Aquarius 2023 November monthly Horoscope :
Aquarius 2023 November monthly Horoscope :
September 29, 2022
Pisces 2023 October Monthly Horoscope :
Pisces 2023 October Monthly Horoscope :
October 1, 2022
Aquarius 2023 December monthly Horoscope :

Aquarius 2023 December monthly Horoscope :

Best Days Overall :7,8,16,17,24,25
Most Stressful Days Overall :2,3,9,10,22,23,29,30
Best Days for Love :2,3,9,11,12,18,19,21,22,28,29,30
Best Days for Money :4,10,14,18,19,22,28,31
Best Days for Career :5,6,9,10,15,23

A happy month ahead. The planetary power is still in your 11th house of friends- your favourite house –and you’re expressing your natural gifts and talents :you’re involved with friends, groups, group activities and trade and professional organizations. You’re studying more deeply science, technology, astronomy and astrology.

The 11th house is a beneficent house so all these activities go well. The New Moon of the 12th occurs in this house –making it an especially good day for these activities. This New Moon is also great romantic day. Issues involving science, friends, technology, astronomy and astrology will become clearer as the weeks unfold. Your questions will be answered, and doubts assuaged –all naturally and normally.

Health is good this month. The New Moon of the 12th is also good for health and can bring job opportunities as well. You have more energy for health regimes and pursuing a healthy lifestyle from the 12th to the 27th as the Moon waxes. From the 1st to the 12th and from the 27th on-wards are good times for detox regimes –getting rid of what doesn’t belong in the body.

Love also seems happy. Your love planet is in your 11th house until the 22nd, and your involvement with groups, friends and organizations can lead to romance. Sometimes a friend decides to be more than that. Sometimes friends play Cupid. On the 22nd the love planet moves into your spiritual 12th house and love becomes more spiritual, more idealistic.

Many of you are searching for the ‘perfect love’ –the ideal love. Anything less can make you feel dissatisfied. Love opportunities happen in spiritual settings after the 22nd – the yoga studio, at a spiritual lecture or seminar, prayer meeting or charity event. With your love planet in the 12th house the message is stay in love and your contact with the Divine will be strong.

Finances are starting to straighten out, at last. The two planets involved in your finances are both moving forward now. Saturn started to move forward on November 4 and Neptune, your financial planet, moves forward on the 6th. So stuck deals or projects are getting unstuck. The only problem is that your financial planet receives stressful aspects until the 22nd, which indicates that there is still more work involved in earnings –more challenges to deal with. But after the 22nd all of this settles down and earnings come more easily.

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