The Attitude of an Aghori

The Attitude of an Aghori :

An Aghori : An Aghora will directly work on his patterns. If an Aghoree upholds hatred towards something, he will eat what he hates .If he has any violence in him , he will learn to love that violence in order to let go of it. If he loves something and thinks it’s binding him , he will immediately throw it away. They don’t believe in gradual liberation by letting go of an object mentally but keeping it with them physically. They let go of everything they like and expose all their five sences to what they hate.
If an Aghoree has a blockage in his heart then he will open his heart , clear the blockage ,and then stitch it back. They don’t even bother taking anaesthesia. And yet, they know exactly how to treat the blockage. They go into the depths of fear and face it , to the depths of hatred and let go of it, to the depths of suffering and come out of it, to the depths of pain and go beyond it .When an Aghoris can’t wake up in the morning, he simply stops sleeping .They do not postpone things .This is the attitude of an Aghoris.

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