The Aghoris
The Aghoris (Monks) :
February 10, 2024
Aghori Tantric
Origin of Aghori Tantric :
February 10, 2024
The Aghori

The Aghoris System :

The Aghori : Aghoris are typically the followers of Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali , both being God and Goddess of destruction .They believe they can channel the huge amount of destructive energies of this universe though these particular form of Hindu religion . They also believe their physical body is not appropriate to channel this particular form of energy , so they try to be like the gods when they use this energy.
Lord Shiva is typically known to meditate in cremation grounds , living with ghosts and out cast people of the society . Goddess Kali is believed to be Goddess Parvati herself , the homely wife of Lord Shiva who took terrible form of a woman wearing garland of multiple human heads and demolishing demons. No natural woman or man can actually live a life of horror in conscious mind and energy .So, it is believed that in this particular way gods can manipulate energy by leaving their homely conscious mind .Marijuana is an old herb, and it is known to take away consciousness ; it is said that Lord Shiva consumes this herb , so the Aghori , who consider themselves as followers of Shiva too consume this herb and they happily loose their consciousness.
The Aghori are ascetic Shaiva Sadhus .Shaivism or Saivism is one of the four most widely followed sects of Hinduism , which reveres the God Shiva as the Supreme Being.
They believe that Shiva is all and in all, the creator, preserver , destroyer , revealer and concealer of all that is . Shaivism is widespread throughout India , Nepal and Sri Lanka.
The Aghori believes in getting into total darkness by all means and then getting into light or self realizing . Though this is a different approach from other Hindu sects, they believe it to be effective. They are infamously known for their rituals that include such as shava samskara to invoke the mother goddess in her form as Smashan Tara.
The life of an Aghori is not easy .There are certain rules one must follow to become an Aghori :
. Firstly ,an Aghori must find a teacher and do what the teacher directs him to do.
. An Aghori must find a human skull known as a ‘Kapala’ and use only this as his food bowl before initiation.
. An Aghori must apply the ash of a pyre to his body during meditation.
The final part of the ritual requires eating of rotten human flesh and also meditating while sitting on a dead corpse, symbolizing the rise from “Shava to Shiva”.
The Aghori gurus believe that a true aghori should break all ties with his family and friends and all earthly possessions .He should live his entire life at the cremation ground and eat and drink only through the kapala.
As the epitome of sacrifice, he/she sacrifices all material adornments like cloth , food , sleep and subjects his life to extreme practices. He worships Shiv- Shakti who need sacrifice to grant their blessings. Kali loves sacrifice – she is Bali-priya .Real aghori is hard to find and one is considered to be very fortunate to find him .The ones who are easy available are often deceptive .If you want to know their truth and credibility you must have an account of very good and pious deeds. They are rather complex, rare and extremely terrifying .No place for weak hearted.

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