Aquarius Horoscope for 2023 :
Aquarius Horoscope for 2023 :
November 7, 2022
गांठा ताबीज मंत्र
गांठा ताबीज मंत्र
November 11, 2022
Pisces Horoscope for 2023

Pisces Horoscope for 2023 :

A lot of changes are happening this year, Pisces, as the long-term planets are shifting positions. The cosmic chess board is being rearranged and you’re playing a new game.

The most significant change is Saturn’s major move from Aquarius into Pisces, your own sign, where he will stay for the next two and a half years. This happens on March 8. This affects your health and energy. Health is not up to its usual standards this year, so you will need to rest and relax more.

Saturn’s move into your sign has other implications, too. It signals a more serious attitude to life. You’re forced to take on more responsibilities. Many of you feel older than your years –even young Pisceans are thinking of old age. It can induce a pessimism – a tendency to depression. Everything looks black. And while this transit is excellent for managing things, it isn’t that great for love.

In spite of the above, you’re in a very prosperous year. Jupiter is moving through your money house until May 17, expanding earnings and the financial horizons. On May 17 Jupiter moves into your 3rd house of intellectual interests and communication for the rest of 2023. The mental faculties are very much enhanced by this transit and students will do well in their studies. It will be a good time in which to take courses in subjects that enterest you and, in some cases, to teach courses.

Pluto, the ruler of your 9th house, your religious planet, is beginning to change signs. This will be a two –year process. This year and next year he will hover between Capricorn and Aquarius, your 11th and 12th house- energizing both these areas. In 2025 he will enter Aquarius for the long haul. This will start a revamping of your whole spiritual life and attitudes.

Venus will spend an unusual amount of time- over four months –in the sign of Leo, your 6th house, this year, from June 5 to October 9. Thus, there will be a focus on health –a preoccupation with it. Perhaps surgery is recommended.

Your major interests this year are friends, groups and group activities (until March 24 and from June 12 to the end of the year); spirituality (until March 8); the body, image and personal appearance; finance (until May 17); intellectual interests and communication; and health and work (from June 5 to October 9)
Your paths of greatest fulfillment this year are finance (until May 17 and from July 18 onwards); and intellectual interests and communication.

Health :
Health needs watching this year, especially for those born early in the sign of Pisces (February 19-27). All of you will feel the effects of Saturn’s move into your sign, but these people will feel them most strongly.

Saturn by himself is not enough to cause serious problems with your health, but when the short-term planets join him in making stressful aspects, things can get dangerous. Your vulnerability is increased. We will cover this in more detail in the monthly reports.

When Saturn is in your sign it is like walking uphill. You expand more energy to cover the same distance than you would if walking on level ground. The normal activities of life require more than the usual energy, and so you shouldn’t be alarmed if you can’t do as many pushups or walk or jog as many miles as you usually do. This is natural. Respect the limits of the body and heed its messages.

There are many things you can do to enhance your health and energy. Give more attention to the following areas- the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope this year. These are where problems are most likely to happen, so keeping them healthy and fit is sound preventive medicine.

Your health planet, the Sun, is a fast moving planet who travels through your entire Horoscope during the year. So, there are many short-term health trends that depend on where the Sun is and the kinds of aspects he receives. These are best covered in the monthly reports.

Home and Family :
Your 4th house of home and family isn’t prominent this year- it is not a house of power. Only short-term planets move through there this year, and their impact is equally short term. So, the year ahead seems quiet with regard to this area. It will be pretty much as it was last year. There is feeling of contentment with the status quo, and you have no need to make major changes. Jupiter will move through your 4th house in 2024, bringing moves, house renovations and perhaps the acquisition of additional homes. This year, however, is more like a preparation year. The stage is being set for next year.

Mercury is both your love planet and family planet. He does double duty in your Horoscope. You like the home to be beautiful –artistic –and you like to socialize from home and with family members.

Mercury is a very fast- moving planet. He will move through your entire Horoscope in the coming year. Thus, there are many short-term trends in the home and family that depend on where Mercury is and the kinds of aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Mercury goes retrograde four times this year –from January 1 -17; April 21 to may 14; August 23 to September 14, and December 13 -31. These are times to avoid major decisions to do with the home or with family. Instead, they are times for gathering facts and gaining clarity. There are no quick fixes in family matters over those periods –only time will resolve things.

If you’re planning on renovating the home or doing major repairs, January 1 to March 26 would be a good time. If you’re just redecorating or buying objects of beauty for the home, April 11 to May 7 seems good. May 21 to June 21 is especially good for emotional healing and for making the home healthier.

A parent or parent figure could have moved last year. If not, a move for this person can happen next year. It seems happy. This parent or parent figure seems very active in your financial life and in a beneficial way. Siblings and sibling figures are prospering this year, but a move is not likely. Children and children figures in your life have had a stormy romantic period for many years, but home and family life tends to the status quo. Grandchildren, or those who play that role in your life, are also having a stable home and family year. The good news is that they become more optimistic –less depressed –from March 8 onwards.

Finance and Career :
Last year was a terrific career year and this year you get the results of this career success- financial prosperity. Jupiter, your career planet, is moving through your money house, enlarging and expanding it. Not only is his transit bringing extra earnings –windfalls and the like –but also happy and enlarging financial and business opportunities. The financial horizons expand. New vistas and possibilities open up to you. Assets you already own increase in value. As we’ve mentioned, a parent or parent figure seems very supportive and active in your financial life. Bosses and authority figures in your life are favourably disposed to your financial plans. Pay rises –official or unofficial –can happen. If you have any issues with ‘officialdom’, this is a time to resolve them- civil servants seem favourably disposed to you.

You are not known for your managerial skills, Pisces. By nature, you are ‘free flowing’, intuitive types. But with Saturn in your 1st house from the beginning of March you have excellent managerial skills –more so than usual. This is good for business.

Venus, as we mentioned, spends much time this year in your 6th house of work. This suggests that a happy job opportunity will be coming to you.

Your financial planet, Mars, is relatively fast moving. He will travel through seven signs and houses of your Horoscope this year. So, there will be many short –term trends in finance that are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Mars spends over four months ‘out of bounds’ –an unusually long time. This happens from January 1 to May 4, and again from December 22 to the end of the year. Thus, this is a year where you go outside your normal orbit in business and finance. Usually there are no answers to be found in your normal sphere and you must search in new places. You’re someone who ‘thinks outside the box’ when it comes to finance.

As we said above, you’re coming off the back of a very strong career year. This year, you seem sated with status and prestige, and want money. Career success is measured in terms of earnings – not in status and prestige. The more you earn the more successful you feel you are. You might sacrifice a prestigious post or venture in favour of something more mundane, but which pays more. On May 17 your career planet Jupiter moves into your 3rd house. This indicates that career is now boosted by good communications – good advertising and sales skills. Also, your knowledge of your industry is very helpful. Superiors respect your brains.

Those who work with their intellect –teachers, writers, marketing people and so on – should have a good career year.

Love and Social Life :
The year ahead is not an especially strong love year. For a start, your 7th house is not prominent. Basically, it is empty. Only short-term planets move through there and their effects are short term.

Secondly, your 1st house of self is ultra – powerful, and all the long- term planets are in the Eastern sector of self in your chart. Love doesn’t seem that important. The year ahead is a ‘me-oriented’ kind of year. And thirdly, Saturn is in your sign. This can make others feel that you’re cold and aloof. Now you’re really not like that, but it comes across unconsciously. It’s as if you’ve taken a drug – a Saturn drug – and these vibrations emanate unconsciously. Happily, this last issue is easily dealt with: make it your mission to send love and warmth to others. You’ll find that you don’t need to be cold to be a good manager. And it will improve your love life.

Singles will most certainly date and have relationships this year, but marriage doesn’t seem indicated.

Mercury, your love planet, is not only very fast moving but he is erratic in motion. Sometimes he speeds through the sky; sometimes he slows down; sometimes he is still; and sometimes he goes backwards. This is how your love life and love feelings behave.

There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just mercurial. It’s your nature. So, there are always short-term trends in love that depend on where Mercury is at any given time and the kinds of aspects he receives. These can only be discussed in the monthly reports.

As we’ve said, Mercury will retrograde four times over the year, so there can be more dramas and delays and confusion in love than usual. These retrogrades happen from January 1-17; April 21 to May 14; August 23 to September 14; and December 13 to the end of the year, and are times to avoid making major love decision, one way or another, and to gain clarity in this area. Get the facts. See where things can be improved. Then, when Mercury moves forward again, you can take the appropriate action.

Though romance is not a major focus this year, friendships will be active and basically happy. Saturn, your planet of friends, in your own sign signals the devotion of friends. You don’t need to do anything special to attract friends –they find you. Just go about your daily business. Some of these friends can be over controlling, but they seem to mean well.

Self – improvement :
With Saturn in your sign after March 8, you will start a two –and –a half year relationship with the cosmic drill sergeant. He is stern and seems tough on the outside, but it is tough love. His object – depending on your age –is to get you fit for service, for your life’s work. And he is very thorough. He will throw more and more responsibility on you –but not more than you can handle. He might take you to your breaking point but not beyond it. He will reveal your physical limitations. He will ‘road test’ your image and personality. And, through all this, he will help you get the body into the shape that you want. It is good to know our physical limits. This way we won’t set unrealistic goals.

If this transit is handled right, you will emerge in better physical shape –with a better personal appearance –than when you began. This is a great period for losing weight and for regulating the appetite. It is also good for exercise regimes.

While this is going on there is a tendency to pessimism. Everything looks black. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Meditation is especially helpful to help you overcome depressive feelings. You will learn that these feelings are only feelings – not reality. You are more than your feelings –above the whole material world –untouched by it. This is the place to seek refuge. You will come back more optimistic, more refreshed, more ready for the battle of life.

It would also be useful, as we have mentioned, to make it a spiritual project to project love and warmth to others. Gloominess, aloofness, coldness is not helpful in your love and social life. You would tend to feel isolated and alone. But this meditative project will dispel such coldness and there will be better relations with the spouse, partner, current love and friends in general.

There is another important spiritual lesson to be learned during Saturn’s stay in your sign. This involves learning to love – to enjoy –the challenges, responsibilities and tests that arrive. Eventually you will see that there is no reason to face our challenges with gritted teeth. Does that make you better able to handle them ? No. Why not face them with faith, confidence and a ‘can do’ spirit ? Why not be happy as you overcome them ? And you will.

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