रति अप्सरा साधना :
रति अप्सरा साधना कैसे करें ?
February 10, 2024
The Aghori
The Aghoris System :
February 10, 2024
The Aghoris

The Aghoris (Monks) :

The Aghoris are an ancient mystical sect of Hinduism and are Monists (monks). They are Shaivites (worshippers of Lord Shiva). A + ghor = Aghor means absence of fear , dread, difficulty .Aghor is a state that can be achieved through the practices of discipline known as Aghor Sadhana .It is a state beyond waking, dream and sound sleep. The person who is instructed and initiated into this practice is called an Aghor.
The Aghoris are simple beings or beings who live with complete simplicity . Aghoris can often be seen like nightmares. They are embodiments of Lord Shiva walking on the planet, trying to wake people up. If you are too attached to life, then even the very sight of an Aghori will frighten you. Aghoris are a tradition and are straight- forward and simple. They are the embodiment of simplicity. Their way of thinking is beautiful , simple , innocent and straightforward.
Now if you see the Hindu religion – we got both kinds of Monks .Some monks who are trying to achieve Moksha by rising upwards while some monks trying to achieve Moksha by rising downwards .Nothing can be blamed or termed as wrong way. This is one of the several ways of mother nature.
It does not matter if Aghoris consume weed or meat or be anything . They are doing it to achieve Moksha but they are following the other way round.

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