Bill Gates :The chart of someone as wealthy as Bill Gates should yield a number of Dhana Yogas or combinations for wealth. Gemini, a computer- oriented sign, rises. The Ascendant lord Mercury is exalted in the fourth house in its own sign Virgo, an earth sign good for bringing about material results. It is placed along with the eleventh lord Mars, which is good for income. The Moon, the lord of the second house of livelihood, is in the tenth house of fame, aspected by both wealth –giving Mars and Mercury. The fifth house of speculative gains has an exalted Saturn as ninth lord, Venus in its own sign and the Sun with its debility cancelled. This gives good income through speculation and through the stock market. Such a strong and wealth –giving fifth house gives good business sense.

From the Moon a viprita or reverse Raja Yoga prevails with Saturn the twelfth lord, Venus the eighth lord, and the Sun as the sixth lord together in the eighth house from the Moon. When all lords of dushthanas are located together in a single dushthana, this causes destruction of all difficulties or, to put it another way, great good fortune.

Gates’s favorable Venus dasha started in December 1982. The very favorable period of Venus – Saturn occurred between Oct. 17, 1995 – Dec. 17,1998 in which his wealth gained global dominance. His Sun period commences in a few years and is bound to have something of a limiting effect, but probably not major, owing to its debility, which even if cancelled shows difficulties to be overcome.

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