July 4, 2022
सट्टा मटका :
सट्टा मटका :
July 5, 2022


Best Days Overall : 2,3,11,12,20,21,29,30
Most Stressful Days Overall : 7,8,14,15,27,28
Best Days for Love : 7,8,9,18,19,28,30
Best Days for Money : 4,9,14,18,19,22,23,28,30,31
Best Days for Career :9,14,15,18,26,27

The day side of your Horoscope is even stronger than last month, and on the 22nd , as the Sun enters your 10th house of career, you begin a yearly career peak. It should be very successful .There’s a lot of power behind you : 70 percent (and sometimes 80 percent) of the planets are above the horizon now. So continue to focus on your career and your mission for this life. Let family matters go for a while. (The Full Moon of the 27th will temporarily pull you to the home and family – but the focus should be on the career. )

Health is basically good this month, but after the 22nd it will need more attention .Again, there’s nothing major afoot- just short-term stress caused by short-term planets. Overall, your energy is not as high as usual and if you let yourself get overtired you can become vulnerable to problems.

Mercury ,your health planet, is still “out of bounds” until the 14th .So, review our discussion of this last month .

This month Mars goes “out of bounds” from the 22nd onwards. This happened early in the year as well, and once again, on a personal level, you’re outside your normal orbit. Personal desires take you outside. You’re seen by others in this way too.

Venus will be in your 8th house from the 5th to the 30th , signaling an erotic kind of period. For singles, this shows that sexual magnetism is the most important attraction. In finance this is a good period to winnow the finances and the possessions. Expand by cutting back. Get rid of things that you don’t need or use. Clear the decks. Sell things you don’t need or give them to charity.

Reduce redundant bank accounts. See where money is being wasted and remove the waste. Venus in the 8th house is a good period for tax and insurance planning and for those of you of the appropriate age it is good for estate planning.


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