Paramahansa Yogananda : This is the chart of a great yogi, one of the first to bring the teachings of yoga to the West. While it is difficult to read enlightenment from a chart, we can find strong indications of spirituality if we examine the charts of realized souls.

As Paramahansa Yogananda was a monk, there are strong signs of renunciation . The Moon is rising as lord of the twelfth house of loss, showing the capacity for a noble self –negation. Saturn is in the second house, one of its best placements for renunciation because it detaches us not only from wealth and work (second house) but also, by aspect, from the home and emotions (fourth house). In Yogananda’s chart it also aspects Venus, the planet of sexuality, located in the fourth house. Saturn in Virgo, a discriminating sign, is particularly good for self- control and asceticism.

Jupiter, the religious planet, is the final dispositor in the chart and resides in the profound and occult eighth house in its own sign, giving high intelligence and probing insights as well as good yogic powers. It dominates Mars and through this gives a strong will for spiritual work. Jupiter and Mars as fourth and fifth lords create a Raja Yoga relative to spiritual matters. The fourth lord of the mother, Mars being located in the eighth house of death with the eighth lord Jupiter caused Yogananda to lose his mother at a young age.

The Sun as Ascendant lord is located in the fifth house in the religious sign Sagittarius, showing good religious karma from past lives and a spiritual temperament, along with Mercury, the planet of the mind, giving good intelligence. Rahu in the ninth house brought him before the public and caused him to reside and teach in a foreign land.

Venus as the self-indicator (atmakaraka) is well placed in the navamsha in Aquarius, another mystical sign, along with Jupiter in the tenth house of work. This shows Paramahansa Yogananda’s devotional nature and his public influence.

Paramahansa Yogananda came to the West during his Sun dasha and gained fame under the dasha of the Moon. His Mars dasha allowed him to accomplish much work and start several institutions. Under Rahu his work continued to expand dramatically, but Rahu as a malefic in his house of fortune weakened his health and helped bring about his early passing.

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