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April 3, 2023
Albert Einstein
April 7, 2023


Adolf Hitler’s chart also shows the power of the Libra Ascendant to influence the masses, though in this case through fanaticism and intolerance. It is not a self- proclaimed dark force that wreaks havoc in the world but a self- righteous and egoistic idealism. Adolf Hitler appealed to the idealism of the human mind but in a perverted way with his idea of the super- race, along with his misuse of the Hindu spiritual term Aryan and its symbol the swastika.

Adolf Hitler’s chart shows Ruchaka Yoga, the Mahapurusha or “great person” yoga of Mars very strongly, with Mars in its own sign and in an angle from the Ascendant. Mars aspects both the Ascendant and its lord, Venus. It is the dispositor of Venus and also defeats Venus in a planetary war .Such a Mars confers upon the Libra field of action a material nature and creates a pitta (fiery) type constitution.

The Sun exalted in the seventh house gives leadership ability and adds to the firepower of Mars. It is near its maximum degree of exaltation, making for a great general and leader. The Sun and Mars dominate Mercury and Venus and render them violent in their energy. Note how this compares with Gandhi’s chart, where Mercury and Venus are stronger than Mars and bring out the higher side of the Libra energy. Hitler’s seventh house, though good for political power, is not good for personal relationship, and shows a domineering and manipulative person who can have no real friends. It also shows powerful enemies.

The strength of Mars and Saturn make Hitler tamasic, a creature of darkness and delusion. Both these malefic aspect Venus, the lord of the Ascendant and dominate the chart. Saturn in the tenth house confers Raja Yoga or gives great power and prestige for Libra Ascendant. Yet Saturn in the tenth, even for Libra, raises us up for a time only to bring us down.

Ketu along with Jupiter in the third house in its own sign, Sagittarius, boosts up Jupiter and the house, combining with its lord. The material power and prowess associated with the third in Vedic astrology comes out here. The lord of the tenth ,here the Moon, is not thought to do well in the third, a house of impulse. It is said to cause rash action leading to one’s downfall in life.

Venus as the atmakaraka is located in the sign Scorpio in the navamsha, along with Mars. This further shows Hitler’s vindictive nature on an inner level. Saturn also aspects the tenth in the navamsha.

Adolf Hitler’s entire rise and fall occurred within the major period of Rahu, the planet of illusion and worldly power. As is not unusual, Rahu caused him to seek expansion until it brought about a collapse, as it makes us push our energies until we overextend ourselves. Adolf Hitler came to power in the early part of Rahu Dasha in 1933. Adolf Hitler started World War II under Rahu – Mercury in 1939. His fortunes turned during the Rahu – Ketu period that began in June of 1941. The collapse of Germany occurred during the period of Rahu – Venus, when its negative influence reached the Ascendant lord.

Rahu’s perverted energy warped his power of military judgement and caused him to spread his military resources too thin by invading Russia and bringing America into the war.

A typical difference between the tropical and Vedic or sidereal placement of planets in signs comes out in this chart. In the tropical chart Adolf Hitler has a debilitated Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in its fall in Capricorn.

Tropical astrologers read these to show his evil and materialistic nature. In the Vedic system the planetary yogas are evident, planets in their own sign or exalted and at an angle from the Ascendant. The Vedic idea is that a strong Mars is necessary to give martial power, not a debilitated one. A strong Jupiter would also be helpful. The evil or tamasic nature is read through the strength of Mars and Saturn dominating the chart, not by their being weak or poorly placed. If they were weak he could not have been as successful as he was.

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