Capricorn 2023 October Monthly Horoscope :
Capricorn 2023 October Monthly Horoscope :
September 18, 2022
Capricorn 2023 December Monthly Horoscope :
Capricorn 2023 December Monthly Horoscope :
September 18, 2022
Capricorn 2023 November Monthly Horoscope :
Best Days Overall : 7,8,16,17,25,26
Most Stressful Days Overall :2,3,9,10,11,23,24,29,30
Best Days For Love :2,3,8,9,12,13,18,19,23,27,28,29,30
Best Days for Money :7,8,16,17,18,19,25,26
Best Days for Career :8,9,10,11,18,19,27,28
The career is still good, though your yearly career peak is over. On the 8th Venus enters your career house. She occupies her own sign and house and thus will be more powerful on your behalf. Your career planet has her solstice from the 9th to the 13th. She pauses in the heavens –in her latitudinal motion –and then changes direction (in latitude). So it is with the career. There is a pause and then a change of direction –and a positive change.
Health is good this month. There is only one long-term planet in stressful alignment with you – Pluto –and only those of you born late in the sign are really affected by this. All the other planets are either in harmonious aspect or leaving you alone. Only the Moon will sometimes (and for very brief periods) make stressful aspects. All systems are go health-wise.
The power this month is in your 11th house of friends, groups and group activities. Thus, the social life is more about Platonic kinds of friendships rather than romantic ones. It signals the friendship of people with similar interests. The New Moon of the 12th occurs in your 11th house, making it an even stronger social day than before. This New Moon also shows a more romantic kind of day as well.
Your romantic energy will be strongest from the 12th to the 27th as the Moon waxes. The New Moon will clarify issues with friends and organizations you’re involved with, and this will go on over the next few weeks. Mar’s presence in the 11th house indicates that you could be installing high-tech gadgetry in the home.
You and family members should be more mindful on the physical plane on the 10th and 11th. There can be some financial dispute with a family member.
On the 22nd the Sun enters your 12th house of spirituality. Mars will enter there on the 24th while Mercury is there from the 10th .
You’re in a very spiritual period this month. The presence of your health planet in the 12th house shows an affinity for spiritual healing. You get more results from it than from conventional approaches. With your health planet “out of bounds” from the 16th onwards, you’re now more likely to explore spiritual –healing techniques as well.
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