मुंहासे के ज्योतिषीय कारण
February 1, 2024
दुर्घटना और मोच का ज्योतिषीय कारण
February 1, 2024

World War 3 : (Prediction from April 1,2022 to March 21,2023)

World War 3 : The major planets that transit during World War 3 April 2022- March 2023 are :
1. Saturn enters the sign Aquarius on April 29, 2022, turns retrograde and re-enters Capricorn on July 12 and finally enters Aquarius on January 17,2023.
2. Rahu- Ketu enters Aries-Libra on April 12,2022 and stays till October 2023.
3. Jupiter enters Pisces on April 13, 2022 and stays in Pisces till April 22, 2023 and Saturn aspect it.
4. Mars transit and aspect to various planets are ;
– Mars enters the sign Aquarius on April 7, 2022 and conjuct Jupiter and Venus for a few days and Saturn after April 29.
– Mars enters the sign Pisces on May 17, 2022 and again conjuct Jupiter and Venus.
– Mars enters the sign Aries on June 27, 2022 .Mars conjuct Rahu and in opposition with Ketu till August 10 . Saturn , Mars, Rahu- Ketu would be in a movable sign and in a quadrant with each other.
– Mars enters the sign Taurus on August 10, 2022 , Gemini on
October 16, 2022 and re-enters Taurus in retrograde motion on November 13, 2022 and finally enters Gemini on March 13, 2023. Mars will be in Taurus for over 6 months. Mars aspect Saturn from October 16 to November 13 through the 8th aspect.
The critical phase would be from June 27, 2022 and August 10, 2022 when Mars conjuct Rahu in its own sign Aries, Saturn in its own sign Capricorn in retrograde motion and Rahu-Ketu, Saturn and Mars in a quadrant with each other.
The Ascendant is in the sign Gemini. The Ascendant and 4th house Lord Mercury in 10th in close conjuction with third Lord Sun. The 11th and 6th Lord Mars is placed in 8th house with 8th and 9th Lord Saturn. Mars is the worst malefic for Gemini Ascendant, and its conjunction with Saturn is disastrous for India. At the same time , Saturn aspect the Ascendant and 3rd Lord in the 10th house with 3rd house aspect and Mars aspect the 3rd house through 8th house aspect.
Transit Saturn and Mars in Capricorn also respect the 3rd house of India Independent horoscope. Moon –Mercury period would be in operation during this year and both planets in independent horoscope and New Year horoscope are under the aspect of Saturn and Mars.
These are the most explosive combination and show major loss and destruction for the country.
World War 3 for Russia :
The New Year chart for Russia (Moscow) would be the same as the above chart except the Ascendent degree would be 8 degree Cancer. All the combinations remain the same. Transit Saturn and Mars impact the Natal Rahu, Saturn and Moon in Russia horoscope. The Rahu-Moon period would be in operation and then Rahu-Mars period. Russia has to pass through a very difficult time this year.
The Ascendant is in the sign Cancer at 19 degree which is the same as the Indian Independence horoscope. Saturn just entered the airy Aquarius, its own sign and aspect Mars and Rahu in the fiery sign Aries though 3rd aspect. Mars in opposition with Ketu and aspect Ascendent through 4th house aspect. Saturn aspect on Mars from 8th house is indication of disaster and a combination of air and file elements. Ketu also in an airy sign Libra.
This chart confirms the disaster shown in the New Year chart where Saturn and Mars are placed in the 8th house and in this chart Saturn aspect Mars from 8th house . The month following June 29, 2022 could be the most destructive month for India and crucial month in the ongoing World War 3 with China.
This month , the same chart repeats for Russia (Moscow) , which is again showing a very difficult time for Russia.
World War 3 Observation :
– The Ascendant is in sign Aries at 6 degree ,the first sign of the zodiac and owned by Mars. Ascendant is in the nakshtra of Ashwini, which represents the horse.
– Mars and Rahu conjuct in the ascendant in the nakshatra of Bharani. The deity of this nakshatra is Lord Yama, the Lord of Death. Mars and Ketu in Opposition. Mars aspect Sun, Moon and Mercury through 4th house aspect.
– Sun and Moon conjuct in the sign Cancer in the nakshatra of Pushya. Mercury in cancer in Aslesha Nakshatra.
– Jupiter placed in its own sign Pisces and aspect Sun , Moon and Mercury through the 5th house aspect.
– Saturn retrogrades in the sign Capricorn, its own sign. Saturn aspect Jupiter through 3rd aspect and Sun, Moon and Mercury in opposition with Saturn. Saturn also aspect Ketu through 10th house aspect.
This horoscope is one of the rarest where four planets , Saturn, Jupiter ,Mars and Moon are in their own sign. All the palnets are linked to each other through aspect except Venus. Venus is in the destructive nakshatra of Ardra , whose deity is Lord Rudra. The New Moon is in the most auspicious nakshatra Pushya ruled by Saturn.
The 4th house and New Moon are heavily afficted by retrograde Saturn and Mars . The placement of four planets in its own house in a movable sign, in a quaradant with each other and Jupiter, the Lord of 9th and 12th house aspect from 12th house continue to bring a serious difficulty for the country, its rulers and the public due to World War 3.
The Moon- Mercury period would run in the Indian horoscope till December 5, 2022 and both Moon and Mercury is transiting the Natal Moon and Mercury and heavily affilicted by transiting Saturn and Mars. The transit Jupiter, which is 8th Lord in Indian horoscope, also aspect both transit and natal Moon-Mercury. The running dasha or period again confirms the event indicated by the above New Moon horoscope.
The Moon –Ketu period would run in the Indian horoscope from December 5, 2022 till july 6, 2023 . Ketu is placed on the 7th house of World War 3. The transit Mars would aspect the Ketu in the Indian horoscope from June 22, 2022 till March 13, 2023 .The situation would deteriorate further during this period.
World War 3 For China (Beijing) :
The Ascendant in the sign Cancer at 27 degree. The Lord of ascendant Moon conjuct 12th house and 3rd house Mercury in 9th house. The 6th and 9th Lord misplaced in 8th house and does not aspect any planet. 7th and 8th Lord Saturn placed in 7th house and conjuct Mars the 5th and 10th Lord. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the 7th house of wars indicates the continuance of World War 3 . Saturn also aspects the Moon, the Ascendant Lord and 3rd Lord Mercury through 3rd aspect and transmits its energy.
Mercury- Ketu period runs from February 2023 in China horoscope. Transit Saturn and Mars in the Ascendant of China and aspect Natal Mars in the 7th house. Transit Saturn also aspect Natal Rahu in 3rd house. All of these placements and impacting 3rd house and 7th house confirm the continuation of World War 3 during this year.
World War 3 For USA (Washington DC) :
The Ascendant in the sign Sagittarius at 13 degree and its Lord placed in the 3rd house conjuct 6th and 11 Lord Venus. Saturn the 2nd and 3rd Lord conjuct Mars 5th and 12th Lord in the 2nd house . Saturn and Mars aspect 8th house , which is an unfavorable combination of World War 3. Sun, Moon and Mercury in close conjunction in 4th house of internal affairs and Saturn aspect it. 2nd house of Wealth and 4th house of home afflicted by Saturn indicate a problem in these areas for USA .

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