April 7, 2023
Napoleon Bonaparte
April 7, 2023


Mahatma Gandhi’s chart shows the social impact of an idealistic Libra Ascendant seeking to reform the world according to spiritual values. Five strong angular planets in moveable signs dominate the chart, giving good power of political action . Yet on top of these, balancing their outgoing nature, Saturn in the second affords renunciation and control of the senses, typified by Gandhi’s skill at fasting for long periods of time.

The Sun in the twelfth in Virgo makes for a self- abnegating and virtuous nature. Mahatma Gandhi worked behind the scenes and never assumed any office himself. Jupiter in the seventh gives an expansive nature in relationship and an additional reformist zeal as lord of the third and sixth. The Moon in its own sign in the tenth house, with Rahu on the Midheaven, provides the capacity to influence the masses. Note that Rahu and the Moon are not too close, so that Rahu is not strongly afflicting the Moon.

The influences of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter overcome and transform Mars and turn it into a benefic force. Libra Ascendants love the truth when Mercury, Venus and Jupiter combine their influences. Mahatma Gandhi typified this love of truth with his Satyagraha movement. Yet Libra Ascendant also tends to extremism and Gandhi’s critics accused him of fanaticism.

The positions from the Moon are also strong, with Jupiter in the tenth from the Moon and acting as the lord of the ninth or dharma house from it, creating a Raja Yoga. The several planets in Libra are in the fourth from the Moon and show an idealistic and passionate mind, with the fifth lord of intelligence, Mars, along with the fourth lord of emotion, Venus and Mercury the general significator of the mind.

The Moon as the self –indicator (atmakaraka) is located in Pisces navamsha, in an angle from Jupiter in its own sign in Sagittarius. This shows a sattvic and devoted nature, a Moon –Jupiter soul.

The major period of Rahu in the tenth house brought Gandhi into public prominence as the leader of India’s independence movement. His death occurred in Jupiter –Ketu dasha, with Jupiter in the seventh in a maraca or death –giving house and Ketu acting as a planet of termination.

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