The ‘Five M’ Aghori Concept

The ‘Five M’ Aghori Concept :

Aghori Sect is one the mysterious and secretive sects of Hinduism. They are the living proof of how deep and vast is Hinduism and how it caters to spiritual development of every kind of human being.
Aghoris are those people who think that they are not linked with this world as other normal people does. They believe that their mind can link to God. But his spirituality cannot be obtained until you detech your mind from rest of the world. When they do “Samadhis” (Think and worship of god) they do not want to think anything else, not about this world, people, they do not even want to feel their body. For this, they have marijuana, so that they can connect their soul to God.
And finally, the Aghoris are cool enough to compile their beliefs into a 5M protocol. The five M concept has many other different versions, but the Aghoric version of the 5M concept or Dakshinakara has its own translation of the original.
MADYA – Wine (which means a heavenly fluid which drips from the glands of human brain.)
MAMSA – Mear (swallowing the tongue)
MATSYA – Fish (twin fish an ‘8’ shaped structure which forms a part of the backbone)
MUDRA – Parched grain (position of Kundalini yoga, followed by Aghori ascetics)
MAITHUNA – Sexual intercourse. (should be learnt from Sriguru)

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