Anandamayi Ma is probably the most famous woman saint, yogi and seer of modern India, recognized throughout the world. Anandamayi Ma was connected with Swami Shivananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Sri Aurobindo among the other great teachers of the country. She was regarded as a veritable incarnation of the Divine Mother. Her joy and laughter gave her the name Anandamayi or “permeated with bliss”.

Anandamayi Ma extraordinary chart shows four exalted planets : Venus, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Exalted Venus is located on the Ascendant near its maximum degree of exaltation. It is exalted in the navamsha as well. As the eighth lord, Venus brings austerity and spiritual power to its position. Meanwhile Saturn is exalted in the eighth house, giving further spiritual power and knowledge. The strength of the eighth lord and eighth house also gave her a long life of over eighty five years.

Jupiter, the tenth lord of public recognition, is exalted in the fifth house of devotion and good past life karma. Meanwhile the Moon as the fifth lord is in the ninth house of spirituality aspected by Jupiter, with its debility cancelled by the exaltations of both Mars and Jupiter. Such a Moon gave great spiritual achievement in the ninth house. The exalted Sun as sixth lord in the second house gave her good powers of work and communication. She traveled all over India and ashrams were established in her name throughout the country. She was famous for her devotional singing and chanting.

Mars along with Rahu in the twelfth in Aquarius gave her a selfless nature and a seeking of liberation. From the Moon, exalted Venus is in the fifth house, while Jupiter, the fifth lord, is exalted in the ninth house. Exalted Saturn is in the twelfth house of liberation. With such a strongly spiritual chart it is not surprising that Ma Anandamayi was in a high state of realization from birth.

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