How to Make Money from Home with Simple Tips :

Some Easy Tips to get Money/Wealth :

Make Money  : Certainly! Here are some make money tips quick easy tips to help you increase your money and strengthen your financial position:

Make Money Tips :

@ Make Money Tips 1: If money won’t be remaining with you and all that is earned be spent, plant a banana or pomegranate (Anaar) tree at your home and keep a lighted lamp beneath it. On Monday chant “Shree Sookta” text for ensuring wealth’s permanent stay at your home.
@ Make Money Tips 2: Write “Aum Shree” on a Peepal leaf with saffron and sandalwood paste with the help of a twing-pen made of Anaar. Then keep this leaf in your money-chest. The Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi won’t leave your home.
@ For ensuring favour from Lakshmi, establish the “Shree-Yantra” duly charged with “Dus Mahavidya” Mantra.
@ The house where in Shree-Yantra, Kanak-Dhara and Kuber-Yantra are worshipped becomes a permanent abode of Goddess Lakshmi.
@ He who wears Gaja-Kesari (Yellow-Sapphire with Pearl) Lakshmi – Yantra gets victory at every front with constant increase in his wealth.
@ Irrigate a Peepal tree on everyday barring Sunday & Tuesday to ensure smooth business and gain in wealth.
@ Wear a ring made of gold-silver and copper (povery-destroying ring) during the Pushya Nakshatra. It is also called “Pavitri-Ring”. The “Sharada Tilak” (an ancient treatise) claims that if such a ring (made from 10 rattis gold, 14 rattis silver and 16 rattis of copper) is worn on the first (index) finger under the constellation of Pushya, the native never faces poverty. His wealth constantly gets enhanced only.
@ Venus and Jupiter are particulary deemed wealth-bestowing planets. The cows are believed to have special influence of Venus. Even the female family members represent Venus’s effect greatly. Hence one must always honour ladies and help them whenever one can. The house where the first “Roti” (loaf) is fed to the cow becomes the permanent abode of Goddess Lakshmi.
@ Always give a few morsel of your food to the dogs for they are said to be the representatives of Lord Bhairava.
@ The eldery people of any family are deemed to be the representatives of Jupiter planet. So always respect them to ensure financial prosperity.
@ In order to ensure your Bank-balance ever waxing, keep your Cheque-book/Pass-book etc. near Shree Yantra or Kuber Yantra.
@ Keep your home, office, shop, or any incensed with a pious fragrance. Because Goddess Lakshmi only stays in a clean and well-lighted places. This is the reason why we clean and light our homes on the Diwali night. The financial prosperity of the west is explained by its keeping its places well cleaned and lighted.
@ Always remember that on the nights of our big festivals like Diwali, Shivratri, Krishna Janmaashthami one should not sleep. These are called “Mahanishas” (Great Nights) and those who sleep on these nights have also their luck ever sleeping.

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