July 9, 2022
महायक्षिणी साधना :
महायक्षिणी साधना :
July 10, 2022


Best Days Overall : 4,5,6,14,15,22,23,31
Most Stressful Days Overall :2,3,9,10,16,17,29,30
Best Days For Love : 5,6,9,10,15,18,19,23,28,30
Best Days For Money : 4,14,22,24,25,30,31
Best Days for Career : 5,6,15,16,17,23

Health is good now and will get even better after the 22nd. Good social health seems as important as good physical health these days. Venus moves into your 7th house of love on the 5th and stays there until the 30th .So you are trying to put others first – sincere attempt –but it’s difficult. Your 1st house is still more powerful than the 7th house. But others notice the effort.

With Venus in Scorpio most of the month, this is a good time losing weight and for detox regimes. Weight loss will be a challenge (Jupiter is still in your sign) but you can make progress.

Mercury behaves strangely this month. First he is “out of bounds” until the 14th .So, like last month, you’re going out of your normal orbit in financial matters. Then he goes retrograde on the 13th ,meaning that you return to your normal financial orbit but are unsure of things !As always, avoid making important financial decisions, major purchases or investments after the 13th .Mercury’s nice aspects to Jupiter on the 6th and 7th are especially good financial days. The financial intuition needs checking and extra verification on the 26th and 27th .

Your 8th house remains strong this month until the 22nd, so continue to focus on personal transformation and giving birth to the person that you want to be. They won’t be accomplished this month (these are long term projects) but progress will be made.

The New Moon of the 12th also occurs in your 8th house, which means that these activities go even better that day. More importantly, it will clarify many issues as the weeks progress –issues involving estates, inheritance, taxes and insurance. All the information you need will come to you –and very naturally too.

The spouse, partner or current love should have a good financial month until the 22nd, but there might be delayed reactions and glitches too.

Mars, your spiritual planet, was “out of bounds” for over four months at the beginning of the year. He ones more goes “out of bounds” from the 22nd onwards. In spiritual matters, you’re going outside your normal orbit again. This is probably so in your charitable activities as well.


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