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दुर्गा सप्तशती द्वारा बशीकरण
January 27, 2024
पोलियो :
पोलियो :
January 27, 2024

World War 3 (Prediction from March 21,2023 to April 8,2024) :

World War : The major planet transits during April 2023 – March 2024 are
1. Saturn continues its transit in Aquarius during the year and aspect Jupiter in Aries through 3rd house aspect.
2. Rahu –Ketu enters Pisces-Virgo on October 30,2023 and stays till May 18,2025.
3. Jupiter enters Aries on April 22,2023 and stays in Aries till May 1,2024.
4. Mars transit and aspect to various planets are :
– Mars continues to stay in Gemini till May 10,2023
– Mars enters the sign Cancer on May 10,2023 and aspects Ketu.
– Mars enters the sign Leo on July 1,2023 and opposes Saturn, who is transiting the sign Aquarius.
– Mars enters the sign Virgo on August 18,2023.
– Mars enters the sign Libra on October 23,2023.
– Mars enters the sign Scorpio on November 16,2023 and aspects Saturn with 4th house aspect.
– Mars enters the sign Sagittarius on December 28,2023 and aspects Rahu.
– Mars enters the sign Capricorn on February 6,2024 and aspects Jupiter in Aries.
– Mars enters the sign Aquarius on March 16, 2024 and conjuct Saturn.
The change of transit of Mars, Rahu-Ketu after August 2023, indicate the end of World War. Let us examine the Vedic New Year chart for India. :-
The Ascendant is in Scorpio. The Ascendant and 7th house is free from afflication. The Cancer and Capricorn axis is also free from afflication from Saturn or Mars. Saturn aspect Rahu and Venus in 6th house. Mars does not aspect any planet. All benefic planet Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Mercury conjuct and free from any afflication. Jupiter aspect Ascendant through the 9th house aspect.
In India Independent horoscope, Moon –Ketu period would end on July 6,2023 and then Moon –Venus period will start. There is no malefic aspect on Moon and Venus. The future transit also does not impact the Indian horoscope negatively. Mars enters the sign Virgo on August 18,2023. Rahu-Ketu transit to Pisces-Virgo on October 20,2023 .The end of the Moon –Ketu period would end the World War after heavy losses.
Let us exmine the Vedic New Year chart for China :
The Ascendant is in the sign Cancer. Saturn is placed in the 8th house in its own sign Aquarius. Venus 4th Lord in exact conjunction with Rahu in Aries and Saturn aspect it through 3rd house aspect. This does not auger well for the head of the state.
The Mercury –Venus period in China horoscope would run from February 17,2023 till December 18, 2025. The Mars sub –sub period would run from December 2023 till February 2024. Venus again is placed in the 10th house in this horoscope and afflicted by Mars 4th aspect from 7th house and Saturn 3rd aspect from 8th house .So the Mercury period again confirms the very difficult period (World War) for the head of the state of the country.

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