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Aquarius 2023 October monthly Horoscope :
September 29, 2022
Aquarius 2023 December monthly Horoscope :
Aquarius 2023 December monthly Horoscope :
September 29, 2022
Aquarius 2023 November monthly Horoscope :

Aquarius 2023 November monthly Horoscope :

Best Days Overall :1,9,10,11,18,19,27,28
Most Stressful Days Overall :4,5,6,12,13,25,26
Best Days for Love :2,3,4,5,6,8,9,12,13,18,19,23,27,28
Best Days for Money :3,7,13,16,21,22,25,30
Best Days for Career :8,12,13,17,26

Health and career are the main headlines this month. Health seems very stressed (part of it is because of the demands of the career). So, very important to get enough rest. Since you seem successful this month, it might be a good idea to schedule in some massages or other health treatments –more so than usual. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report. Health and energy will improve after the 22nd when the short-term planets start making harmonious aspects to you.

Last month you began a yearly career peak, and this goes on until the 22nd of this month. You’re in a successful career period. The outer day side of your Horoscope is as strong as it will ever be this year- though it’s still not dominant. Your challenge will be to balance home and family duties with the career obligations.

There are no rules about this everyone finds their own way. But from your Horoscope, you’re probably swinging back and forth between the home and the career. The New Moon of the 12th occurs in your 10th house, making it an even stronger career day than usual. It brings success. It is also an excellent day for love and for job seekers.

The Sun, your love planet, is in your 10th house until the 22nd. This gives various messages. It shows that love and romance are high on the agenda and, in certain cases, could be read as the actual career- the actual mission –for the month. Those already married or in a relationship see their mission as being there for the partner and friends.

Those who are single see their mission as finding Mr or Ms Right. Another way to read this is that much of your socializing this month is career related and that you enhance the career by social means –by attending or hosting the right parties or gatherings. Singles are attracted to people of power and prestige, to people above them in status, to people who can help them career-wise. These opportunities will happen.

Be more mindful on the physical plane on the 10th and 11th –drive more carefully. Be more patient with siblings and sibling figures on those days as well.

On the 22nd, as your 11th house becomes powerful, you enter a happy period. The cosmos imples you to do what you most love to do –network, and be involved with friends, groups and group activities.

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