RAMAKRISHNA PARAMAHANSA :Ramakrishna Paramahansa was such a great mystic that he became honored as an avatar or Divine incarnation shortly after his death. This is obviously a highly spiritual chart. Aquarius itself is often a spiritual Ascendant, giving strong faith, power of worship and surrender. Here it contains both the Sun and Moon : a triple Aquarius, so that all planetary factors affect all three Ascendants (Ascendant, Sun and Moon). The lord of all three Ascendants, Saturn, is exalted in Libra, the ninth house of religion, bringing Divine grace and spiritual discipline to them all.

Jupiter in the fifth in an air sign, Gemini, grants high intelligence, good advice, and good religious karma, making Ramakrishna Paramahansa a great guru. Mars exalted in the twelfth house gives the power of spiritual work, service and renunciation. Venus exalted in the second, as it is the dispositor of detachment –oriented Saturn and Rahu, gives devotion in the higher sense. It does not give lower Venus values such as a seeking of wealth and comfort, but a love of chanting and doing rituals to the deities, the higher power of Venus. Ketu in the tenth, with Mars as the tenth lord in the twelfth house of liberation, gave Ramakrishna Paramahansa the career of a temple priest.

Planets in air signs, giving an airy or vata constitution, dominate Ramakrishna’s chart. Particularly important is Jupiter’s influence from the fifth to Saturn and the Ascendant, countering the lower side of Saturn energy. Yet this also caused him to neglect his body and gave him a shorter life than was ortherwise indicated.

Aquarius is also strong in the navamsha with Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury located there in the fifth house, showing the religious bent of the mind on an inner level. Aquarius as a sign of Saturn, a dark planet relates to Kali, the dark or black form of the Divine Mother worshiped by Ramakrishna.

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