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April 7, 2023
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April 7, 2023


Albert Einstein’s chart demonstrates a strong intellectual capacity, which we would expert from this “almost avatar” of science. Gemini itself is an intellectual Ascendant and most of the planets are in mutable signs, giving flexibility and curiosity of mind. Most notably Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant, has its debility cancelled, as it is both in an angle from the Ascendant (in the tenth) and with an exalted Venus in Pisces. In this position, Mercury gives profound intelligence and functions even better than when exalted. It allowed Einstein to probe into the deeper levels of the mind in which the intellect opens up to cosmic intelligence, though it did give him troubles in school when young.

Venus is near its maximum degree of exaltation and as ruler of the fifth house of creative intelligence, gives a love of knowledge, along with writing abilities. Albert Einstein’s four planets in the tenth made him very famous, a world –renowned figure or legend in his own time.

The exchange of signs between Saturn and Jupiter as the lords of the ninth and tenth is a powerful Raja Yoga that afforded him recognition and the respect of world leaders. Jupiter in Aquarius in the ninth house of religion gives an humanitarian disposition and a concern for social causes, which Einstein was well known for.
Mars exalted in the eighth house of profound insight, in an earthly sign, gives scientific and mathematical ability and inventiveness. Its association with Rahu adds to its strength and influence. This Mars – Rahu conjunction in the eighth house of transformation shows Einstein’s work with nuclear energy, which is a Mars –Rahu force, a secret power of fire.

The Moon also has its fall cancelled, owing to the exaltation of Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, in Capricorn . Such a Moon in the sixth house gives profound intelligence and a strong capacity for service. The Moon also benefits by being in an angle from Jupiter . Rahu’s dasha, beginning in 1938, brought Albert Einstein into the public eye for developing the atomic bomb.

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