained, as has been the case for many years now, in love and social matters. The love life is your spiritual training ground. Having the right friends is part and parcel of your spiritual development and practice. Good spiritual friends will enable your progress and assist in your growth.

Saturn, as we’ve seen, will be testing your relationship and friendships. There will be challenges and difficulties. One of the best ways –especially given your Horoscope- to deal with these challenges is to surrender the love life, the relationship, to the Divine and let that handle things. If you do this sincerely, you’ll see amazing results. The knottiest problems straighten right out. But sincerity is essential. If nothing happens right away, keep at it.

The Sun is your spiritual planet and he moves through every sign and house in your chart in any given year. Thus, there are many short-term trends in your spiritual life that depend on where the Sun is and the kinds of aspects he receives. There are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Two solar eclipses this year –on Apr 20 and on Oct 14 –will bring changes to the spiritual life and practice. Sometimes one changes teachers or teachings. Often these changes are very normal. A practice that was good for a time, has served its purpose, brought you to the desired realization. Now a new practice is called for sotimes though, it is not that harmonious, especially if there have been errors in attitude or practice. So, things need to be shaken up.

The Sun as the spiritual planet favours the solar religions – Christianity, Surya and Krishna yoga and the paths of creativity. By being creative one learns the laws of the Great Creator, for the same laws apply in creating a song, painting or dance as are involved in the creation of a cosmos.

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