Prediction of World War-III from April 8,2024 to March 29,2025

Prediction of World War-III (from April 8,2024 to March 29,2025)

Prediction of World War-III : (The major planets that transit during April 2024 –March 2025 are )
1. Saturn continues its transit in Aquarius during the year and enters Pisces on March 29,2025 on the New Moon day.
2. Rahu –Ketu continues it transit in Pisces- Virgo.
3. Jupiter enters Taurus on May 1,2024 and stays in Taurus till may 14,2025.
4. Mars transit and aspect to various planets are :
– Mars continues to stay in Aquarius till April 24,2024.
– Mars enters the sign Pisces on April 24,2024 and conjuct Rahu.
– Mars enters the sign Aries June 2,2024 and Saturn aspects it.
– Mars enters the sign Taurus on July 13,2024.
– Mars enters the sign Gemini on August 27,2024.
– Mars enters the sign Cancer on October 21,2024 and aspects retrograde Saturn with 8th house aspect. Mars reenters retrograde motion in Gemini on January 21,2025 and finally enters Cancer again on April 3,2025.
Prediction of Three major planetary events happen during this year.
– Mars enters in Aries, its own sign and afflication of Mars by Saturn 3rd aspect from Aquarius.
– Mars extended stay in the sign Cancer after October 2024, its retrograde motion, and its 8th house aspect of Saturn in Aquarius.
– Saturn transit in Pisces on the first day of Vedic New Year on March 29,2025, and its conjunction with Rahu and four more planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus). Saturn and Rahu conjunction in the last sign of the Zodiac is one of the rare combinations, which is happening after a few thousand years.
Let us exmine the Vedic New Year horoscope of USA, China and India for April 8,2024 and March 29,2025 .
Observation :
Prediction in April 2024 , New Year horoscope of the USA and China, the 8th house is afflicted by Saturn and Mars conjunction. Also, Mars is misplaced in its enemy house.
In USA horoscope, Saturn is 7th and 8th Lord and a functional malefic transmitting it energy from 8th house to 2nd house and 10th house. Saturn aspect two benefic planets Jupiter and Mercury placed in 10th house.
In China horoscope, Saturn is Ascendant and 2nd Lord and aspect 8th house together with Saturn. Saturn aspect two benefic planets Jupiter and Mercury placed in 4th house.
Both the country would face death, destruction, trouble to people, trouble to government and natural calamity during this year.
Prediction of March 2025 and Beyond :
There are five planet conjunctions, including Rahu in Pisces in the Vedic New Year horoscope Prediction of March 29,2025 .Saturn would join this combination on the same day after a few hours. Saturn and Rahu conjunction in Pisces at 1 degree the last sign of the zodiac is happening after over one thousand years. In India horoscope Prediction, it is happening in the 8th house. In the USA horoscope, it is happening in the Ascendant. In China horoscope, it is happening in the 7th house. The implications are :
. Saturn and Rahu conjunction would end an era and would start a new era in the world.
. Many countries’ boundaries would change specifically in Asia and a new entity would emerge in the process.
. The world power structure formed after World War II may not survive.
. The new government structure would be created in many countries.
. USA and China would also undergo major changes in its political and government structure.
. The formation of the six planet conjunction in the 8th house in the New Year horoscope for India (New Delhi) suggests massive transformation for India and neighboring regions.
. The parliamentary form of democracy many not survive in many countries in the coming years.

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