नारसिंगा श्मशान सिद्धि साधना :
नरसिंह श्मशान सिद्धि साधना क्या है ?
January 12, 2024
How to Time an Event of Property ?
January 14, 2024
How to see promise in the Chart ?

How to see promise in the Chart ?

How to see promise in the Chart : To check the promise, one needs to check below conditions, the more conditions meet in the chart, the better chances you will see for the native to buy the property.

1) Check the 4th House and 4th lord condition.
2) 7th house lord as per Bhavat Bhavam rule.
3) Diginity of the 4th house lord in D9.
4) Diginity of the 2nd house and 6th house lords during their dasha.
5) Diginity of the Mahadasha lord and Antardasha lord in D9.
6) Mars and Mercury are the Karak of the property.
7) D4 chart.

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