How to see promise in the Chart ?
How to see promise in the Chart ?
September 10, 2022
घर बाँधने हेतु काली मंत्र :
घर बाँधने हेतु काली मंत्र :
September 10, 2022

How to Time an Event of Property ?

The fourth house represents – Land and property.
Ascendant represents – Oneself
2nd house/ lord represents – Wealth, money from family
3rd house/ lord represents – change of residence
11th house/ lord represents – Gains and income
Mars and Mercury are the significator of the landed property .
Saturn represents : Flat / Makan
Venus represents : Beautiful home

Assessing the Mahadasha and antardasha as this is very important when it comes to investment in the property of buying the property at the right time.

Always try to buy the property during 2nd ,4th ,7th ,9th and 11th houses lord’s dasha ,as these houses are part of the Dhan yogas and Raj Yogas.

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