यक्षिणी और किन्नरी मंत्र
यक्षिणी और किन्नरी मंत्र
October 30, 2022
Scorpio Horoscope for 2023 :
Scorpio Horoscope for 2023 :
October 31, 2022
Libra Horoscope for 2023 :

Libra Horoscope for 2023 :

Health is steadily improving this year, Libra. Pluto, who has been in stressful aspect with you for more than twenty years, is starting to move into a harmonious alignment. However, this is a two year process. This year and next he will hover between Capricorn and Aquarius between a harmonious and inharmonious aspect. Jupiter will move away from his stressful aspect on May 17,and by the end of the year only one long-term planet will be in stressful aspect. More on this later.

Pluto’s movements –back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn –also signals that important financial changes are beginning to happen. You will be less conservative and more experimental in finance. More details later.

Perhaps the main headline this year is love. Jupiter will be in your 7th house of love until May 17. This shows that major romance is happening –especially for singles. New friends are also coming into the picture. The whole social circle expands. There is much happiness in love and social matters in the year ahead.

Your 6th house of health and work has been strong for many years. It was especially strong last year and remains so for the year ahead. Saturn moves into this house on March 8 and will be there for the next two and a half years, joining long staying Neptune there. So there is a strong focus on health and there are job opportunities coming this year.

Uranus has been in your 8th house of regeneration for many years and will be there for a few more years to come. You’ve been sexually experimental as a result. You’re learning what works for you personally. The spouse, partner or current love has been experimental in finances as well. This year, as Jupiter moves into your 8th house on May 17, he or she will see the positive results of this experimentation. There is a great prosperity for current love this year.

Your major interests this year are home and family(until March 24 and from June 12 onwards) ; children, fun and creativity (from January 1 to March 8 and from March 24 to June 12); health and work; love and romance (until May 17); sex, personal transformation and reinvention, and occult studies (from May 17 onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfillment this year are love and romance (to May 17 and from July 18 onwards); and sex, personal transformation and reinvention and occult studies.

Health :
As we mentioned earlier, health is improving this year (and next year it will be even better). Sure, there will be periods where health and energy are less easy than usual –perhaps even stressful. But these are temporary blips caused by the transits of the short-term planets. They’re not trends for the year. Health-wise, time is your friend. The long-term planets are moving in ever more harmonious relationship with you. Good through your health is, you can make it better.

Planets and Yoga are good –especially the asanas that deal with the spine. If you’re spending time outside, use a good sunscreen. Good dental hygiene is more important than usual. Make sure to get enough calcium for the bones.

With Neptune as your health planet, you always benefit from spiritual healing methods. And now even more so. If you practice such techniques, you’ll see absolute miracles in your health. Spirit controls the body absolutely. If you feel under the weather, see a spiritual healer. You should read all you can on this subject –there is a lot of literature about it.

In your chart, health problems are never what they seem. If the Divine wants your attention, it will allow a health problem to develop. When it gets your attention the health problem will dissolve of its own accord: it had no other reason for being there.
It is very important to pray and stay in a state of grace. This is good for its own sake but with you it’s a health issue.

Home and Family :
Pluto has been in your 4th house for many years –more than twenty, in fact. So, home and family life have been undergoing a long-term, cosmic detox. This hasn’t been pleasant. Detoxing seldom is. Over the years there have been deaths in the family- perhaps of parents or parent figures. Some parents or parent figures might not have physically died but had near death kinds of experiences –perhaps multiple surgeries as well.

Pluto, your financial planet, in the 4th house for so many years shows that your home has been a place of business as much as a home. You’ve installed a home office or other office equipment, and the trend continues this year. Family support for finances seems good. You spend on the home and family, and they return the favour.

Your family planet, Saturn, makes a major move into your 6th house of health on March 8. This indicates that you’re probably installing health equipment in the home and doing things to make the home a healthier place. The home will be as much a spa or gym as a home.

There’s nothing in your chart that is against a move this year, but if you do move it would be to some place near water or near a golf course or health spa or medical clinic.

If you’re planning major renovations to the home, January 1 to March 24 and June 12 to the end of the year would be auspicious periods. If you’re thinking of merely redecorating in a cosmetic kind of way, or buying art objects for the home, January 27-30, May 7-10 and December 4-7 would be good times.

A parent or parent figure seems more spiritual this year- softer, kinder, more gentle. He or she could move. If this figure is of child-bearing age, there is greater fertility this year. Children children figures in your life are prospering but a move is not seen. They too –if they are of the appropriate age are more fertile than usual. Grandchildren, or those who play that role in your life, have the urge for domestic change, but it’s not likely this year.

Finance and Career :
Though your money house is not prominent this year there are important long-term financial changes happening. These changes will not be abrupt but more like a process that will go on for many years. The beginnings of this process happen this year, from March 24 to June 12. Pluto, your financial planet, begins his two year transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, from your 4th house to your 5th .

For many years now, you’ve been conservative in money matters. You avoided unnecessary risk. If you took risks, they were well calculated and well hedged. Your financial judgement was sound for the most part. You had a long-term view of wealth. Wealth is attained step by step in methodical ways. For the most part you avoided chasing the “quick buck”. You spent on the home and family, and family support in financial matters was good. You earned money from home, and family and family connections were paramount in earnings. But now Pluto is starting to shift. His move into your 5th house indicates a change in your financial thinking and attitudes. You become more of a risk taker. You speculate more. You won’t be hoarding cash but enjoying the wealth that you have. You will spend on joyful things. You will learn how to enjoy the act of making money. You will earn in fun ways. Those of you who invest will gravitate to companies that cater to the youth market –music, entertainment, video games, toymakers and the like.

You will spend more on your children and the children figures in your life. In many cases the children will actually supply material support. In other cases the children will motivate you to earn more. And, in some cases, they have profitable ideas to share.

Pluto moving into Aquarius favours the high-tech and online world –computers, software, websites, online commerce etc.

This year you waver between the sober, Capricorn approach and the more freewheeling Aquarius attitude.

Your 10th career house is not prominent this year. It is basically empty with only short-term planets moving through there, producing short-term effects. This tends to the status quo. You’re more or less satisfied with things as they are and have no need to make major changes.

Your career planet, the Moon is the fastest moving of all the planets. Where the other fast-moving planets take a year to move through your chart, the Moon does this every month. During the year she will move through your chart at least twelve times, so there are many short-term career trends that depend on where the Moon is and the kinds of aspects she receives at any given time. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports. Generally speaking, the New and Full Moons tend to be important career days. The waxing Moon periods are better career-wise than the waning periods, when the Moon is getting smaller. You will have more energy and enthusiasm to achieve career goals during the waxing Moon periods than during the waning Moon periods.

A lunar eclipse on May 5 will bring both financial and career changes –perhaps upheavals.

Love and Social Life :
You’re in a very strong love and social year – a happy one. So, it is understandable that career and finance are less important this year. Your focus is on your first love –the social life- and being involved in romance. These are much more interesting to Libra than mundane matters such as money and career.

Jupiter is moving through your 7th house of love this year, which is a classic indicator of romance and social expansion in general. It denotes happiness and good fortune in these areas. So, singles are likely to meet that special someone this year. Marriages, or relationships that are like marriage are likely. All of you, single or attached, will be socializing more, meeting new people, making new friends and significant ones at that. You will be attending more weddings and other kinds of social gatherings.

With Jupiter in your 7th house you would find foreigners, professors and religious people alluring. You have the aspects of someone who falls in love with their professor, minister, priest or rabbi.

Romantic meetings can happen in foreign lands or at religious or educational settings. You appreciate learned and highly educated people. You like people you can learn from.

With Mars as your love planet, you’re naturally a ‘love at first sight’ kind of person, and this year more than ever. You know your feelings instantly. There is instant recognition. Perhaps you are too quick about this and will learn more caution from a few hard knocks. But when your intuition is correct, these ‘instant recognitions’ work out well.

Your love planet Mars is a relatively fast- moving planet, moving through seven signs this year. He is an ‘in between’ kind of planet. He moves faster than the long-term planets but slower than the really fast –moving ones like the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Thus, there are many short-term trends in love that depend on where Mars is and the kinds of aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Self –improvement :
In this year, it seems a natural process that happens automatically –but of course the results are better if one understands the process and cooperates with it. This transformation has been going on in your emotional life –your habits of mood, feeling and emotional responses –for over twenty years. Your emotional patterns have been completely transformed. You’re emotionally healthier now than ever before. With Pluto now transitioning into Aquarius you are now going to see this alchemical process in your creative life, in your notions of pleasure and fun and in your dealing with children and children figures in your life. You’re at the very beginning of this process and it will get stronger and stronger as the years go by.

Jupiter will move into your 8th house of regeneration on May 17 and spend the rest of the year there. This also furthers the cosmic alchemy going on. This is a period for purging –for going into the subconscious mind and clearing out the undesirable emotional and mental patterns there. It is also good for weight loss and physical detox regimes. But this period is really about giving birth to the person you want to be –to your ideal self. This ideal self is already there, but it is hidden behind masses of fear, worry, beliefs and perhaps the after- effects of traumatic experiences.

Your spiritual planet, Mercury is a fast moving planet, which means that the many short-term spiritual trends that depend on where Mercury is and the kinds of aspects he receives are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

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