स्तम्भन मंत्र :
स्तम्भन मंत्र :
October 10, 2022
October 13, 2022


This year is an eventful year, both for the world and for you personally. Three long-term planets change signs in 2023, which is highly unusual. Pluto will move (temporarily) out of your 10th house of career into your 11th house. He will hover between the two houses this year, and next year too. Saturn, your career planet, will leave Aquarius, where he’s been for over two years, and move into Pisces on March 8. And Jupiter, which is now in your own sign, will move into your money house on May 17. The cosmic chess board is being rearranged.

The year ahead is prosperous, Aries. With Jupiter in your sign until May 17 he will bring the high life –the good life. There will be more travel. More importantly, you will live on a higher standard than usual. More on this later.

Saturn’s move into your spiritual 12th house on March 8 indicates an important career shift. The career becomes more idealistic. You’ll be more involved in charities and altruistic activities. You need to feel that your career –your life work –is important for the planet. It is a time to be more disciplined in your spiritual life and practice. More on this later.

Mars, the ruler of your Horoscope (and a very important planet for you) will be ‘out of bounds’ for a very long time this year –from January1 to May 4. This shows that personally you’re outside your normal orbit, outside your normal boundaries.

This is not an especially strong love year. With all the long-term planets in the Eastern sector of self, 2023 is a ‘me’- oriented year. Of course, the short-term planets will energize the Western, social sector, particularly later on in the year- but the social sector will never dominate this year. Details on this later.

Pluto’s move into your 11th house (from March 24 to June 12) is merely a foretaste of things to come. This transit impacts on friendships, although not necessarily on romance. Friendships were tested over the past two years, but soon they will get a serious, long-term testing -20 to 25 years. The whole social circle will completely change in the coming years.

Your main interests this year will be the body and image (until may 17); finance; career 9until march 24 and from June 12 onwards); friendships, groups and group activities (until March 8 and from March 24 to June 12); and spirituality.

Your paths of greatest fulfillment this year will be the body image (until May 17 and from July 18 onwards); and finance (from May 17 onwards).

Health :
Health is good this year. The long-term planets are either making harmonious aspects or are leaving you alone. Of course, during the year the short-term planets can cause some stress, and your health and energy could be less than usual at these times, but these are temporary things, not trends for the year.

Jupiter will be in your sign until May 17. While this is a happy transit in general it does have some caveats. Weight will need to be watched. Women of childbearing age are also extremely fertile during this period, and pregnancy would not be a surprise.

Mercury is a fast- moving planet (only the Moon moves faster than him), so, as our regular readers know, there are many short-term trends in health that depend on where Mercury is at any given time and the kind of aspects he receives. These are best covered in the monthly reports.

Mercury will be in retrograde motion more than usual this year. Generally, he retrogrades three times a year but in 2023 it will be four times –from January 1 to 17th; April 21 to May 14; August 23 to September 14; and December 13 to the end of the year. These will not be good times to undergo tests and procedures as the results might not be reliable. Best to reschedule these things, if possible.

Home and Family :
Your 4th house of home and family is not prominent this year –it is not a house of power. This tends to the status quo. You seem basically satisfied with the present home and family situation and have no need to make dramatic changes.

A parent or parent figure in your life becomes more spiritual this year and seems involved in your spiritual life. It is likely that the karmic relationships between you and this person will be revealed this year, and over the coming years.

Your family planet, the Moon, is the fastest moving of all the planets. Where the other fast short-term planets will take a year to move through your chart, the Moon will move through it every month. This leads to short-term trends in the home and family life that depend on where the Moon is exactly and the kinds of aspects she receives. Again, this is best covered in the monthly reports.

Moon phenomena are short lived. Eight times in any given month she will re-stimulate eclipse points, causing emotional disturbances or shake-ups at home. Eight times in any given month she will make stressful aspects to the long-term planets Saturn and Uranus. This also causes upheavals and high passions- especially in a parent or parent figure. But the trends of the year as a whole are as have been described.

If you’re planning renovations to the home or major repairs, March 26 to May 21 are good times. If you’re merely redecorating in a cosmetic kind of way, May 7 to June 21 to July 23 are good times. These latter periods are also good for buying art objects for the home.

A parent or parent figure is likely to move this year –it looks happy. If he or she doesn’t move there could be renovations in their home that have the same effect as a move. He or she could acquire an additional home, or gain acces to an additional home. If the parent figure is of childbearing age, a pregnancy could happen. Siblings and sibling figures in your life have a stable family year tending to the status quo. Moves are unlikely. The same is true for children and children figures, but they are probably contemplating moves, which could happen down the line. Grandchildren (if you have them) or those who play that role in your life are not likely to move this year. They need to work out emotional issues.

Finance and Career :
As we mentioned earlier, the year ahead is a prosperous year for you, Aries. Jupiter in your sign might not bring money par se, but it brings an elevated lifestyle. You live ‘as if’ you were rich. The cosmos supplies for this. More importantly, Jupiter will move into your money house on May 17 and will really start to prosper you in a tangible way. Assets you own will increase in value. Happy financial opportunities will come . Earnings will increase.

Uranus has been in your money house for many years now. This transit has bought much experimentation to the financial life, as well as excitement and surprises. Earnings could have been sky high or ultra low; there has been much volatility here. Now, with Jupiter travelling near Uranus, earnings will tend to be high –unexpectedly high. The instability works in your favour. This is Aries heaven. You like the fast buck. You like quick wealth. This year you are likely to get it.

Uranus in your money house favours technology, the online world and companies that are involved with new inventions and innovations. It favours start-ups. If you’re an investor these are good companies to look at (although always do your due diligence before investing). But even if you’re not an investor, online activities and your technology skills are important in your finances, regardless of what you actually do.

Jupiter’s position in your money house favours foreign companies, the travel business, airlines and for-profit colleges. Also, since Jupiter rules your 9th house of travel and education, there is likely to be business- related travel this year.

Fast-moving Venus is your financial planet, so there are many short-term trends in finance that depend on where she is and the kinds of aspects she receives at a particular time, which will be covered in the monthly reports. She will make one of her rare retrogrades in the year ahead, from July 23 to September 3. This will be a time to avoid major purchases, investments or other important financial decisions. Instead, it will be a time to achieve clarity about your finances and to resolve doubts.

A solar eclipse on April 20 occurs right on the cusp of your 1st and 2nd houses and is thus an influence in both houses. So, this will bring changes to your financial thinking and planning. I feel it will prepare you for the coming prosperity.

Your 10th house of career is still strong, but not as strong as in previous years. Pluto will move in and out of this house in the coming year. The past twenty-plus years have completely transformed your career and sense of mission, but this period is coming to its conclusion now. You should be in your ideal career path and life now. More importantly, your career planet, Saturn, changes signs this year. He moves into Pisces, your 12th house of spirituality, on March 8 and will stay there for the next two and a half years. So, as we said, you’re more idealistic about your career. Many of you will want a more spiritual type of career. Others will opt for a worldly career but he involved in charities and non-profit organization. Being involved in these things not only brings personal satisfaction but boosts the career as well. Those of you who are managers might be more lax, more fluid in your management decisions. Less exacting. Less demanding.

Love and Social Life :
As we mentioned earlier, 2023 is not an especially strong love and social year. Your 7th house is not a house of power. It will get a bit stronger later in the year, but only for short periods. So, those of you who are married will tend to stay married, and singles will tend to stay single. The year ahead is about getting your body, image and personal interests and goals in right order. The focus is on you.

Though marriage is not likely for singles, there will be love affairs. Venus, your love planet, spends an unusual amount of time in Leo, your 5th house of fun and creativity. Normally Venus spends approximately a month in any given sign or house. This year she will spend a bit more than four months in Leo. So, this indicates some love affairs happening. But such affairs are not likely to lead to marriage. They are more about entertainment –fun and games. And there’s nothing wrong with this. It’s just good to know what’s what.

Venus being a fast- moving planet means that there are many short-term trends in love that depend on where she is and the kinds of aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Parents or parent figures have a stable social year. Likewise,siblings and sibling figures. Singles can find love opportunities online or as they involve themselves with friends, groups and group activities. Siblings and sibling figures are very much love-at-first-sight people this year. Children and children figures have a much easier love life than last year :Saturn leaving their 7th house improves things. Venus in their sign from June 5 to October 9 makes them more romantic, more in the mood for relationship. Grandchildren have a status quo love year. If they are married, they will tend to stay married. If single they will tend to stay single.

Self-improvement :
Spirituality has been important for Aries for many years. Neptune, your spiritual planet, has been in your 12th house of spirituality for many years, and will be there for many more. Last year Jupiter moved through your 12th house, expanding and emphasizing spirituality even more. You had many spiritual breakthroughs last year. This year we see something new- stern Saturn will occupy the 12th house, from March 8 onwards. Where spirituality has been fun and freewheeling for the past few years, now it will be less so. Now it’s time to pull in the horns a bit. Time to focus on the essence of your spiritual practice and let go of trivialities.

Saturn in your 12th house signals a need for steady, disciplined practice. Choose a path and follow it in a disciplined way. Spiritual practice has to yield practical, tangible results –and this comes from the daily discipline.

Since Saturn is your career planet, this transit indicates a shift to a spiritual type of career –something meaningful to you, as we’ve already said. Career can’t just be about making money and achieving worldly success. It must have some spiritual import. It must benefit the planet as a whole. You’ve been feeling these urges for many years, but especially now. Some will actually opt for some spiritual career. Some will opt for a position in a non-profit or charity. Others will pursue their worldly careers but be involved in charities and altruistic projects on the side.

Saturn in your 12th house favours the traditional mystical paths –the ones that have stood the test of time. You’re more conservative in your spirituality these days.

There is also another way to read saturn’s transit: your spiritual practice, your spiritual growth, is your actual career, your actual mission this year, and for the next few years.

Pluto beginning to enter your 11th house indicates that friendships will now get the Pluto treatment. Old friendships will go. Some friends will have near-death kinds of experiences, and over the next couple of decades, some could physically die. Your social circle is being transformed. The cosmos is giving birth to the social life of your dreams- your ideal of friendships. This won’t happen overnight, but over the years as a process. In the short term it might not be pretty but the result will be good.

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