WOODY ALLEN : Woody Allen’s chart shows a dramatic and self- involved Leo Ascendant. Yet the chart is dominated by Saturn in the seventh house, which is not only located with the Moon but also aspects the Ascendant and its lord, the Sun. Saturn in its own sign in an angle from the Moon and Ascendant creates a Mahapurusha Yoga for Saturn. This gives Allen a vata or airy type temperament and a Saturnian bent of mind. Most of Allen’s dramas, both on and off the screen, reflect around his failures in relationship, which such a Saturn clearly indicates. His doubly debilitated Venus adds to his problems with the opposite sex.

Woody Allen’s Birth Chart :

The positions are similarly strong from the Moon with the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury occupying the tenth from it. The same planets aspect the tenth house of the birth chart from the fourth house. Such a strong tenth house gives great fame.

The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio in the fourth house of the emotional mind aspected by Saturn show his psychological self-involvement. Mars exalted in the sixth gives him a strong power of work and action to turn his psychodramas into commercial successes.

The navamsha shows an echange between Mercury and Venus as fourth and fifth house lords, lords of the emotional and intellectual minds, affording him great artistic talent. He is a great director, writer and performer. Allen’s Saturn dasha from 1972 -1991 proved excellent for his career : His subsequent Mercury period has brought personal problems. Mercury afflicts Mars both in the birth chart and navamsha, making him prone to depression.

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