Blavatsky was a great occultist and a prolific author, the founder of the modern Theosophical movement. Most of modern Western occultism, including the recent New Age movement, has its origins in her work and that of her followers, such as Annie Besant, Rudolf Steiner and Alice Bailey. The impact of her work was strongly felt in her lifetime in Europe, America and India.

The chart shows a strong Mercury influence. The Ascendant and Moon in both the birth chart and the navamsha are in signs of Mercury. Gemini, the most communicative and intellectual of the signs, is rising in both (vargottama).

The Moon with benefic Venus in the fourth house gives a creative, sensitive and spiritual mind and the capacity to write many books. Note that Venus is both lord of the ninth from the Moon and lord of the fifth house of creative intelligence from the Ascendant. The debility of Venus in Virgo is cancelled by angularity from both the Ascendant and the Moon and functions very well. such a strong Venus dominates the chart and gave Blavatsky broad intellectual powers, occult perception and knowledge of the subtle worlds, as well as compassion.

Mercury has powerful conjunctions in both the birth and navamsha charts, being exalted in the latter. In the birth chart it is with Saturn, lord of the ninth house of dharma. Ketu in the ninth house gives insight and perception on a deep level. Yet Mercury is also afflicted by three malefic, which gave Blavatsky a mental state far removed from that of ordinary people. Her strong planets in the third house gave her much curiosity, a powerful will, a critical mind and a strong vital energy. The Sun in the second also gives strong powers of speech and communication.

Jupiter is doubly a significator of relationship for Gemini women, naturally indicating the husband and also representing him as lord of the seventh. Her Jupiter is poorly placed in the difficult eighth house and in its fall in Capricorn, showing the corrupt materialistic background of the upper class Russian men she had to deal with. This fallen Jupiter is also the lord of the seventh from the Moon, which itself is afflicted by Mars. Blavatsky had two very short and difficult marriages.

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