Astrological combinations for Tuberculosis (T.B.)

Astrological combinations for T.B.

Tuberculosis : The feeling of tiredness, breathlessness even after little work, frequent coughing, dryness in throat, constipation and indigestion, continuous deterioration of physique, whiteness in eyes and nails and irritative mind etc, are the symptoms of Tuberculosis (T. B). The Tuberculosis yogas of this disease are following :

Tuberculosis (T. B) Yogas are …

1. If Lagna Lord and Venus are placed in Trik houses.
2. If Lagna is aspected by Mars and Saturn .
3. If Mercury is placed in Cancer Sign .
4. If Malefic planets are placed in 8th house, Saturn in 5th house and Sun in 2nd house .
5. If Mars and Saturn are placed in 10th house and Sun is placed in lagna , 4th or 8th house .
6. If Mercury is conjuct with Mars in 6th house and is in Malefic Amsha aspected by Moon and Venus.
7. If Mars is placed in 4th house from Karakmsha Lagna and Rahu is placed in 12th house.
8. If Mars is conjuct with Moon in 6th or 8th house aspected by Lagna Lord.
9. If waning Moon is placed in a watery sign in 6th house and Lagna is occupied by Malefic planets.
10. If Moon is conjuct with Saturn and aspected by Mars.
11. If Sun and Moon are mutually placed in each other’s Sign or Navamsha.
12. If Gulik and Saturn are conjuct in 6th house and aspected by Sun, Mars and Rahu bereft of any conjunction or aspect of any auspicious planet.

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