Napoleon Bonaparte : We can use Vedic astrology for chart rectification. The exact time of Napoleon Bonaparte’s birth is not known but is presumed to be around noon. By the laws of Vedic astrology Napoleon Bonaparte should be a Libra Ascendant, because this Ascendant on that day shows the potential to create an emperor. It shows several Raja Yogas, or planetary combinations that can create kings.

For Libra Ascendant, according to the rules we have discussed, Saturn is the main planet that can create Raja Yoga, as it rules both a trine and an angular house. Here it is in the tenth house, the best angle, giving it great power. The Moon as lord of the tenth also grants Raja Yoga. Both Saturn and the Moon are in mutual reception, bringing their influences together. This situation is stronger than if each were in its own sign, as the mutual aspect is reinforcing. To this is added Mercury, the lord of the ninth, the other great benefic and power – giving planet for Libra. It adds strength to Saturn and prevents the quick fall that would occur if Saturn were alone in the tenth.

Jupiter in the Ascendant gives an aggressive, expansive nature as lord of the third and sixth houses. The Sun and Mars in Leo in the eleventh show a dominating personality, power of leadership and generalship and the capacity to win kingdoms. Venus as lord of the ascendant is well placed in the ninth, giving luck and fortune.

We see a charismatic leader, possessed of a great idealism that could influence the masses. It is true he fell from power after a time. This was mainly from the rash influence of Jupiter. We note in his planetary periods that Rahu raised him to power, while Jupiter caused his downfall. His downfall was mainly his own doing. His impulsive and unnecessary invasion of Russia overextended his resources. It was a product of the egoism that began in 1804 when he proclaimed himself emperor. Still, we see in his chart an idealistic and noble person, quite unlike the results of the negative Mars –Saturn combination in Hitler’s chart.

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