शैतान चढाने हेतु मंत्र :
शैतान चढाने हेतु मंत्र :
September 12, 2022
Capricorn 2023 November Monthly Horoscope :
Capricorn 2023 November Monthly Horoscope :
September 18, 2022
Capricorn 2023 October Monthly Horoscope :
Capricorn 2023 October Monthly Horoscope :
Best Days Overall : 1,2,11,12,20,21
Most Stressful Days Overall :6,7,13,14,26,27
Best Days For Love :3,4,6,7,9,10,11,20,21,24
Best Days for Money :1,2,11,12,20,21,22,23,28,29
Best Days for Career :8,9,10,11,20,21,28,29
With two eclipses happening, the month ahead is guaranteed to be eventful. There is a solar eclipse on the 14th and a lunar eclipse on the 28th .Of the two, the solar eclipse seems stronger on you. But keep in mind that if any eclipse hits a sensitive point in your birth chart –the one cast specifically for your date, time and place of birth –it can be powerful indeed. So it would be a good idea to reduce your schedule over both eclipse periods.
The solar eclipse of the 14th occurs in your 10th house and brings career changes. Usually this is not a complete change of career (although sometimes it happens) but changes in the rules of the game –changes in your approach to the career. There can be personal dramas in the lives of bosses, parents and parent figures. There can be shake-ups in the corporate hierarchy and in your industry. The government can change the rules and regulations affecting your industry. But you seem ready to handle all this.
Health needs keeping an eye on until the 22nd, but especially during this eclipse period. With the Sun ruling your 8th house, every solar eclipse can bring psychological encounters with death (generally not actual physical death). Thus ,a parent, parent figure or boss can have a brush with death –perhaps some surgery or a near death experience. Sometimes someone you know tells you of the death of an acquaintance. Sometimes people have dreams of death. There is a spiritual agenda behind this. There is a need to understand death better. To understand death is to understand life, and one lives differently when this happens.
The lunar eclipse of the 28th occurs in your 5th house of fun, children and creativity. Children and children figures in your life are thus affected and should also take a more relaxed schedule. There should be no daredevil antics this period. Those of you in the creative arts make important changes to your creativity. A parent or parent figure is forced to make important financial changes.
Every lunar eclipse tests your relationship, and this one is no different. So ,the dirty laundry in the relationship –the repressed grievances –surface so that they can be dealt with. The spouse, partner or current love can be experiencing personal dramas, and this can test the relationship. Be more patient with him or her at this time.
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