Libra Horoscope for 2023 :
Libra Horoscope for 2023 :
October 31, 2022
भूत –प्रेत बाधा या औपारा निबारण :
भूत –प्रेत बाधा या औपारा निबारण :
November 1, 2022
Scorpio Horoscope for 2023 :

Scorpio Horoscope for 2023 :

A lot of change is happening this year and much of it will be long-term change. Pluto, the ruler of your Horoscope and thus a very important planet in your chart, is beginning a two year transition from Capricorn to Aquarius. You’re feeling only the beginnings of it this year. But in the coming years (especially 2025) you will feel the effects much more strongly. For over twenty years Pluto has been revolutionizing the way you think, your mental patterns. This work is almost finished. When Pluto moves into Aquarius, your 4th house, a transformation of the home, family and emotional life will start to happen.

Saturn makes a major move into your 5th house on March 8. This will impact on your children and the children figures in your life. There will be a need to displine them properly –to set them proper limits. This is not about cruelty but is really for their benefit. You can harm them more by being too lax than by being too strict. Women of childbearing age could find pregnancy more difficult too.
Jupiter will be in your 6th house of health and work until May17.

This indicates wonderful job opportunities opening up for you –and well-paying ones. Since Jupiter is your financial planet, it signals a new approach to earnings. You spend on your health and you can earn from it as well. More on this later.

Perhaps the major headline this year is Jupiter’s move into your 7th house of love and romance on May 17. This is a tricky kind of transit. Uranus has been in your 7th house for many years now, and his presence has destabilized your marriage or relationship. There have probably been many divorces or break-ups for Scorpios in the past few years. Now Jupiter is moving into this house and this puts you in the marrying mood again. But this might not be advisable. Love is still very unstable. The good news is that the opportunity for marriage is there.

Your major interests this year will be intellectual interests and communication (until March 24 and from June 12 to the end of the year); home and family (until March 8 and from March 24 to June 12); children, fun and creativity; health and work (until May 17); and love, romance and social activities.

Your paths of greatest fulfillment will be health and work (from January 1 to May 17 and from July 18 onwards); and love, romance and social activities.

Health :
Health is reasonable this year. I won’t say perfect –at times you’ll have three long-term planets in stressful alignment with you , but other long-term planets are making harmonious aspects to you. Also, the stress on health will be felt more by those born early in the sign of Scorpio – from October 23-25.

The good news is that you can do much to enhance your health and energy. Give more attention to the vulnerable areas of your chart- these are the areas most likely to cause problems. By giving them more attention –keeping them healthy and fit –you minimize the health dangers.

Jupiter, your financial planet, in your 6th house shows that good health for you also means good financial health. Financial ups and downs can impact on your actual physical health –if you allow it. You shouldn’t. Health is health and finance is finance. Keep these things separate in your mind. You are much more than your bank balance or net worth. Stay healthy, and money will take care of itself.

Long-term changes in your personal appearance and image are beginning this year. A lunar eclipse in your sign on May 5 adds to this. You will be changing your ‘look’, your presentation to the world, this year –and for many years to come.

Your health planet, Mars spends many months ‘out of bounds’ –from January 1 to May 4. Thus, in health matters you’re outside your usual orbit. You’re exploring therapies and therapists that are outside your normal comfort zone.

Mars is a moderately fast-moving planet, moving through seven signs and houses of your Horoscope this year. So, there are many short-term health trends that depend on where Mars is at any given time and the aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Home and Family :
Your 4th house of home and family has been powerful for a few years now, and it will remain so for parts of the year ahead. In future years, though, it will become very powerful and important.

The past two years- and especially last year –have been challenging, both emotionally and in your family relationships. It has been a burden, a discipline, a cross to bear. By now you’ve learned the lessons, and on March 8 things get much easier.

A parent or parent figure has been very stressed out over the past two and a half years. There could have been health problems as well. Happily, by March 8 things improve for this parent figure. Health should improve as well.

With Uranus, your family planet, sitting in your 7th house for many years now you’ve been socializing more from the home and with family members. You’ve been beautifying the home –redecorating and making the home as much a social centre as a home. This trend continues in the year ahead.

Pluto’s brief flirtation into your 4th house, from March 24 to June 12, is a signal of things to come. You will be very focused on the home and family. You’ll probably present an image of the ‘family man’ or ‘family woman’. Your family will be an important part of your identity. More importantly, you will be delving into your past from a therapeutic perspective. Many of you will get involved in official therapeutic regimes –psychological or spiritual. You’ll be sifting through your past, working to come to terms with it.

If you’re planning house renovations, May 21 to July 11 would be a good period for this. If you’re just redecorating, January 3-27 seems a good time. This would also be a good time to buy art objects for the home.

A move could happen for you this year –but it’s more likely next year. It seems happy and can happen suddenly. This yaer you’re probably thinking about it or planning it. A parent or parent figure is likely to move this year. If this is a woman of childbearing age, she is very fertile. Siblings and sibling figures are likely to move this year. They also seem very fertile. Children and children figures seem rather pessimistic about their circumstances –not happy campers- but a move is more likely next year than this for them.

Grandchildren or those who play that role in your life, are having a stable family year.

Finance and career :
The year ahead looks prosperous, Scorpio. Enjoy. Jupiter, your money planet, will be in Aries, your 6th house, until May 17. Jupiter is very comfortable in the sign of Aries and this indicates increased earnings. Jupiter in your 6th house also shows good fortune in the job market. If you’re an employee, very happy job opportunities are coming to you –dream job opportunities and they seem to be well paying.

Jupiter in impetuous Aries indicates a risk taking mentality. When the intuition is on form, these risks pay off. When intuition is off, however, there can be losses. You have an urge for fast bucks. You want wealth in a hurry. Now. So you need to be careful of scam artists who prey on those with this kind of mentality.

Jupiter in your 6th house shows earnings happening through work from productive service. Also, it indicates a good feeling for investments in the health field, especially pharmaceuticals that improve athletic performance. It favours investments in arms and munitions companies, athletic companies and companies that supply these sectors.

On May 17 Jupiter moves into Taurus and stays there for the rest of the year. This brings a more conservative approach to finance. You are less of a risk –taker. The financial judgement is sounder. Jupiter in Taurus favours investments in rural real estate, farm land and agricultural companies. Copper –the commodity –and copper mining and refining companies are also interesting investments.

Jupiter will be travelling near Uranus after May 17. This would favour residential real estate, hotels, motels, restaurants and the food business in general. This favourability increases next year.

Jupiter in your 7th house of love after May 17 gives many messages. This transit can bring opportunities for partnerships or joint ventures. It also signals the importance of your social contacts in finance. They seem very helpful.

In contrast to finance, your 10th career house is not a house of power this year. It is basically empty. Only short-term, fast –moving planets will move through there and their effect is short term. So, this is not a very strong career year and would tend to the status quo. This can be seen as a good thing. It denotes satisfaction with the way things are. You have no need to make dramatic changes.

Your career planet, the Sun, will be eclipsed twice this year. Once on April 20 and again on October 14. This will shake up the career and create changes. We will discuss this more fully in the monthly reports.

The Sun is a fast moving planet and so there are many short-term trends in the career that depend on where the Sun is and the kinds of aspects he receives. These will also be discussed in the monthly reports.

Venus, your love planet, will spend over four months in your 10th house this year –an unusually long transit for Venus. So, from June 5 to October 9 the career would be best enhanced by social means –by attending or hosting the right kind of parties and gatherings. But I feel this transit is more about love than the career.

Love and Social life :
The love life has been a major focus for many years. Uranus has been upending your whole social circle for years now. Getting used to social change has been a major life lesson.

Uranus has destabilized the love and social life –and many of you have got divorced or experienced break-ups in recent years. On the other hand, the love life has become very exciting. Love and romantic opportunities can happen at any time in any place and in totally unexpected ways. You never know when Cupid will strike.

This year Jupiter will move through your 7th house from May 17 onwards. Generally, this is a classic signal for marriage. This year, however, I’m not so sure, as Uranus is still in the 7th house. So serious romance is happening. Enjoy love, but postpone commitment for a while. There’s no rush.

Jupiter’s move through your 7th house shows that much of your socializing is business related. Later, from June 5 to October 9, it seems career related. This year, really, you have the aspects of someone who likes to do business with friends, with people you socialize with. And you try to socialize with people you do business with. Business becomes just another extension of the social life. And the same happens with career later in the year.

Venus at the top of your chart in your 10th house from June 5 to October 9 signals an excellent love and social period. Her position shows that love is a high priority –perhaps your highest and thus you pay attention. Also, it shows that singles are attracted to successful and high- status people –especially during that period. There are romantic opportunities with these kinds of people as well. And since Venus is also your spiritual planet, you’re attracted to spiritual types of people as well.

There will be many short-term trends in love as well, as Venus is a fast-moving planet and many trends depend on where she is at any given time and the kinds of aspects she receives. These will be discussed in the monthly reports.

Self- improvement :
Spiritual Neptune has been in your 5th house of fun and creativity for many years now and will be there for many more years to come. Those of you in the creative arts have been unusually inspired –inspired from on high. Children and children figures in your life have become more spiritual as well. They are having revelatory kinds of dreams and supernatural types of experiences. Their bodies are more sensitive as well. Their bodies are being refined and spiritualized. Thus, they should avoid alcohol and drugs as the body can overreact to these things. It is good for you to understand what is going on with them so that you can deal with them better. Try not to pooh – pooh their dreams and experiences. Listen without judgement.

This year Saturn will move into your 5th house on March 8 and will remain there for the next two and a half years. For those of you who are creative this signals a need for more structure and attention to detail in your creations. They can’t just be formless and vague. Also, as we mentioned, there is a need to learn how to discipline the children or children figures in your life. Discipline doesn’t mean cruelty –just the opposite. A right discipline – a setting of just limits –will help them now and in future years. Your tendency for many years has probably been to give them a free hand. But this won’t work now. Dreaminess, fantasy, awareness of higher worlds are all wonderful things for children, but they also need to be able to handle the practical affairs of life. So, you need to get the balance just right.

Saturn rules your 3rd house of intellectual interests. His position in the sign of Pisces shows changes in your intellectual interests. They become more spiritual. Spiritual books and magazines are more alluring these days.

There are many short- term spiritual trends in the year ahead as well. Venus, your spiritual planet as well as your love planet, is a fast –moving planet as we’ve said. And the many short-term spiritual trends this year are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Venus spending over four months in your 10th career house is good for the love life but it is also good for the spiritual life. It becomes more important, more of a focus. So, her sojourn here is a period for much spiritual progress. In addition, it would show that you can boost the career through involvement in charitable and altruistic kinds of activities.

In some cases, Venus’s transit can be read as your love life and your spiritual growth being the actual career –the actual mission –from June 5 to October 9.

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